Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The Good News, Before 'The Good News You've Been Hoping For'

I almost titled this post, "The Good News We've Been Hoping For," but stopped myself short, because for most people, and myself, that would be the vet telling us everything is 100% better, and that did not happen because we had to cancel her appointment Monday due to my daughter's own emergency and short hospitalization that went into Monday morning. All seems to be well on that front, too. Kidney stone, and contractions from pain, that seem to be resolving. She will quit work, hopefully, and rest until her due date.

As for Epona, it is pretty easy to tell when your foal is feeling good--they are bright, hungry, inquisitive, and energetic.  I can finally report that Epona is all those things, and more.

The turnaround was definitely the day I posted, "See Epona Run," but it only got better from there. Today, she greeted me with energy at the gate, having finished all her breakfast, and when I turned her out, she went off running and bucking.

Cowgirl is definitely not happy seeing her baby become so energetic and independent without her protection, but their reunion is in the works--either a full reunion (down the road), or possibly short reunions with Epona muzzled. That is what we will be working on in the short-term. For now, I'm turning Epona out three times per day, so that Cowgirl doesn't have to keep worrying. 

Through all this, Epona has learned to look to me for her safety. If I'm out, she'll come out. If I approach a horse over the fence, she will approach it over the fence. For a while, she was acting like I was another horse, and running too close to my space. She'd try to run up to me to be petted, and I'd have to forcefully move her away. But she's very smart, and has learned to calm herself down, stand for a minute, and then walk to me in a controlled fashion when she wants to be consoled.

Tumbleweed threw a shoe, and we had to have the farrier out for an emergency appointment yesterday. While he was here, we had him trim Epona. Her toes had grown way too long, and he nipped those off and made them pretty. He's going to give me one of his old rasps to keep the toes under control in the future.

I'm so relieved that we've reached this point. She is two days away from three months, where they can process hay and grains better. She gets stronger every day, and more content with being a weanling. I can finally take a deep breath and embrace the light at the end of tunnel.

Here are a couple more videos from last night. Epona will now learn to be part of the herd, and part of that is saying hi to the geldings. Cowgirl is only okay with Epona approaching the geldings right now, she is still very insecure about the mares stealing her baby. And Foxy would!