Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Goings On

Well…the last update on Epona wasn’t great. She had a bad day at training. It was a bit surprising, because until then she had been the #1 star student. Oh, Epona! Goes to show, horses have good and bad days, even with the pros. 

As for Tweed and I, we had out of town company and a lot of severe weather, which limited what we could do. I decided to focus on very basic leading in straight lines over obstacles and keeping his attention when the cows came running to see what we were doing. 

I kept reminding myself:

“A horse can only think of one thing at a time and that should be you.” 

If I don’t have his attention, I can’t get his feet. 

It has been going very well, and I should have a lesson tomorrow, my first since the clinic. 

We finally finished the barn breezeway. 

Oops, I lied. Not finished. We still need to put the trim around the door. 



I’ve also planted the raised beds at the barn. 

They are a mixture of flowers, herbs, trees, tomatoes, and peppers. 

The trees are apple and Kwanza Cherry. 

The herbs are thyme, basil, oregano, lavender, cilantro, and dill. 

Several varieties of tomatoes, even a Czech variety since my husband is 1/2 Czech. 

Habaneros and jalapeños. 

We have a gas fire pit there now, and have enjoyed evenings at the barn with a glass of wine. That’s a date night for us. 

Does it get any better?


  1. What a beautiful barn! And your outdoor space is amazing- I bet that lavender smells great! You have an apple on your tree already? Man I miss Creston growing weather- we had 2 nights of heavy frost here and I lost my pole beans and cantaloupe, but managed to cover everything else.
    It's normal for youngsters to take a step back, it takes them a while to process the info they are receiving. I have been doing some basics with Theo too just to keep him handled a bit.

    1. That little tree has lots of apples already. It is abundant! We had a frost in our region, but it didn’t hit us. Thank goodness!! I feel horrible for you. 😞

      Yes, it does seem to always be 2 steps forward and 1 step back with horses in training.

  2. That is the most elegant barn I’ve seen that’s not been in a magazine. You guys did great work.
    It’s good that Epona is asking questions at the trainers. That way they can answer them and it won’t be a surprise when she comes home.

    1. Thank you. We are enjoying the barn quite a bit. It got me through the winter as my music room & horse therapy and now it’s giving back in the outside space. I really enjoy throwing the big barn door open in the morning and seeing the beauty.

      That’s a good way of looking at it, asking questions at the trainers, rather than here.

  3. You've been busy! Your barn & patio look wonderful!!

  4. Your barn is absolutely gorgeous! I'm sure you love being there as much as possible.
    I'm sure Epona is just learning like she's in kindergarten. Some times it takes a while to process new information but once she learns it she will know it forever. Tweed also is doing so well. Sorry I don't comment more but sometimes I just can't get the comment to go through but I have been keeping up with you and reading your posts.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Every so often I go through the unpublished comments and post them. I think that after the post is 3 days old, it filters comments to “need approval.”

      You’re right about Epona. I think the work and separation have been quite a shock for her. We haven’t had a chance to get down there and see her. It might not happen until we pick her up.


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