Tuesday, June 29, 2021

PNW Heat Wave: 2nd Day of Hell (just joking, Hell is probably cooler)


Today, we enter the 2nd day of what forecasters expect to be 109-111 degrees of sweltering, unrelenting heat. The speed with which it is heating up outside this morning, confirms their predictions. But fear not, we survived 106 with flying colors, and there is much optimism that we will survive this, too, and soon be on the other side.  And when I say soon, I mean a week from now. But then again, 100 degree days seem relatively cool, compared to 110'ish.

Some of you already know we lost power and water last night. That was a surprise. It sent us scrambling in the dark to make sure everyone had plenty of water for the night. We do have a generator, and we did turn it on, but the power outage made our well pump malfunction. It mysterious began working again this morning, and I'm not going to question that little miracle. I'll take it!

The heat wave is causing our power grid to fail, so they will start rolling blackouts today. They will be planned, unlike the one we experienced due to "a bird." 

The boys installed a mister last night over Epona and Cowgirl's stall. It is set up so that the fan blows it over them. 

Epona did very well yesterday, despite the heat. She starts off her day with two doses of different antibiotics.

All this medication administration is GREAT for training. Epona is very used to being handled all over now.

When the temps became cooler outside in the shade than in the barn, we let Cowgirl and Epona out. Epona played all night. She was full of energy.

Rock and roll, mama!

Epona discovers the rocks, but isn't sure how to get down.

And Epona is starting to eat her grain with vigor. I'm happy to see this! That's one big step forward. If she can start drinking water, too, we will have a solid plan B!

Well, here we go...off to keep the horses cool and hydrated during day 2.


  1. The good news is you're surviving. The heat is ridiculous. My brother-in-law lives in Seattle and he got to 108. I feel kind of left out we only reached 100 today. Just miserable.

    Epona is a smart girl, she figured out the rocks! Glad she's eating her grain faster, better and better everyday! That mister is a great idea. My husband told me if you wet a sheet and put it over the horse it will cool them off when the water starts to evaporate. Says that's why construction workers wet their hats and put wet scarves around their necks. Might work. Hang in there this will pass.

    1. That’s crazy talk for Seattle. Our high was already 108, and we beat it by one degree. But these kind of numbers are rare. Last year, I’m not even sure we broke 100.

      That’s smart. I wish I had sheets. I may invest in some.

  2. We hit 104 today, with a feels like of 118. All the horses got hosed off. I was half expecting power outages here too, but none so far. The air is getting smoky.
    Epona looks quite vigorous and healthy. She should outgrow all those problems soon!

    1. Good for you! A mere 104. Haha. That “feels like” always cracks me up. We were 109, and “feels like” 109. She is very strong, and I think we’re going to make it through. She has done well in the heat so far. The mister helped a lot.

    2. I got to thinking about the water issue- foals are so naturally curious and like to check out everything. what about hanging lots of buckets of water at a height that she couls stick her little face in them and check them out- at some point she will get her little nose wet and may even try to play with the water. it may help her to drink. Of course, mama will check them all out too and that should entice Epona to do the same, and if mama drinks it all just refill them. I wouldn't hang the buckets overnight for the sake of safety, but it might be worth a try, especially in this heat.

    3. The vet had the same suggestion, so we hung a bucket for her and we keep it filled. Cowgirl will often put her head down to it, as if she’s showing Epona it’s okay, and Epona will lick the water. So far, I’ve only seen her lick it.

  3. Well, Epona looks all kinds of wonderful!! Misting is a great idea. Your horses are lucky! Infrastructure failure is a hot topic right now, no pun intended.

    I read Grey Horse Matter's great idea about sheets. Any light weight fabric that soaks water would work. For Epona, even a wrung out kitchen towel would work if she will tolerate it.

    1. The mister seemed to solve our problems yesterday. She stayed comfortable the entire day. If we didn’t have those, I would have tried something like this. But it’s difficult to keep anything on her because she’s pretty opinionated. She’s a feisty thing.


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