Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Super Charged Fun

Originally published 8/31/09

Saturday I may have had the most fun I've ever had on my horse at the club's "Fun Day". (Moms Daughters and Horses) It was a totally laid back, non-competive game day--good-natured and pretty humorous. (There were some pretty nice ribbons to win, though).

I can see where gaming could be a bit addictive--the speed, comradery with your horse, excitement of the game--fun stuff. It seemed like the horses even liked it!

I've never gamed before and had no desire to, but the club thought it would be a fun thing to do with the daughters and a good way to teach gaming. It was.

The only competition we "won"--Cowboy and I--was flags. He's an old hand at sidepassing and trail stuff--so it figured that would be our category.

The area where we need HELP is turning. We took our turns way too wide and it took lots of time off our runs. He could haul on the straight stretch though.

Here are a few pictures the timer was nice enough to take of us. He took about 133 all together--of all the participants--but these are the only ones I think I can share on my personal blog without everyone's permission. The club's forum has the rest of the shots! (Like Flying Cowgirl--who won the overall prize!!)


  1. You two look great, and it looks like a ton of fun!!! :)

  2. You guys look like you're having fun - I can't do too much of that sort of thing with my horses - I spend all my training time trying to get them not to go too fast - the TB thing!

  3. Thanks, Nikki and Kate. We were having fun. I was surprised at how much Cowboy liked the competition. He seemed eager.

    I understand wanting to slow down your TBs!

  4. Hi Linda - answers to your comments on my blog :) Kylie stayed on the whole run - it was very nerve racking trying to catch up to her as I have never ran Willow full out - Dwane wants to start riding some more although he doesn't really like Ben (not sure why as he is perfect for him) I am very glad that Willow stopped bucking after one good jump or I would have been toast. Looks like you guys had so much fun, you have no idea how bummed I am that we were not able to go.

  5. Tina--I can't imagine what that felt like--balancing the need to catch up with her with the opposing need of not creating a stampede mentality in her horse!! Good for Kylie, holding on!!

    We definitely missed you guys at the fun day. :( Had you been there, you might have swept up--you're a gamer, aren't you--or at least were in your youth?

  6. I was a gamer in my younger days - but have not done any on my current horses! I really need to work with Willow on galloping as we have not done alot. I would like to get her in an arena and work her but never seem to have the time. I did take her to Farragut yesterday with my neighbor lady, her first time out without her normal barn buddy and she did awesome. Thank you for all of your encouragement it really helps me.

  7. I used to love to do that kind of thing. What fun. I never have enjoyed entering serious events, although I enjoy watching them.

  8. Does look like you were having a great time! Congratulations on winning one of the prizes! Win or not, the event sounds like a winner!

  9. Wow, I haven't been here in awhile...too busy with my four book blogs! Love the pics! You all look great!!


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