Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Good Outweighs the Bad (By A lot)

Our western heat wave continues, and the fires came early and fierce. They are mostly to the south of us, but the smoke has settled in here.

I continue to do something with Tumbleweed every morning, before it gets too hot. Sometimes we do a light walk / ride in the arena, and some days we just take a walk.

He's so mellow! If he has any issue, it's laziness picking up his feet, but I can't really blame him in this weather.

I lead him away from the barn each day, and onto different types of surfaces.

The clomp clomp of his feet on asphalt. Under the branches of trees. Up near the road, to see the passing cars. Nothing much fazes him.

I measured him the other day, and he was 15.2 hands and 1140 pounds. I imagine all that will really change in the coming years is his body filling out even more.

He is stalled during the day, and let out with the others at night. He gets 1/2 alfalfa, 1/2 grass, and a supplement formulated for our area.

My daughter consulted with several of her friends, regarding Epona, and all of them cautioned her about separating her from Cowgirl. All three of her advisors said that it would cause too much stress on a 6 week old foal, and the risks could outweigh the benefits. She is watching her closely, and gearing up for another try at a separation here at home, that would keep her with mama, and us.

Calf Manna replacer pellets, mixed with Omolene 300.

She has a grazing mask arriving Thursday, and teat tape arrived today.

Stocked up on plenty of replacer, and this doesn't include the bags in my kitchen. We have been mixing up liquid replacer and leaving it in her stall each day. It is good at attracting flies, but not at attracting Epona.

It has to be bucket feeding, at a low level, and not a bottle. All of her water sources have to be at a low level, too--and that includes Cowgirl's.

She eats a little hay, too, and grazes a bit in pasture, but there isn't much left in them nowadays. Everything has dried up.

It has taken a lot of stress off of me to be the support network, but not the decision maker. I'm glad I handed that responsibility back to my daughter.

She's starting to shed off in places on her face, and it is very dark underneath. Hard to say how she will change.

Here she is last night, tearing around their little turnout.

It may not sound like it, with everything we have been through, but the good far outweighs the bad. Despite all the ups and downs, we have loved every minute of being with Epona. 

That can be said for this heat wave, too. I've taken a lot of pleasure in my trips back and forth to the barn everyday, all day. We keep the troughs fresh and filled. Horses sprayed for flies. Masks on and off. Misters, Stalls cleaned.  All of it.

And it's good exercise! I have no trouble getting 10,000+ steps in each day. Pushing wheelbarrows full of manure is a great upper body workout! (That's what I tell myself with each load.) Why would you join a gym, when you can own a horse?

But more, it's just a pleasure to be out there with them each day. It's time well spent. Soul food. Eye candy. 

It's a good life.


  1. Awww that video made me happy! She is such a pretty and athletic filly! Speedy too!
    Tumbleweed is 15.2? I don't remember what his measurement was as a foal- I will have t look that up. Goes to show that Beamer throws to the size of the mare. Mu 14.2 stallion has only ever had one foal his height, and that was Mesa.
    I'm glad his personality suits you. He's a good boy.

    1. I couldn’t believe he was 15.2. He seems shorter, but where you measure, center of the shoulder, it was reading that on my tape. I had my husband double check my work. Was Rosalee that tall?

      Yes, he is a good boy, and super chill, which is what I wanted. In your pocket, like actually in your pocket, too. I have a video of that from a few days ago. He was like glue in the pasture, and all the way up to rhe gate. I kept laughing at him, and trying to shoo him off, but he’d have none of that. 🤣 I guess if I ever fall off he won’t run away.

    2. I think Rosalee was just over 14.3hh

    3. Hmm, weird. I will measure him again then. It seems strange. I’ll make a video.

  2. Great videos! She's a little speed demon, loved the little trot on her too. I'm sure with time everything will work out for Epona as she matures.

    Tumbleweed is a treasure. He probably loves getting your attention each day and getting to interact with you. I love that horse, such a good boy.

    Hope your heat wave ends soon. And the smoke gets out of there too. Barn work is good for fitness that's for sure!

    1. He really is a great horse. I’m lucky to have him. The kind of guy I needed for this phase of life—actually, any phase of life! Yes, Epona seems to be weathering it all so far. She isn’t showing any signs of being sick, that’s for sure. I hope to get a break from the heat. I think we have a couple of 80-something days soon.

  3. I was wondering how little Miss Epona was doing. Great video's of her zipping around, made me smile. They show a healthy happy filly who is fast on her feet, holding her own. Albeit with some adjustments. Keep up the good fight, it's working!!

    I am with you on chores = workout, and plenty of steps. Love that halter color on Tweed, what a handsome good boy! Koda doesn't lift his feet as much as other horses I've ridden. I see poles in your future :)

    1. Poles, yes. haha. I'm already on that, in the arena. He's so laid back, I may have to do a lot bushwhacking with him on the trails though. We're expecting a short break in these hot temperatures, and I plan to take him to the obstacle course down the road and do it in-hand, and then in saddle. It will help him to have his mind engaged a bit more.


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