Thursday, October 7, 2021

Life On Hold

Since we are on baby watch, life has to be on hold. I can't venture too far from home, just in case I get the call to head to the hospital. Today is the day they will induce my daughter, but that won't start until 7 pm. The idea is to start labor slowly, go through the night, and, hopefully, deliver tomorrow during the day. I really hoped the baby would come without induction, but he's a big boy, and it is probably best to do it now.

Luckily, there are plenty of things to do around here while I wait. The farrier is coming Saturday, so we've been practicing holding Epona and rasping her little feet. She does pretty well with it. 

Morning turnout with mama is always fun. I bring Cowgirl into Epona's area, and they get so excited. Cowgirl stomps in like, let's go kick some butt, little one. And Epona jumps around and runs off with her like, my mama is the beast! She has a look of deep respect, mixed with a bit of fear, when she's with mama. I haven't released them with the herd yet, but I might try that next--with a few of them. There is one issue...

Tumbleweed wants to take on Cowgirl. Yes, the boy is dominating the herd, and has assumed a de facto leadership position. Cowgirl knows it, and the last time they were out together, she made it her one mission to go after Tweed. She's an extremely aggressive mare, and I do not want her hurting my boy. Any turnout she gets will be sans Tweed and Beautiful Girl, his self-appointed protector. 

Beautiful Girl loves Tweed with a slavish adoration. If any other horse thinks about entering a stall before him, taking a bite of hay before him, they will feel her wrath. It's funny how the herd has set up a semi-wild hierarchy, with the gelding (stallion) as the head. Tumbleweed is the only young gelding, therefore, he is the head when the mares are around. Take the mares away, and Little Joe quickly becomes the head. 

Today I plan to ride Tweed and work on side-passing to the gate and opening and closing it. I'll take as much as time as necessary to get it done right.

On another note, the new mutation of Covid--Delta, I guess--is going around like crazy. My dad got it, and received monoclonal antibody treatment which turned him around immediately. Another family member, in another state, also got it, fully vaxxed, and will receive monoclonal antibody treatment today, hopefully, with the same good result. I have no idea what is in the monoclonal antibody treatment, but from our experience with my dad, it sure seems to work wonders if you get it early. For some reason, it's not automatically offered.  You have to know to seek it. So, if you're high risk, and get the damn virus, despite all your other precautions, might want to consider the same.

And here's another tidbit, macarons are low in calories. After binging on coffee, salted caramel, hazelnut, and chocolate macarons, I finally decided to google their caloric content. I was surprised to find they are one of the lower calorie cookies. Yay! I also seem to have gotten them out of my system, because I do not want to see another macaron for a long while! I know there are two spellings for macaron / macaroon, but the bakery chose the one I've been using. Maybe someone with more knowledge can explain this variance to me.

Since I'm killing time with this post, I'll venture onto another subject--the weather change. Last night we got to freezing temps. We've turned on the water heaters, and I need to start adding salt to their feed again. I'm also preparing to bring in the plants that I want to over winter. After last summer, I can't complain about this change. It sure beats 109 degrees and smoke. I'm also excited about the flies getting killed off. They've been horrible. 

During our last vet visit we had a fecal test done for Epona, so that we would know which wormer to use. Our vet forgot to get back to us with the results until yesterday, but she recommends ivermectin.  I've heard there is a shortage. I have quite a bit in my fridge, but I might have to purchase more. I'll try to get that done today, too. Any suggestions on which brand for babies?

I guess I have a lot to do today! Better get to it!! Hopefully, my next post will have some very big news.

Happy trails!


  1. Herd dynamics are always interesting to watch and can be tough to manage!
    Praying for a safe delivery for your daughter and grandson. Did dad make it home?

    1. Yes, he’s home. She’s at the hospital being induced. I was there all night, but came home for a little bit and will go back.

  2. Also, my relative received the monoclonal antibody treatment yesterday and is already feeling great. He is in his 70’s with comorbidities. Complete turnaround.

  3. Glad to hear Dad made it home for the delivery. Hope all goes well and you meet your grandson soon.

    I love watching how the herd interacts with each other. It's better than watching tv.

    Good to hear your dad and relative are doing well. The virus is a hard thing to get rid of. It's good to still be on guard around other people or in crowds even if you're vaccinated.

    I'm sure you and Tweed had a good lesson with the gate. Keep us updated on how everything is going. Good luck.

    1. I’m in the waiting room now, having lunch. Things are starting to progress fast. Yay!

      Yes, this is really one of the most dangerous times to contract Covid. There are a lot of cases in our area. The question now has reversed from who do you know that has it, to who do you know that hasn’t had it? I haven’t had it, at least that I know of, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

      I’ll update soon with more news.

  4. Hope things go as well as possible with your daughters induction. It won't be long before you get to meet your new grandson, how exciting!! I heard from a new mom here, that the docs are warning moms about being extra cautious about who they expose their new baby to until they get older (only with those vaccinated). Herd dynamics are so interesting!

    1. Baby was born healthy last night! Yay!! Yes, they do plan to be cautious with him in this age of Covid. The hospital itself is very strict on limiting visitors. Only mom and dad. I was able to be there up until the birth, then I had to leave. I think they plan to limit access to him. Vaccinated or not, I think they will shield him from too much exposure. The virus is circulating among both groups. They were discussing all of that yesterday—protocols—acceptable exposure—etc. Whooping cough has also had a comeback. It will be interesting to see what they decide to do.


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