Saturday, June 25, 2022

New Equipment (Yay!)

New day, new reins. I'm tired of messing with the mecate rein that I start all my horses in, and Sweet T is ready for some simplicity.

When I was with the girls Wednesday, my friend with the 5 year old was using an interesting set up--the Schutz Quiet Control Single Rein. It has a little weight at the bit, in the form of the leather straps, sort of like the slobber straps, but not as big and heavy. She had attached a swivel clip on both ends, too. They had a really nice to feel to them. Perhaps, their greatest asset is the little leather nubs built into them on each side so that you know where the "even" point is as you slide up to shorten or lengthen your reins. Turns out, another friend there was using them, too.

I ordered a pair in this year's favorite color--blue. Turquoise blue, which looks amazing on Tumbleweed! 

Obviously, I have turquoise on the brain, because I ordered a summer shirt by Orvis in the same color.

My husband fixed my saddle, so that is ready to go. Although, I would like to replace the latigo before a really long ride.

I wrote yesterday about how Tweed is becoming fun, fun, fun. It's true. Riding him makes me feel like a kid again. Sarah put a super solid foundation on him for me, I just had to unlock it. We will encounter a lot out on the trail, but I plan to take it very slow and build little by little. 

I knew the day would come when I wouldn't have a horse fit enough for the kind of trails I ride with my friends, and that happened last year when Cowboy couldn't get up and down. He can still do easy, flat trails, but I cannot ask him to go down steep terrain or over large obstacles. Leah has always had her own lameness issues that I've worked around. BG overreacted too many times for me to trust her on the trails. The rest of my herd is retired and / or only used for light work. (Foxy, Little Joe, and Cowboy)

To have a horse again, one that can do what I want to do, and is so close to me, and me to him, after raising him from a baby--well, it's what I dreamed would happen. When Tweed was a few months old and just arriving here from Shirley's in Canada, it seemed like raising him would take forever, but it went fast, didn't it? 

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