Saturday, March 6, 2021

Tumbleweed Freed

As hauling / training day approaches (5 days away) I had an epiphany about Tweed: if he can't stay sound at turnout, he shouldn't go to training. In other words, it's better to know now if he's fit and ready, rather than after he's hauled 2.5 hours away. I gave him an adequate amount of time to rest, but he wasn't really resting; he was charging around, rolling, bucking, and tearing apart his stall and run. His leg wasn't swollen anymore, and the ground was reasonably dry.

It was time to see what he had.

Of course, he was full of it. He could barely contain himself to make it to the pasture on the lead rope. But he did, and I give him high marks for it.

Oh, the bucking and farting that took place when I told him he was free.

And then, like an arrow--straight to Foxy Mama! She still has his heart.

Look at the above photo.  You will see Beautiful moving in on Tweed and Foxy, because she takes it upon herself to always keep them apart.

So Tweed went to see his other fave, Little Joe--his Foxy Mama's boyfriend.

As he walked away, he gave BG the "screw you" "you're not the boss of me!" stink eye.

I digested that information and decided to stall Beautiful. She looks like little orphan Annie, and could use some TLC, and I trust Foxy more to keep Tweed safe.  Also, Beautiful and the pony are buddies, and the pony, Lily, is spring fat, so I've stalled her next door to BG for her spring diet. (My farrier will be happy.)

After I made that little change, life got better for Cowboy, too. The sweet ones allow him to eat whenever he wants, and he likes the hay in the round bales better than the square bales in the barn.

Tumbleweed was reunited with Foxy, and "it feels so good."

Beautiful Girl is going to get some mama time with me. And she seems happy about that. It's not easy always being the "bad cop."

I'm wrapping Leah's leg for a couple hours per day.

She's not usually camped out like the photo above. Apparently, it's her grain eating stance. She has a bodywork session today in 1 1/2 hours. I'm so happy for her practitioner that it's somewhat warmer than last time. It was so cold when she came last that I couldn't even stay in the barn with her. I had to come inside where it was warm. Today, I'll stay out and watch.

Here's a photo of Cowgirl's belly bump. She isn't showing as much as you'd think, but since she's a maiden mare, that's probably normal. The vet was out last week and was very happy with her progress. She said she's the perfect weight, even though this photo makes her look thin. She's not. But she's not fat either. She has 24/7 grass hay and Omolene 300 morning and night, mixed with Equine Senior and whole oats. Her baby must be burning the calories for her.

I made an inquiry about breeding Leah to Gunna Out Shinya. I asked if they provide live cover, and how that would work. I want to have a situation more like Cowgirl's breeding, where she's covered the entire time she's in heat. I haven't heard back yet. I know some breeders only want to do AI, and others only want a live cover the day of ovulation, but that just sounds too complicated. 

Lots happening around here, but I'm enjoying every minute of it! 


  1. Tumbleweed and his stink eye, ha ha! Wow, he really gets some air! I think you made a wise choice turning him out instead of sending him to the trainers not knowing, and with pent up energy. Lotsa horsey stuff happening at your place!

    1. Yeah, the pent up energy is dangerous, too. There’s no such thing as bubble wrapping a young one, just a somewhat cautious approach and lots of prayers. That’s how it always is with horses. If things are going smoothly, raise your hands and thank the universe. Or kiss the ground. Or both!

  2. Wheee! Happy boy!
    Gunna Outshine ya is an awesome stallion- that would be a really nice cross!

    1. She got back to me and said they do their own AI there, and no live cover, but we’re going to talk. I don’t know how that works.

  3. Wow! He really got airborne there. Good to get the bucks out before he leaves. Let him burn off some of that energy. Had to laugh at the stink eye, "Just so you know I'm not afraid of you!" He's too cute.

    Got a lot going on around there. It's always so much work. Cowboy looks really happy eating the Hay House empty. What a good boy he is.

    1. I’m really happy with the new arrangement. Tweed is getting more exercise and Cowboy, too. BG is content and it makes it easier for me to groom she and the pony. Cowgirl seems to like all the company in the barn, too.

  4. Tumbleweed is adorable with his zoomies. I think turning him out was a good idea.

    1. Yes, he needs to get it all out before we haul. 3 more days.


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