Sunday, July 18, 2021

Changing Colors

Epona is doing very well, still nursing, running, and bucking, ...and changing colors.  As you can see, the area where she is shedding off around her eyes is very dark.

It will be fun to see what's under her baby fur. 

In the meantime, we continue to pick up her feet, lead her around the turnout, and groom her. She still takes medicine, and selenium, and still nurses from mom. But she is eating more and more solids, and drinking more and more water independently.

Tonight we're setting up a creep feeding system, which I'll post about later. It will give her a way to go under, and into her own area where she will have 24/7 milk replacer pellets. That will be a big first step to getting her off mama.

Lucy continues to grow. She's very smart. She can sit, lay down, fetch, jump, and shake hands on command.

She has also opened the house door a time or two, and dug a few major Labrador holes in our landscaping.

The pastures have all changed color to solid tan / dirt, but we have 10 tons of hay coming this week, plus all our leftover from last year. This will be the most we've ever had to feed the herd, thanks to the long hot drought we're experiencing, and the fact that our neighbors used to let us use their pasture, but now they're selling their house, and it sits empty for the next buyers.

Which brings me to the topic of neighbors. We had the best anyone could hope for. Good friends who we shared many fond moments with, and who always helped us out. We shared our tractor, they shared their lawn mower, and when our well pump went out, they shared their water. They allowed us to use their pasture during the summer for our horses. They were just the most perfect people to share a space with, and now we don't know who will buy it, and how this will all change. 

It's kind of scary. 

Our neighborhood has a very laid back vibe, since most everyone around here bought land and built their own homes. We surround what was once a very large dairy operation, and is now a much smaller meat cow operation and horse boarding facility. The rising prices of homes really limits the buyer pool. We are curious who will be our neighbors next, and if they will be animal friendly. I sure hope so.


  1. Happy to hear Epona is doing so well, and that you already have a plan to keep her moving in the right direction. Lucy is all kinds of cute! Raspberries and a paw all in one photo, it's a good one. No doubt it will be a relief to be stocked up with hay. Seems like it is feast or famine with Ma Nature these days. Thankfully, our hay season turned around. We had our doubts at the beginning. Brad kept our first crop hostage from our regular buyers, just incase. Now, hay is plentiful and it is business as usual. Wonder if the Midwest will start hauling truckloads to areas in need. As for new neighbors, it sure makes a person wonder doesn't it. My guess is if people knowingly move next to animals, they will most likely be animals lovers. Maybe they will even have a horse lovin' kid to share your passion and play with the grands.

    1. Good to hear that you have plentiful hay back there. I would expect that there will be a lot of sharing this year to make up for the western deficit. We do have farmers with irrigated fields just to the south of us, and that is where my hay will be coming from. It would be nice to have neighbors that are interested in horses. I am always happy to share them with horse crazy kids. 😀

  2. Glad to hear Epona is doing so well. She sure is a cutey!Sounds like your program is going to work well for her.
    That photo of Lucy made me smile!
    I sure hope you get good new neighbours. My main complaint about where we live is the neighbours; I don't like living that close to other people!
    Everything is crispy here too, and so many fires it's scary. Glad you got your hay sorted out.

    1. Good neighbors are essential to a good life. Our houses are very close. We have a gate between the two, because we were always going back and forth for dinners and hellos. When they told me they were moving, I cried. But the move is really good for them, because it puts them within walking distance of their grandkids. It’s hard for me to see chapters close. I had thought we’d all be here until our last days. That’s the way most people in our neighborhood do it. Homes never go for sale.

  3. Epona is looking good and seems to be thriving with all the great care she's getting. Lucy is just too adorable. I miss having a dog, I am thinking of getting a pup just haven't decided yet.

    It's always a good feeling to have the hay you need. I hope you get some rain soon.

    As for neighbors, well, I hope you get friendly ones that like animals.

    1. Yes, dogs are an essential part of life. They make such excellent companions. Lucy now hangs out with me when I clean stalls, and follows me back and forth with the wheelbarrows. It makes it more pleasurable, for sure. She will also be our hiking dog. The wolfhounds won’t get in our vehicles, and we have tried everything, even purchasing a ramp. They absolutely refuse. 🤣


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