Saturday, March 27, 2021

Of Babies & Broken Bodies

It has been a busy season: grandbaby on the way, horse grandbaby on the way, trips, projects, and some unexpected hospitalizations. 

The human and horse grandbabies coinciding has been a wondrous thing to watch.

11 weeks.

257 days.

Cowgirl has been really sweet. She started to look uncomfortable the other day, and I got worried she might deliver the foal too early. She wasn't really pacing so much as standing up against the wall moving back and forth on her back legs and her abdomen looked like it was moving oddly. I suppose it could have been the foal turning around.  Since I've never done this, I don't know. But it stopped and she went back to normal. 

She has a hearty appetite, regular, healthy manure, and lots of energy.

It seems like this is taking forever!

My human grandbaby is progressing very well, as you can see in the ultrasound. My daughter and I have spent a lot of time together walking.  Activity, and lots of water, have helped her get through the early phases of pregnancy without much morning sickness.   And you know how I love to get steps in!  Win win!

Since we returned from Florida, a lot has happened. My oldest son broke his back in a snowboarding accident. He wasn't doing anything unusual, but the board got out from under him and he did a "spinal tap." That's where you fall hard on your butt.  I was an avid snowboarder for many years, and that's just part and parcel to boarding. Nothing unusual. But it was bad luck for him that day, because it caused a compression fracture and he was hospitalized for 2 nights.

Have any of you been to the hospital through Covid? If so, you know how strict they are. It was the first day they were allowing visitors again, but you could only have one a day.  If that person left, they weren't supposed to come back in again. I mean, I did come back in again, because I didn't know, and they weren't good at monitoring, but you weren't supposed to. It makes it hard to support your loved one or really have any idea what is going on.

My son's roommate was coughing and in a lot of pain. A lot.  I asked one of the nurses if they had a separate unit for Covid patients, and she said yes, but Covid patients were on that floor, too--the orthopedic floor my son was on. What?!? Can you imagine having a fractured back and then contracting Covid? I was pretty shocked. I wasn't suspecting that his roommate had Covid, but maybe I should have suspected. 

The Florida pelican says, "Maintain Social Distance."

Speaking of Covid, I guess I didn't get it on my travels to Florida. If you were watching the news, you'd think everyone was running around spitting on each other. I didn't see any revelers or any of the irresponsible people they were showing in those segments.  My experience was 100% different. Everyone I was around was very cautious and respectful. 

Another Florida bird. Speaking of which, the birds are returning here, too!  Lots and lots of bird sounds in the morning.

Tumbleweed continues to improve at training. I get a lot of pictures like this one.

I'd like to get down there to see him this week.  I have purposely stayed away during the transition. No need to confuse him while he's acclimating to his new routine.  The last two weeks have been brush up, and I hope he will soon move on to riding out.  When I go down, I'll take lessons. 

No doubt, the transition to a new facility was hard. There were at least three stallions there, and he is lodging between two mares about his age.  It was hard for him to tune that out and listen to his trainer.  I think he will be home in time to attend a de-spooking clinic. It might be a great opportunity to work on this issue. I'll be looking for lots of opportunities to expose him to new situations and horses. And I will have to work on my skills at keeping his attention. 

Leah still has some swelling in the fetlock, but not much. She moves out normally, but I still only give her moderate turnout, then watch for any signs of heat or swelling to make sure she's not overdoing it. She's more happy than I've seen her a long, long time.

Beautiful Girl, too. She has been in a stall, but it communicates with the herd, and she has really thrived. She has become super, super mellow and gentle. I groom her everyday. Away from the direct contact with the other horses, she has become much less reactive. Much more tuned into me. She shares a separated run with Leah, and they spend a lot of time together over the barrier.  She can also see Cowgirl, and that seems to make her happy, too. 

I had the farrier put shoes on Leah, and I do plan to start riding her soon.  Cowboy also got shoes, because I think he would benefit from light rides as well.  And they've opened up our riding facility at the state park early, due to the beautiful weather. I may be riding solo a lot this year, because my daughter isn't riding through her pregnancy. But that might be a good thing since my horses are all on various levels of rehabilitative care and / or conditioning.

I hope the hospital visits have come to an end for now, and that everything reverts to "normal" as bodies heal, babies grow, and horses recuperate.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your son. That must be very painful. Hope he heals quickly.
    Lots of baby activity! So exciting.
    Tumbleweed looks like he's doing well in that picture and paying attention.
    You seem to have it all under control. I'm sure you'll be able to find a partner to ride with...hubby? Have fun on the trails when you get there!

    1. Yes, my husband is a good partner, if we have two sound enough horses to ride. I think we do, although, I didn’t shoe Foxy. I’ll need to do that. She would have to be his ride.

      Yes, I think it was extremely painful. 😢

      We have a 65 degree day coming up this week! Hoping I can ride then.

  2. Sorry to hear about your son, ouch! My elderly mom broke her hip during the height of covid and had surgery. No visitors, it was extremely difficult to say the least. You have a lot of loved ones to worry about. I wouldn't be getting much sleep, are you? Great that your daughter is staying active and exercising throughout her pregnancy. Makes everything better, including delivery. I taught a Fit for Birth/Better Body after Baby exercise class twice a week for over 8 yrs - one of my favs. Your horses sound like they are all doing well, and you will be out on the trails soon! Hopefully your hubby can ride along a bit more often and keep you company.

    1. The surprising thing is that more bad accidents don’t happen in a family as large as ours. We have been relatively lucky, I guess. Things can change so fast.

      I say prayers for them all every night before I go to sleep. In fact, that’s the only way I can get to sleep. I love them, and want to protect them, but it’s out of my hands.

      Wow! You taught that class for 8 years? Amazing! Is there anything you haven’t done? You’re quite a woman!

      If things keep progressing, we should be ready for trails very soon. Yay!

  3. You are a busy woman! Glad the babies are progressing well and mamas are too. Congratulations.

  4. I am sorry about your son. I can’t imagine they would put a COVID patient in with a non Covid one but maybe if they are done with the virus but still recovering? I suspect it depends on where in Florida you were?

    All these babies are going to be exciting. I can want to see photos.

    1. Thanks. His hospitalization was in Washington, but maybe that’s true. Recovering Covid. She didn’t specify. I got the impression they weren’t yet comfortable having family visits. It was their first day. They’ve spent a year free from families. Even now, it’s restricted to the one. Things are so very different than they were pre-Covid. Everywhere.

      We were in the Keys.

      I’ll post lots of photos as we get closer to foaling. 🌞

  5. I'll send up prayers for healing for your son.
    Love the ultrasound photo! So exciting to have a grandchild.
    The news media always likes to paint the bleakest picture possible. I think if they had good news to report they would all vaporise!
    Interesting about the 2 mares. Although we know that horses are herd animals, sometimes they may not be happiest in a herd. Maybe a loner, like Leah, or a busybody like BG who maybe prefers not to have that role but feels she must while in the herd. She's probably happier observing but not interacting.
    Glad to hear Tumbleweed is progressing well, you'll have such fun learning with him this year.

    1. Yeah, having the herd, but also having respite from herd dynamics, seems really valuable for some. I’m not sure all. Maybe all. Maybe each would prefer their momentary space, if given the choice. It is something I think about when I clean stalls each day.

      She sent me an update yesterday. I’ll post it.


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