Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Happy Birthday, Cowboy, My Crazy Heart Horse

Happy birthday to my crazy heart-horse, Cowboy. He was 22 on March 7, 2017.  As far as I know, he is the oldest in our herd now.  Penny may be older, since she's a non-registered horse, and most non-registered are likely to be a little older than they say when they sell them to you.  But as far as papers are concerned, Cowboy is officially the oldest.

Cowboy was born on a ranch in St. Maries, Idaho.  His birth occurred when the family was out shopping, and when they arrived home, they saw him out with another mare who had stolen him from his mama.  A month later, his mama died after getting her neck stuck in a feeder, and Cowboy ended up being a bottle-fed orphan.

Bottle-fed orphans are unique because it's not the natural or best way to raise a foal, but he has the biggest heart and loves people.  In his best moments he is the most amazing horse. Though, he'll never be a kid's horse because he does have that unpredictable, scaredy-cat side.

Cowboy is a survivor--he's 10 years past a broken and displaced front coffin bone.  There is arthritis in the coffin joint, but Cowboy pushes through and still carries me on the trails.

Last weekend, I was bringing home some of the horses from the clinic next door and Cowboy came running along the fence line whinnying at them--just like Old Red used to do.  My daughter and I couldn't believe out eyes.  Is Cowboy stepping up into Red's role?  Time will tell.

Here's to Cowboy--my golden (almost) oldie.


  1. Cowboy is gorgeous! He seems like a sweetheart and it's easy to see why he's your heart horse. My Blue was also born in March, maybe it's the month that makes them so special. Happy Birthday Cowboy! Wishing you many more healthy years.

  2. 22 Years Young ~ Happy B-Day Cowboy! Hope you both had a wonderful day and many more!

  3. Happy birthday handsome!!! I don't think of 22 as being old, just older than he once was. Lots of good time to enjoy together. My Ladde will be celebrating his 21st this year on March 20th...oh, how clearly I still remember that morning! :) Everything in this life is so unpredictable, we just need to focus on the here and now, and enjoy every single bit of it. Cherish him!

    I am so sorry to hear about your basement flooding! But again, it is what it is and it can't be changed, so best to sing those carols and fly the finger at the injustice of it all. Insurance companies be damned! They pay for so very little other than fire.

    I am absolutely craving sunshine and drier weather...

    Give Cowboy a birthday kiss and treat for me?

  4. Beautiful photo of you & your special birthday boy!! It is SO interesting how herd roles change!

  5. Happy birthday to Cowboy. You both look great in that picture.

  6. "Where's the cake?", says Padre.
    Figures that's what Padre notices...
    Happy 22 Cowboy - Ride on!

  7. Happy birthday to your beautiful horse!


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