Monday, October 14, 2019

Autumn Snow, Hay, Pumpkins, and Trail Rides

What a year! We had snow in September and early October...

which hasn't happened in September for almost a hundred years.

Then it disappeared and Autumn returned: pumpkins, yellow and orange leaves, crisp sunshiney days.

We have a tradition of going to the pumpkin patch together--and we continue it, but in a more adult fashion--stopping for beer, wine, and hard cider.

The vet came for Cowboy.

She gave him the RX for Equioxx, but she wants me to give it to him in spurts with sections of rest in between to allow his body time to cleanse itself.  I'll definitely give it the night before and after a ride.  But, overall, she thinks he's doing pretty well and not in need of a daily dose yet.

We got our hay.

Fourteen round bales and about 10 tons of small square bales that, unfortunately, we've been going through way too fast already.  I can't find normal square bales anymore.  Instead, I'm seeing hay sold in rounds and squares.  I purchased 3 rounds at $95 per round.

3 rounds is about 1650 pounds, so you can see it's an expensive proposition.  I was paying $200/ton delivered and stacked. Rounds work out to a bit more, and we had to pick it up in my horse trailer.

The traditional "round" bales are about 750 pounds and run $45 a bale.  Our supplier puts away 42 for us.

Well, heading back out on the trail with some friends and my Cowboy!  And my sweetie and I are getting ready for that super romantic Maine and Boston trip I was telling you about earlier!  I'll share that adventure when we get back!  Happy Autumn!


  1. Happy Autumn. I am looking forward to hearing about your vacation. I’m not too far from Maine.....😉

    1. Sweet! Make sure the weather stays nice for us!

  2. Glad to hear Cowboy is doing well. I can't believe you had snow already! Have a great time in Maine. It should be beautiful right now.

    1. Yes, the colors should be perfect this time of year. I can't wait!

  3. I too am happy to get the real Autumn back! We didn't get the snow down here in the valley bottom except for a few fast disappearing flakes one afternoon.
    So good to hear that Cowboy's issues are manageable for the foreseeable future, I'm sure yu will treasure every ride on him.
    Safe travels! Looking forward to the photos!

    1. He does okay on the trail--better on flat stuff--and new stuff. The trails he knows too well, it's like he's falling asleep while walking, so I have to be constantly pushing him and actively riding. LOL. But yes, I look forward to starting him on Equioxx here and there. It's actually a very cost effective solution. Easier on them than Bute, and in pill form, so you can just feed it with a hand full of grain.

  4. I like how you roll!! I love going to pumpkin patches, apple orchards, cutting Christmas trees etc My fuddy duddy husband has zero desire to go to this type of stuff, and neither do my adult kids. Even if I adult it up. What a bunch of poop heads! My grands are moving closer next Spring, so there is hope. Early/late snow isn't much good for anything but making a mess. Looks like you've got a good plan for Cowboy! Enjoy your trip, making more memories!!


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