Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Let me Off the Roller Coaster

We had a week of visitors, which coincided with a drop in temperatures. It was lovely. For one, it took my mind off of the worry of Epona, and it also helped Epona regain some of her strength. It also got me back in the saddle, and working with Leah and Tumbleweed.

Tumbleweed was grumpy, as were many of the horses, due to the biting flies and lack of exercise. He gave me his attention, but it wasn't happy attention. Cowboy was equally bothered by the thought of working, and the one time I pulled him out, I ended up putting him back and switching for Little Joe. Foxy was very pleasant. She has a been there, done that temperament, and nothing seems to bother her anymore. I'm sure she wasn't always like that in life, but she has matured to be the wise old sage of the herd. 

Epona seemed to have turned a major corner. She was eating well and carrying herself with energy. We even found her running and bucking at times. She had settled into the new arrangement, and enjoyed the love and support of mama over the fence. She was aggressively eating NW Mare and Foal (which has 1.3% calcium!) and her Omolene 300. I was looking forward to my next post, and being able to report all the positive news! I took this video from horseback last night.

But today, the heat returned, and she seems weaker. I have a big fan on her, and she's locked into the barn. Her last dose of antibiotic will be tonight, and her follow up appointment is Monday, which is also the day this heat wave is expected to end.

Still having trouble getting hay into the barn. I did manage to get 1.7 tons, a mere fraction of what we need, but I have a guarantee of delivery for timothy next week. (It better work out!!) 

We had a fun little adventure into the city on Monday night, and just happened across a live performance in the park. It was the Inland NW Opera performing Little Red Riding Hood free for children and their families. We had two of our granddaughters, and we sat in the grass and enjoyed the performance in perfect weather. It almost felt like 2019 again. 

Alas, it is not, and we are starting to mask up again. I keep looking at our local theater website and there are no plays scheduled for this year. Will we ever get back to live theater again? I really thought, hoped is more like it, that our high vaccination rate in Washington state would usher in an end to Covid restrictions, yet it seems like we're starting all over again. I'm not a fan. Personally, I'm not afraid of it, and have high confidence in the vaccine to keep me from getting it and/or developing severe symptoms. I want my life back. I want life back for everyone else, too.

I want a refund on 2020 and 2021. I want someone to stop this ride and get us off the roller coaster.  I want to go back to not bickering about stupid things, like masks and vaccines and who is super spreading and who is not. In fact, I never want to hear the phrase "super spreader" again. 

And while I'm at wanting so many things--I also want Epona to just get well. 100% well!! I want to see her running and bucking again. Is that too much to ask? 

This quickly descended into a rant, and I’m sorry for that. There are parallels between Epona and Covid—basically, I feel like I’ve done my “part,” but nothing gets better. Yet, anyway.


  1. This heat wave is supposed to be a lot shorter duration than the last one, so hopefully Epona will bet back to her happy self soon.
    It is a bothersome world we live in right now and I do expect it's going to get a lot uglier before it gets better. Sadly.

    1. Yes, four days, I think. And August is summer’s last hurrah! Yay! I can’t wait for Fall. To this heatwave, there is a foreseeable end.

      I don’t know where all this other stuff is headed, but I am losing hope fast that it’s going anywhere good. There’s talk of canceling many of our upcoming outdoor events, too. I don’t feel like there’s a plan anymore. Nothing we’re working toward. No clear goal, or measurement of success. I’ve lived 54 years and never felt such despair for my country.

  2. I'm with you a want a refund on 2020 and 2021! I'm sick of all the stupidity that's going around too. I would like everyone to act as if they may actually have some common sense and start acting like adults.

    That said I do hope you get off the roller coaster ride sooner than later. I think Epona will be alright as she matures. I know its so frustrating and hard for you all and for her and Cowgirl too. It seems like there's two steps forward and one step back but once the heat wave leaves and the Fall appears I feel things will start looking up. I can only say hang in there for a few more weeks.

    1. It is amazing how similar Covid is to Epona's situation. I don't think anyone likes to deal with unknowns, and it's hard to see daylight at the end of the tunnel, then have it snatched away. I do lose hope, then regain it, then lose it. She looks good today, so I'm on the hope side.

      Covid, not so much. Our local hospitals are filling up again, and that's the only metric I really look at anymore. The Delta variant is viscous in its spread. I tell everyone that, at this point, you're all going to get it, the only question is, how bad will it be? The vaccine is proven to help mitigate it, even in breakthrough cases. I don't support vaccine passports, but I do support the private business owner's right to do so in the US. I believe it is constitutional, but will usher in a new type of segregation that will be very divisive. So, on the one hand, I think it's legal, but on the other hand, I think it unwise. Will it get some people over the fence though? According to the article I read this morning, interviewing the vaccine hesitant in NY, yes. They don't want to lose jobs or opportunities. But there is another group that will still say no, for various, deeply held, reasons, and that's baked in. So, what do we consider success? I read that we're three mutations away from vaccine effectiveness. Where do mandates end? What level of risk is society willing to accept?

      I was thinking how vain it must sound that I'm complaining about live theater, but those are the things that make us human. For me, it's music and theater. For others, church, or travel, or sports, or fill in the blank. We all want our FULLEST lives back, but we seem to lack a clear plan on how to make it happen.

      I would love to see a televised, non-partisan symposium of all the various groups represented, and each present their FACTS and concerns to one another and then outline a comprehensive plan to get us to where we all want to be. But that's probably a pipe dream, as everyone seems to enjoy name calling and finger pointing much more than productive discussion and listening.


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