Thursday, June 24, 2021

How To Help Your Horses Survive The Extreme Heat

In the last post, I asked for your suggestions about helping our horses survive the extreme heat. We will be under hazardous heat conditions in the Northwest, and it is good to think ahead and be prepared. In case anyone else is in the same situation, I will share your ideas here.

1. Provide salt. Salt blocks. Salt on their feed. Encourage them to drink a lot of water.

2. If you have ceiling fans, turn them up. If you are installing ceiling fans, make sure they're powerful. If you don't have barn fans, buy an industrial fan the breezeway. I found one at Walmart that goes to 7000 CFM (cubic feet per minute). It also has an encased motor, so that if you set it up in a barn, the motor doesn't get inundated with dust. This fan was just under $50, and comes with a stand and a wall mount. 

3. Keep them in the barn during the day, and turn them out to pasture at night.

4. Hose them off, periodically, throughout the day. If you have a foal, try a wet towel or blanket.

5. Set up a mister or sprinkler.

6. Provide plenty of water, and change it out throughout the day so that it doesn't get too hot. If you have automatic waters, drain them and allow them to refill.

7. Wait to feed grain until they are cooled off.

8. Make sure to provide lots of options for shade.

9. Consider adding electrolytes to their water.

Did I cover them all? Are there anymore suggestions to add to this list? 

Stay safe out there!


  1. I think you've got it covered! I really hope it doesn't get that bad.

  2. Good list! Of course, if you ride, it is a given that you don't ride in the heat. Early mornings are best, like at dawn.

  3. That is a good list. I hope you do okay

  4. The forecast for us only seems to get worse at it draws closer. High of 109 now. Surrounding areas might see 117. I feel lucky to be one of the “cooler” windier areas now.

  5. Nice list, covers all aspects. Animals are pretty smart, given options they will self monitor. That fan looks like it will really move air. Hope the heat wave doesn't last long. Try to stay cool!!


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