Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Epona's Daddy and Granddaddy: A Love Story

Shirley asked about the sire of Epona, so I'll share a few photos of her baby-daddy and baby-daddy's-daddy.

The story all started with Brilliant Knight, grampa, below. Aka, Studly.

He came from a racing family, whose owners had grown too old to continue the sport, and hadn't done anything with him. He was gentle. Great conformation. Good mind. Solid bone. Athletic. Sarah's husband, a farrier, had been working on Studly for a while, and when he found out they wanted to sell him, he told Sarah to take a look, and it was love at first sight. 

She brought him home to the barn, where we all boarded, and started to train him. The above photo was taken on that day, when he was fifteen years old. At the time, Cowgirl was about three, and she was also at the barn, and every time we walked by Studly's stall, he would do the sweetest nicker to her, and she would do the sweetest nicker back.

It was love.

And it wasn't lost on Shiloh. She determined that if she ever bred Cowgirl, it would be to Sarah's stud, Brilliant Knight. 

Alas, star-crossed lovers, it was not meant to be. By the time Shiloh was ready, Brilliant Knight was well into his twenties and passed away. Sigh.

However, the story did not end, because one of the mares Sarah had bred to Studly, had a beautiful boy--Mr. Tom Horn--an appaloosa--another big-boned, good-minded, gentle-as-get-out stallion.

Still, not much was thought about it, until last spring, when I took Tumbleweed to kindergarten, and Shiloh decided to take Cowgirl along for a tune-up.

Little Mr Tom Horn was all grown up, and had an eye for Miss Cowgirl. The two whinnied for each other, and whinnied for each other. 

One day, Shiloh and I went down to see Tumbleweed and Cowgirl, and as we stood talking, with our horses in hand, the two future lover-birds talked, too. And talked. And talked. And talked. They made their wishes clear. 

Could it be? Should I? Asked Shiloh. 

She's perfect for it. Time is running out. Said Sarah.

And, Sarah got the job done, breeding them everyday Cowgirl was in heat.

The rest is history, as you've all been following Epona's journey since conception. 

She will be a registered appaloosa, which is fitting, since we live at the edge of the great Palouse, and it is Shiloh's great love and dream to live in the heart of the Palouse one day. The Appaloosa museum is in Moscow, Idaho, and the Nez Perce tribe, known for their appaloosas, is next to the city where Shiloh was born and raised, Lewiston, Idaho. 


  1. The stallions are gorgeous! Cowgirl knew what she was doing talking it up with Epona's dad and granddad. You've got a beautiful baby who will have a loving family of horses and humans to grow up with.

  2. That is one fine looking Thoroughbred! No wonder Cowgirl wanted him! Baby daddy looks great too.
    Epona inherited grandpa's white legs perfectly.

    1. Isn’t that weird? We noticed it, too. The exact same legs have white stockings. And she appears to be red. Cowgirl’s mama was red, and she was raised by our old Red who she’d protect with her life and walk him to his stall, every night, for his supplements. If any horse tried to drink water before Red, Cowgirl would kill them. Or try. Our old horse, Shadow, tried to separate them, but Beautiful got in between, after about a whole day of the war, and went butt to butt with Shadow. He backed down and allowed Red and Cowgirl to be together. (BG thought she was their baby.) So yep, she has a thing for reds. I was hoping her baby would be a sorrel.

  3. What a sweet love story!! Your daughter must have gotten her deep passion for horses from you. I wonder if Epona's coat will change. No clue what determines that. Nemo's coat is ever changing. On the other hand, Koda remains a solid Appy. His sire never changed either, and looked a lot like Koda but with a stunning blanket. Koda's dam (Nemo's grand dam) changed colors too, and looked a lot like Nemo. By changing coats, Nemo taught us to not fall in love with color ~ especially on an Appaloosa. More importantly, he taught Brad white horses are special. He disliked white horses, until his heart horse turned into one. It will be so fun to follow along as Epona grows up!! Super happy for all of you!

    1. I wonder that, too, and I don’t know the answer. Appys are notorious for color change, just look at Mr Tom Horn’s transformation. I hope she stays the same, since she has so much solid in her line, but that is probably wishful thinking.

  4. Wow those are two handsome horses. Cowgirl has good taste. :)


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