Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hope and Possibilities

Yesterday, as I was walking Bee to the barn next door, Cowboy saw us leaving and came running , full out, across the East Pasture to me. He was prancing around and trying to rush through the gate.  He'd just had breakfast, and I didn't have anything he would want.  Not to mention, going to the barn next door always scares him.

Why was he running to me? Why this need to be with me?

I thought, What is this all about?  Is it some harbinger from above? Some warning to be careful with Bee today?  That wasn't too much of a stretch, since I was alone at the barn, should anything happen, and a friend of a friends is in a coma right now from a brain bleed after a horse accident.

After an hour working Bee, where I was very cautious and all went most excellent, I started to walk back home.  While I was still on the neighbor's property, but almost to the gate, Cowboy, who was grazing at the end of the pasture, saw me and again came running, full bore, to the gate!

He was prancing, even dancing, by my side, like I'd been gone for 3 days, he was starving, and I was bringing him food.  Cowboy, I said, what is it with you.  You're acting so weird.  As I lead Bee, he walked with me, through the east pasture, through the turn out, all the way to the gate in front of my tack room.

Bee had  her ears back, as if she was annoyed, but not dangerously so.  She seemed to be saying, Hey, get out of here, bud, this is my time.

I praised her for not kicking out at him.

I unsaddled her as fast as I could, as Cowboy watched us with his head hung over the rail of the fence. Then, I walked back into the turnout, switched Bee for Cowboy, took him over to the overturned trough, stood on the precarious, slick trough asking Cowboy to come closer and closer so that I could swing my leg over his bare back without falling.

He did.

Inch by inch.

I jumped on and we went off on our daily ride through the pastures: walking, trotting, loping.

It was an amazing day with Cowboy, and I couldn't get it out of my heart or mind.  I was tossing and turning in bed last night, and it came to me--how I always say, I think in heaven the horses we loved will come running to greet us.

It’s true.


You can imagine, living in "heaven," with a horse like Cowboy calling my name, how difficult it is for me to go to work nowadays.  It's getting harder and harder and harder.  My spirit is home with my horses.  An hour away from them feels like 10 hours.  It's driving me crazy.

My husband has noticed it because we work together--which, of course, is the upside of my work.  He and I have been talking a lot about how to fix it, and we think we have a solution.

I won't know for a few weeks, but we may have found a way to work from home together.


The other thing that kept me up last night was wondering if that crazy behavior of Cowboy's was some final goodbye.  Is he going to colic tonight?  Did he have some sense it would be our last together?  (I tend to overthink everything).

I ran out to the barn this morning to see Cowboy, the orphan, the outcast, my heart-horse, before work.  He was healthy and happy.

Bee came to see me, too.

Leah did her best imitation of an ostrich sticking its head in the sand, but for her it was the round bale.

Now, I'm off to work.


  1. I think Cowboy might be jealous of the time you spend with Bee and Leah. Years ago when I had my heart horse Erik he absolutely did not like Dusty or time I spent with her. So I wouldn't overthink things at night and I'd get some sleep. I would say he just wants to be with you all the the time.

    Hope you figure out a way to spend more time at home. That would be wonderful.

    1. I think Cowboy is very lonely, and I've become his only friend....besides the goat. I told him yesterday that he really needs to be reincarnated as a human. He just doesn't fit in with other horses. He's like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

  2. Beautiful story. When I was a kid in day camp, my regular horse got a leg injury and had to be retired to pasture. I didn't know about it, because at the same time I got sick and was away for a few days. When I returned to the stables, I went to the pasture to look for my lame horse. I saw her way up on a grassy hill in the distance and called out her name. Her head flew up, she looked at me, and came galloping all the way down that hill to the fence and put her head next to mine over my shoulder. The ranch hands were like, "Well, guess she's all healed and you can ride her now." And all the other kids were so envious. They tried calling to their horses, but were ignored. Then they all wanted to ride my horse, because she could bond with people and was a bit of a miracle getting over her lameness so fast.

    If you don't mind me asking, have you had psychic experiences or are you more just aware of subtle signs and their potential meanings? You can send me an email at nuzzlingmuzzles@gmail... if you have a lot to say on the topic.

    Thank you so much for your kind offer on my blog.

    1. I bet the other kids really were jealous! I’ve had horses run to me at feeding time, many, many times. But not to my memory have any run to me just to say hi and go for our ride. Bee follows me and she stops whatever she’s doing to watch me as soon as I step out the front door. I did a post on indirect pressure last year. Leah has always ignored me...or tried to ignore me. I guess all those reactions just show different levels of connection and I think it can and does change. And maybe just the personality of the horse, too. Cowboy was raised by humans as an orphan foal. One of my best horses ever, Red, was oblivious to humans. His attitude was I work when it’s time to work, and otherwise this my time and I’m with my herd.

      So that’s a long way of saying horses running to us is rare, special, and not common, but it’s great to experience it, and I think it’s a taste of what is to come. If I’m wrong, oh well!

      To answer your other question—yes. I’ve had intuitive experiences. I think the human mind is able to pick up an infinite amount of data. What we allowed to actually come to our consciousness is very small. I believe that when we sleep and dream, our mind begins to sort out all of that infinite data. I also think that as we fall asleep or are doing our hair or just in that relaxed, meditative state, the data filters around and comes forward. When I was questioning what motivated cowboy, I was thinking the same thing about him. He is out in the herd with Bee, so he would know if she was in a particularly bad mood and more likely to put me in danger. He would also know about his own health. Horses are equally intuitive to us and when we combine our senses we can see so much more.

  3. Oh wouldn't that be lovely to be able to work from home! I hope it all works out for you.
    What a heart warming post.

    1. I do, too!! It would be such a relief to be here with my herd AND my husband. I was happy to see that you’re getting time with your heart horse, too!!❤️💞💕

  4. I'm with GHM - I think Cowboy is pining for you. Just as Cowboy is your heart horse, YOU are his chosen human and it's quite likely that he just wants MORE of you.
    I hope working from home is possible - you do have an 'IN' with the Boss. ;-)

    1. Haha! Yes, we have chosen each other. For sure. And, he’s an orphan foal who just loves humans anyway. I’m the lucky human who got him. 💕

      I hope this all works out too. 🤞

  5. What a sweet post! I over thing every thing too (to the extreme) and have good intuition. When the unusual premonitions happen, I joke with my hubby that I have ESPN. But in all seriousness, it's both a blessing & a curse to have strong perception. Cowboys reaction could be a combination of things. His wanting to be "the one" to ride with you, and perhaps something he knew/felt/saw that was cause for concern. It's doubtful one will ever really know. If it happens with frequency, perhaps start watching for a pattern. I truly hope you can work in a way that makes your heart & soul happiest!


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