Friday, February 26, 2021

The Craziness of Late Winter, Early Spring

 Late winter, and the boys feel spring in the air. Temps will be in the 40's and 50's next week. Yay!

My daughter and a good friend are going to road trip with me to take Tumblweed to training on the 11th.

Tumbleweed boy was born to herd.

He enjoys herding the mares and Cowboy. 

With Cowboy being older, there's only so much I'll put up with that, but they're good buddies, and a little movement is good for the old man.

In fact, I think Cowboy would be in much worse shape if he didn't have such an active life with the young one.

Poor Cowboy, he looks like he's running for his life here, but Tumbleweed never kicked or bit him. Cowboy did get some kicks in at Tweed, but he missed--I'm sure on purpose.

I'm hoping to get some of that spring energy out of Tumbleweed to make my work with him more enjoyable.  

He needs work with separation again. His personality type isn't as independent as Cowboy and Leah. He has a propensity to get herd bound.  We had done really well with that all summer and fall, and part of winter. I was hauling Tweed off by himself and walking the trails with him. But I feel like we're starting over now. Sending him to training will be an excellent start to the separation. In fact, I may be sending him off for spring training for the next few years. I'll probably have Sarah reserve me a spot so that she can take him to her ranch and put him to work before the riding season each year.

He's not going to have a buddy for the road trip. I'm sure he'll be fine, based upon the many other times he has hauled alone, but I always breathe a sigh of relief when we get from A to B in one piece.


  1. They look like they’re having fun and are ready for Spring. Tumbleweed will surely benefit from some separation and getting down to work too. He’s a handsome boy. Really getting big too.I always hated trailering, especially over bridges in N.Y. And those horrible expressways but we always made it safely. You’ll be fine and it’s good to have company!

    1. Im lucky to have the company. My friend is a tough, independent cowgirl, in the truest sense. Born and raised on a ranch and helped at her family's ranch all these years, while also teaching nursing. She's retired now and her parents passed away a couple years ago. They lived into their 90's! Her dad is even in the Hall of Fame for his top steers. She raises horses. I got Cowboy from her 18 years ago, and we became good friends. So, I couldn't have a more knowledgeable person to haul with. She is full of horse wisdom!

  2. Our trainer has regulars that put trail horses of various ages in training for a tune-up every Spring. Some horses need it more than others, and riders just want a safer start to trail season. I think it is a great idea, especially while Tumbleweed is young. Fun pics of their horseplay! I get nervous trailering too, and I am just a passenger. Safe travels!!

    1. When we lived closer to our trainer we always put our boys in with her for 2 week tuneups at her ranch. They came back ready to work. I have to haul a ways now, but I think that's also part of the "training. Being a good hauler. Leah was a good hauler until I started taking weekly lessons. I was doing my own saddle training with her with the aid of a trainer on the ground. She learned hauling meant hard work and grew sour. So, hauling and dropping off is a better plan, I think.

  3. He sure is a handsome fellow! Cowboy is looking good too.
    I noticed that Beamer is benefiting from the extra movement he is getting now that he is living with Jayne. I'm looking forward to riding him soon!
    Spring training is an excellent idea for the next few years, I'm sure it will make you feel safer riding a young horse.

    1. I'm happy Beamer is moving better. It makes sense. I get stiff when I stand around too. Yes, I think spring tuneups ward off at least a few potential problems. They've been sitting all winter and need refresher courses. They're full of energy and silliness. Might as well start them solid each year.


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