Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Restoring the Soul--Horse Time Heals the Wounds

Two days after the most shocking and painful election of my lifetime, I had a ride and picnic with my two Cowboys at James T Slavin conservation area.

We ran into a friend who took our picture and later she shared this photo below of the Trumpet Swans that were there that day.  I couldn't get a good photo on my cell phone camera!

Above: Photo copyright Cindy & Gary Miller

I asked my husband to take a picture of the same spot we were in last summer to show the difference between the seasons.

July 8, 2016

November 10, 2016

Leah and I have been working on walk trot transitions on as loose a rein as possible. I hold the reins in a position where I'm framing in the outer-boundaries of where she can place her head, but they are loose.  If she decides to put her head down or up, when I ask for the trot, she hits the bit.  That area in between is quite large--not overly collected or tight.  As soon as she gives me a few relaxed steps, I stop and praise her.  So far, we have only been successful in a large circle.  And, as we move through the circle, I have to lift the rein and direct her, but as soon as she responds, I give it all back to her.

There were two days last week that were just awful for me--and I did not attempt to work with Leah during those times.  I felt like I missed out on two sunny, beautiful days--and I did--but my soul hurt so badly, it wouldn't have been fair to her.  It's a reminder to me--do everything you can to limit your exposure to toxic people. Sometimes, it's difficult, especially if you work with the public, but you still need to do all you can when you see those early warning signs of a cruel temperament.  If you don't heed the signs, you will most certainly lose a little of what is most precious and that cannot be bought back--not even with all the money you can make in a lifetime.