Monday, January 15, 2018

A Week In Snow

The really deep snow, the really slick ice, all coincided with a really sore tailbone.  You could say the fates conspired against me, and my training program, last week.  In fact, as I sat here this morning, I had a hard time remembering what I'd done this week, so I consulted my phone for photos.

Monday, January 8, 2018: Worked Leah and Bee, cleaned the barn, wrote a blog post.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018: Sore tailbone, lots of ice outside, stayed in and cleaned the house, then went to work.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018: Had coffee with my cowgirl friends, then went to work.

Thursday, January 11, 2018: Was supposed to fly out to Omaha, but a storm here, and a storm there, caused us to cancel our flight and stay put, to take care of the horses.  We ended up getting over 6" of snow that day, and we went no where.

Friday, January 12, 2018: The temps started to warm up, and melt everything, and we started digging out of the snow.

(Pictures of the day it started snowing)

Friday afternoon, we went shopping and ended up buying a Nespresso machine.  It makes much richer coffee than Keurig.  The pods are a bit spendy, but the quality of java makes it worth it.

Friday night, my husband and I walked our property in the dark--through the snow--with the dogs at our heels.  The snow makes it bright enough to navigate easily.  After our walk, we had a date in my Cowgirl Cave--scotch, cigars, and the Echo Dot playing a steady stream of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.
"Save your love through loneliness, save your love through sorrow. I gave you my loneliness, give me your tomorrow."

Saturday, January 13, 2018--Colt Starting Clinic with Beautiful Girl.

(Bee getting ready to walk over with all the gear.  I have her wear the bridle at all times, to get her used to it. She's really not as thin as she looks in this photo.)

Bee got to stand around a lot while we watched the others work in the round pen.  The snow was coming off the roof, in a loud fashion, and it caused her to pull back several times, but she adjusted.  It was good for her.

What I learned at the clinic was really fine-tuning what I already know:

*When round penning, and she's nervous and not listening, find ways to get her to tune into me--snapping my fingers, waving a hand, lots of transition--whatever works.

*I already do a lot of driving from behind Bee, but we worked on driving her in the circle.  It was good for her because the outside line was on her butt and legs a lot--causing her to kick out and buck a little bit until she got used to it.  It was good desensitizing.  Another participant at the clinic didn't feel comfortable driving her own horse, so I asked if she wanted to practice with Bee.  She did, and they did great together.

Sunday, January 14, 2018:  Ride Cowboy

I remember, not long ago, when I was riding three horses a day.  My tailbone injury, and the ice, has slowed me down.  But I was feeling well enough Sunday to ride Cowboy bareback.

I took it easy and stopped a lot to give him neck massages.  When we were done, I slipped off and gave him a nose to tail T-touch session.  He melted and followed me all over, with his head on my hands, as I tried to gather everything up and leave.  It was so sweet, I couldn't leave him.  So, I sat on my overturned trough and just spent the  most wonderful time being with him.  He was like a puppy.

I was thinking about it last night, as I was trying to fall asleep (a problem I have--thinking too much at bedtime)--I was trying to find a way to describe how my love for Cowboy feels.  First, he has been with me for almost 30% of my life!  That is a lot of wrapping around one another.  And, my journey with him has been so bumpy--times I thought I would lose him, times he surprised me and recovered, scary situations we got ourselves into--fights, makeups, growing old together, sharing pain together.  When I think of love for him, I think of these words:

joy, fragility, hope, sorrow, pride, comfort, awe, vulnerability, heart-bumps, heaven, laughter, miracles, friendship, gratitude.

That was my week in snow, and today the sun is shining super bright--I have the day off--and I'm heading to the barn.  Here's another word--GLORIOUS!


  1. Sorry you were not able to go on your trip, and even more so that your tailbone is still sore. Try giving yourself a bit more time off, or the soreness will likely linger even longer. Terribly hard for a go-getter like yourself. I know. Your snow photos are SO pretty, and your walk-a-bout Cowgirl Cave date night with your hubby is just perfectly you! Your relationship with Cowboy sounds simply magical, and glorious!!

    1. You know, I gave myself a week off, and my tailbone felt even worse. I finally decided to just go for it, so I’m riding and training at the walk. It is feeling a little better today. Yes, Cowboy is my special horse. He’s pretty amazing. ❤️

    2. Yea, sometimes backs (and other body parts) feel better staying loose with movement. I hope to experience that special bond with a horse, someday.

  2. You packed a lot into that week. I hope that your tailbone feels better.

    1. It seems to be getting better little by little. 🤞

  3. You got a lot done even though it snowed. Love the pictures. Cowboy is your very special boy and there are so many words to describe your feeling for him. I think all the words lead to love. Tailbone’s take a long time to heal be careful.

    1. My daughter just called me, and she had the exact same fall on ice this morning. Same injury. I don’t remember our family ever having this many ice related accidents. We have 2 broken wrists, MIL and BIL, and two bruised tailbones. We’re dropping like flies!!

    2. Oh no! Hope it's not too bad an injury. I'm like Bambi on ice so I wear those Yak-Trax or whatever they're called on the bottom of my boots. They do help. Your whole family should invest in them. Feel better.

  4. I see that you don't care for life's little pit stops either. Whenever I'm forced to be still I tell myself it is all for a reason that I'm not meant to understand, and that settles my jitters a bit. Bombay has been acting depressed, so I forced myself to take him for a walk despite my lungs being full of fluid, and it seemed to do us both good. One time when P.S. fell off Gabbrielle, she was pretty sure that she cracked her tailbone. I think she avoided riding for only two weeks. She has a pretty strong addiction to riding, like you, so it was hard for her to be benched. I hope you heal up fast.

    1. Thanks! I’ve spoken to people with the same injury and they’ve been dealing with the pain for months, so I’m thinking I have no choice but to keep going. I’m going out to get my daughter a donut today and I’ll probably get myself one, too. Maybe I can Jerry rig it onto my saddle. 😂

  5. Your cowgirl cave looks so warm and inviting! Perfect date night too.
    I love how you edit your photos. What program do you use?
    I think my feeling for Beamer is about the same as your feeling for Cowboy. All I have to do is look at him and I get that warm fuzzy feeling. Which is partly why I am sad about Rosalee, because when I look at her, there is just... nothing. I feel that she has withdrawn from me for some reason.

    1. Thanks. I use PhotoToaster. I like the nostalgic theme for his blog because it’s always reflecting back. “Old paper” is what it’s called.

      Leah withdrew from me, too. It’s hard for them to compete when we have horses like Cowboy and Beamer. Horses can feel the connection—or lack of it. Bee is very connected to me, despite all that. So, my thinking on it is too bad—they’re going to spend time with me anyway. 😂 I am working hard this year to achieve my goal of softness with Leah. I have to crack into her heart a little more. It helps me to take them away from here, where I can’t see Cowboy. Then, it’s just me and them, and we make better progress connecting with one another. Connection is highly underrated—and when it’s really deep—it’s like—well, it’s like that list I made.

  6. Other than the snow and the soreness, all sounds great. Especially the date in the Cowgirl Cave, love the Cash's.


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