Friday, April 5, 2024

A Room With A View

A woman must have money horses and a room of her own if she is to write fiction. play music.  Virginia Woolf (changes by me)

I love my new barn sanctuary. 

This magical room has allowed me to do what I love near the animals I love. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to actually living with them. 

I practice the flute everyday, scales and songs, squeaks, screeches, yet they don’t run out of their stalls. They remain curious. 

Somedays, I walk the breezeway, playing a melody for each horse. They seem to like it. 

The snow returned this morning, and I blame Aurora and Shirley for sending it to us! Haha!

Last night, I had a Dune Date with my oldest son and daughter. (We saw Dune 2 at the theater.) When I got home at 9:30, it was raining hard and the horses weren’t in the barn. My daughter and I booted up and went out to bring them in, and boy were they excited to get into their cozy stalls. 

This morning, that rain had turned into this—snow—April Winter! Surprise!

I think I need to trek out to the barn again and play a song for sunshine before I begin their room service. 


  1. Sharing is Caring ;) Sorry about the snow, it won't last. Ours is mostly gone already. Now we are heading towards a warmer stretch of days. I think. Had no idea what Dune was.

    Such a cute photo of Tumbleweed lovingly looking at you. What a sweetie!

    Your barn is a unique haven and a reflection of you!!

    1. Sharing is caring! 😂😂😂 Yep, it’s already melting.

  2. Why should you not get the benefit of all that lovely snow? (eyeroll) Still snowing here today. Bleah!
    Love that Tweed can keep an eye on you in your sanctuary. Such a cute photo! I bet they love having their own personal soloist serenading them!

    1. More snow for you? 😞

      I think they do like being part of the music and a more intimate life together.

  3. We also got snow. It’s gone now though. I’m looking forward to being able to spend more time out in the barn

    1. Yes, I can’t wait for the days and spending more time outside. The barn room is great, but I look forward to being on the patio and planting the planters.


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