Tuesday, March 26, 2024

The Ring Arrived!

My ring arrived today from Scotland, and I can't stop looking at it.

Cowboy's. Hair. Cowboy's hair. Cowboy's hair!!


I held it up to Tumbleweed and he smelled it for a long time.

The ring maker offers an option of sealing the hair on most of her rings, but this style doesn’t allow for it. The hair is raw. At the time, I wanted that because I didn’t want a barrier between my skin and Cowboy when I touch it.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of it all day yesterday. When I was playing my flute. 


On the way out to the barn. Wow. 

Standing in my kitchen. Wow. 

Standing in front of Cowboy’s old stall. 

I kept thinking, this is Cowboy, and I was dealing with all the emotions over again, but in a different way. I was wondering what it meant to carry a soul with you. How can I access it?

I don’t have answers to that question. Yet. 

It also occurred to me that this ring is not one I will be able to wear daily. It’s a ring for going out or living a more leisurely life. I contacted the maker about getting one for everyday wear, and that is when she told me about sealing the hair, something she can do with the other styles, but not this one. The other styles are also inset deeper, which protects the hair even more. Since this current ring isn’t sealed, you wouldn’t want to get it wet. 

I wouldn’t change a thing about this one because I love the raw hair, but I did order this one. 

Unfortunately, she sent the remaining hair back to me, so I will need to go through the whole process again. 

I took Tumbleweed to the state park a few days ago. I was amazed that he remembered everything we did last year. It was as if no time had passed. He was ready to work. 

I wonder if being the only gelding has made him grow up. Mares never play. They’re always serious about one thing or another. Perhaps, Tweed was relieved to get away. 

The last time we were at the state park together, Cowboy was still alive and a vital part of my life. This time, it was just me and Tumbleweed. When we got home, there was no horse waiting for me at the gate, only Tumbleweed by my side. 

Back in the day, Cowboy would hear my truck and trailer pulling in and he’d come to greet me. Every single time. 

Now, Tumbleweed greets me. 

I decided that at the end of this season I’m going to have Sarah make one more ring to commemorate our first year alone together. It’s going to be Tumbleweed’s tail hair. Why wait until they die? We have a lot of years to look forward to, and almost six that are already behind us.