Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lea Visits Beautiful to Prepare for Adoption

Today Lea, from the Inland Empire Mustang Horse Club, came to complete Beautiful's final paperwork.

She likes to take eye shots, and I like to take pictures of people taking pictures of eyes.

They didn't get along at all, as you can tell from the way Beautiful is climbing on her back for a kiss.

As Lea was leaving we joked around a bit. She made a comment about Beautiful being, well, uh, beautiful, and I said, "Yep, no one can ever call her Ugly--because that ain't her name!"

So, I've sealed my portion of the paperwork, and I'm walking out to the mailbox as soon as I post this entry. It does make me feel different--it's like being a foster parent as opposed to an adoptive one.

I love my Girl, and I'm excited to be her mommy--does that sound sentimental? I guess I am a bit sentimental about Beautiful Girl.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Beautiful's Bath and Tying Lesson

Today was bath day for Beautiful Girl. It was her first of the season. It was rather like starting over in the bath department.

I usually treat baths like I do fly spray and lunging. I spray at the hind and let them move forward in a circle around me until they stop. It worked great last year, but this year, she wanted to be in my back pocket. She kept crowding into my space.

She did pretty well though. Oddly enough, the thing that seemed to really spook her was the sound of the water dripping off of her belly underneath her. I squeegeed her pretty well to get the majority of water off and then tied her to the railroad tie in her run to soak up some sun.

Everything was going pretty good, and she was drying fast, until she decided to pull back. I always either tie her in a slip knot or just wrap the rope around and hold onto the other end, and I never leave the area.

So, I was ready for her. I undid her knot and held it tight until she finally gave to the pressure and came back up to stand nicely.

After I groomed and fly sprayed her, I untied her, at which time she went and rolled in the dirt again.

No surprise there!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jasmine and Her Girl

Here's old Red before the Reardan parade--we "pinked" him out for Moms, Daughters, and Horses! He's a great guy! We LOVE him.

The farrier came today, so an update on Beautiful below.

The reason we wanted a pony and brought Jasmine into our herd was for our horse crazy granddaughter, Sophie. She was turning 3 and we thought a little pony would be a good birthday gift for her. That, and her own little pony saddle.

She loved the gift--and she has always thought of Jasmine as her pony. Whenever she comes to visit she works with her--grooming, petting and feeding.

She's here with us all this week and has been working with Jasmine and me in the roundpen. Here are some pictures of the day. Jasmine seems very attached to her. In the first picture (above), with Sophie in the hat, she wasn't holding her lead rope and Jasmine could have left at any moment. She didn't, but you can see that she's checking her out.

In about a month, Sophie's turning five, and she's now big enough to groom and lead Jasmine by herself.

They're sweet together--and it makes the "pony project" that much more important. In the meantime, Sophie rides good old Red.

The farrier came today, and though Beautiful was not slated for a trim, he wants to get her used to him. He went in and spent time with her in the stall--cleaning up her feet, picking them up, putting them down, circling around her and petting on her. She did GREAT.

I think she just needs to be around men more--especially in confined spaces like her stall. That's where she blew up last time, but though she was leery of him this time around, she made a decision to trust us and really stood there well--soon relaxing. I was very proud of her.

In other horse related news--Cowgirl, Shiloh's Palomino, has an abscess in her hoof that is making her slightly lame. It hasn't busted out yet, but we're going to soak her hoof in warm water and Epson Salts and then pack it with Sugardine and wrap it with duct tape. It was hard to find Iodine, but we found an equivalent and will do it in the morning.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Progress!

Boy, I'm updating this blog quite often lately. It comes in spurts--but I'm really motivated with my Jasmine/Pony project!

Today--drum roll please--I walked right up to Jasmine to halter her and she did not take one single step away from me!!! First time ever. She usually beats her feet and then eventually stops in the stall. Then, yesterday, she stood for me without the halter. But today, halter in hand, she did not move an inch!! And, there was plenty of room to have run away because she was in the large pen.

What's more, she didn't look scared--even when I passed the rope over her head.

So, I treated her to some grazing. I sat with her while she grazed. It was easy and pleasant, and afterward I put her back and fed her.

Beautiful is coming along nice as well. Today was a lesson working with her feet while she stood "tied". (Actually, I ran her lead rope around a sturdy post and held it so she felt "tied".

She pulled back at first, not wanting to be tied when I worked with her back feet, but she respected the subsequent pressure on her head and took a couple steps back up to where she was supposed to be and stood nicely the rest of the time.

Here are some pictures of my ride with a friend last week. I thought she was going to ride Red, but she brought her own horse, so I ponied Red. It was good for him and he seemed to love it. This Saturday he's going to be in a parade--and he seems to understand that.

When you get the clippers out, they know they're going somewhere!

Progress with Jasmine

No, I don't get my trophy yet...but I think I've had an epiphany!

Remember when I last blogged about putting the long line on Jasmine and working her in the roundpen? I allowed her to be "free" and drag the line behind her if she felt she needed to escape the pressure.

Well, yesterday I walked into her large run, and for the first time, she didn't trot away from me. She actually stood there and let me pet her. And, her eyes didn't bug out half as much either!

I know. I know. This is a seemingly small step, but it's the fastest small step we've ever taken together--which tells me--I'm onto something.

I'm breaking the cycle of her little pony escape tactics which always had me spending 3/4 of my time on catching her. A negative spiral had occurred, and she'd developed habits of running from humans.

I'm trying to teach her to come willingly, but she has to see that she is safe in doing so--only good things occur when you come to humans.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Boots and Six Things About Me

I've been tagged by Barbara at The Serenity Gate, who also happens to be my mom, to tell six unusual things about myself. (Please see below).

But first, my boot search finally ended in Walla Walla last weekend. I found this store:

These people specialize in boots--they have the largest collection I've seen under one roof since the invention of Internet shopping!

They even have a computerized measuring device. You stand on it, and it tells you everything about where you put your weight (and don't) and, of course, how long and wide your foot is.

Apparently, I have the feet of a dancer--high arches. Which is probably what they tell all of their customers to get us to buy boots. Guess what? It works!! I'm a sucker for foot compliments.

Now, I was going for 100 percent COMFORT--otherwise, there were a large number of bling boots that I would have brought home instead. But these simple Durangos--$149.00 (cheaper on the Internet) took the prize for comfy-cozy.

I'm not fully ready to say good-bye to my old faves--these Ariats that have served me well for five years. I'll probably use them until their soles rot off--which could be sooner rather than later. (The Durangos, by the way, are resoleable).

Okay, six things about me, if you haven't already learned enough about me!

1. I was the editor of my college newspaper.

2. I've owned a lot of animals--ducks, birds (parakeet and cockatoo), a chicken-hawk, dogs, cats, horses, Degus (which got out of their cage and into my car's pipes and wires), turtles, fish, frogs...and probably many more I can't think of. I'm sure my husband didn't realize he'd married the woman who'd rather live in a zoo.

3. I guess many of you know by now I have an occasional cigar or pipe.

4. I love poetry and non-fiction memoir.

5. This is my second marriage, and we've been together for about seven years or so. My husband is my dear, dear friend.

6. I get REALLY bad PMS that lasts about a day. (Bad thing is, I never know which day that will be--otherwise, I'd hang a sign around my neck as warning!)

Most everyone else I know has already been tagged--so if you haven't been and you're one of my blogging buddies--please join in!