Friday, May 7, 2021

The Simple Rule Goes Both Ways

Yesterday was a complete turnaround for Tumbleweed. I placed one of the herd leaders into the stall next to him, and when I came out the next morning, T was back to himself--soft eyes, gentle, respectful, and in his thinking mind. His back leg had a bad scrape, as if he'd kicked out at a panel, so I imagine there was a little drama during the night. Whatever happened, it resulted in a 180 turnaround in his behavior.

Still, I worked him without his saddle, then with his saddle on, with that one simple question in mind:

Do I have his full attention?

There are so many ways that one simple concept has been said, but for some reason, it finally took root with me. If you don't have their attention, don't get on. Sheesh, it's not complicated.

But the flipside of that is, if you know the fundamentals are there, (and they are), then when you have his full attention, you can trust that it is time to mount up.

I kept our work simple, going over obstacles and asking him for very precise foot placement--that general rule of being able to move every foot, or ask it to stop and wait. It was all there.

My goals for this week are simple: work on regaining our partnership, keep up the fundamentals, and prepare him for our lesson this coming Tuesday.

Cowgirl is now over 300 days, and I'm watching her closely.

Does this look like wax? Her due date, if there can be said to be one, is the end of May.


  1. You two look so good together. I’m glad he settled back in

    1. It was a miraculous transformation. 😀

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. He’s going to be a lot of fun.

  3. Update on Cowgirl. She has a while to go in this pregnancy, and needs to get past Day 320. She’s at 306. I have a friend who’s a long term vet tech, horsewoman, and cattlewoman, and I was able to consult with her in lieu of my vet, who wasn’t reachable.

    Her answer:

    No, with the first foal they get edema earlier and some waxing. Just make sure she doesn't start dripping too much colostrum. Which probably won't happen with first foal. She will probably look like she is bagging up, then the edema goes back down, a few times, before she foals. I think a while yet. But foal watch is always a good idea on the first foaling. The edema is soft if you palate her bag, then when milk comes in, it gets more firm.

  4. Good info from your vet tech friend. Those maiden mares can be a bit tricky especially when they are older.
    Good work with Tumbleweed!

    1. We’ve been watching her, and she isn’t showing any signs of having it. The waxing went away. She’s now at day 308. I’m just praying she gets past 320, and then she can have it whenever she wants.

      Tomorrow is my lesson with T, and we’re hauling there. I expect it will make him nervous and we will work on getting his attention and respect in new situations. My trainer, Regina, is good at that.

  5. So nice to see you riding Mr T at home. Interesting info on maiden mares.


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