Thursday, February 11, 2021

Put On Those Happy Pants: Thoughts On How to 'Warrior' Through an Arctic Blast

I'm back from Sedona, but now what? Hiking in sunshine is a far cry from hiking during an arctic blast.

I mean how fun is this? 

Or even this? 

Compared to this?

or this.

It doesn't compare at all.  

Warrior, where art thou?

I went to Sedona to jumpstart hiking, but came home to temps so low, they freeze my eyeballs.

Despite that, I have to continue to move! And, this is how I'm inspiring myself:

1. Happy Pants. 

When I was in Sedona, on an "official" hiking trip, I dressed for hiking after breakfast everyday. 

Dressed. For. Hiking. 

It's the same concept as taking a shower, and fixing yourself up, versus staying in your pajamas all day. Putting on the right clothes changes your mindset and gets you into WARRIOR MODE.

I'm going to destroy miles on that treadmill today!

This morning I dressed with INTENTION, choosing clothes I would wear in Sedona.  (I threw all my wimpy rejects into the Goodwill pile.)  Happy pants only, thank you!!

These are my "happy pants":  Eddie Bauer Trail Tights.

I have bought a lot of tights and hiking pants, but find myself always reaching for ....

or these.

(The camo version are discontinued, but you can find a lot of great stuff on Poshmark.)

I like these leggings because they have proven themselves to hold up well under hard use.  I've picked huckleberries in them and hiked through prickly pears--they never ripped, even when I swore I heard them rip. 

They have pockets for your phone and, most importantly, they have pockets for you. Ahem. I mean, they keep things in--or at least they keep things in better than other hiking tights do.  They're not quite the spanx of hiking tights, but they're close.

And they don't roll down or lose their shape, which means less washing. But when you do wash them, they hold up well. I've had my camo trail tights for a couple of years and they're still like new. 

2. Warrior shoes

As for hiking shoes, I love these Keens I purchased 5 years ago. (All my gear is a bit old.)  I did find a few new ones left on Amazon. 

When it comes to the treadmill, I like pull-ons, and I go to my 20 year old, well-worn Nikes EVERY TIME.

I love them like a baby loves its blanky. 

And these Bering socks are perfect for walking / running. 6 pairs for $21.00. I bought them after a walk last month that hurt my feet. I suspected socks were the culprit, and NOT my 20 year old Nikes.  They had great reviews on Amazon, and I haven't had any problems since.

(A picture of my socks after a workout fun morning on the treadmill.)

3. Fitbit.  

Following along the same theme: Goodwill Influencer--because all my gear is discontinued and can only be found at Goodwill, ...I still use my old Fitbit ONE. It syncs with my iPhone and works with the Fitbit app to track my steps. (My kids have Apple watches and they seem to work better; they can even function as an EKG !! ) But I'll stick to my steady-eddy, Fitbit ONE.

4. Distractions

Sedona was full of distractions. You barely knew you were hiking up the steepest hills ever--because all you could think about was the beauty around you and the beauty at the destination.

I replaced Sedona with ....

Netflix's show, "Staying Here." It's a fixer upper for vacation rentals. (I really identify with the warrior woman decorator--Genevieve Gorder--who also seems to love camo pants! Ha! If you watch it, you will see what I mean. I think she wore those in half the episodes.)   

I got in just under 10,000 steps while watching it this morning.

It is, perhaps, the best kind of show to watch on the treadmill, since you don't have to hear every word.

And last...number 5...the REWARD, which for me is ....

Oikos banana cream, lemon meringue, salted caramel, key lime, and coconut yogurts.  They are so, so, so good that they just
HAVE TO BE bad for you. 

Lastly, once I get my steps in--the goal is a minimum of 10k a day, I can love on my horses. And when the weather warms up to the 30s again, I will ditch the treadmill for the 100 mile horse walking challenge I had been doing.

I promised I would show you something "beautiful" in every post, and my stinky socks definitely DO NOT qualify--nor does the above picture of Beautiful Girl mugging for the camera. 

I chose this horse sculpture in Scottsdale. I saw it in the last hours before boarding the plane, while soaking in the last bit of Arizona sunshine, and thought, wow--that is something, isn't it?

(But nothing like the real deal.)


  1. Good for you. I’m about to don my snowshoes for a hike with Guinness. Once I get going I’ll be okay. 😁. I’m definitely going to check out those tights!

    1. Love, love, love the tights. I can’t speak highly enough of them. I bought my camo version 2 1/2 years ago and wore them so much on this last trip that I went on Poshmark and found another couple. I ordered the black pair from Amazon to get faster shipping. They’re not as shiny, which is nice, and identical in every other way, I just bought a blue pair, which haven’t arrived. They fit all sizes and shapes. Great hiking tights.

      Happy hiking! Outside is 💯 better than the treadmill.

    2. Teresa, they have a 40% off sale going on right now. I just ordered 3 more. Free shipping. It’s slow shipping, compared to Amazon, which had them to me overnight, but that’s a great deal. These are designed for hiking, and they are tough, but extremely comfy.

  2. Ay my age, tights and leggings are a distant memory.... I get my steps in going back and forth to the barn making sure that the horses have de-iced water to drink. The warm weather is supposed to come back in a couple of days, at least that's what my weather headache predicts.
    By the way, T'weed looks all grown up!

    1. Weather headache? Yikes. But I’m happy it portends warmer weather. We have a hike planned for Sunday. We will have to layer up.

    2. Tweed is probably at the end of his height gains, and ready to slowly bulk up. He’s doing well this winter. Always happy and gregarious!!

  3. Treadmills can be boring so I read a book while walking. Like all your hiking gear! Great sculpture too.

    1. I try to read a little, too, but I find it hard. My husband is an avid treadmill reader. Years ago, when I had my podcast, I’d walk and listen to interviews snd prepare editing notes. That made time fly by. Generally though, the treadmill is a negative thought for me, and that’s why I’m trying to make it psychologically positive with a change in routine—the reward portion, for example. I can eat oikos yogurt all day long! And I used to have the attitude—walk first—in my pjs—then get dressed. It was a sloppy, negative approach. Getting prepared for walking, like I do hiking, is making me think about it completely differently.

  4. I remember feeling the cold was an extra shock when returning from warm vacationing. Way to stay positive, and find alternatives. Dressing for activity is a game changer. Speaking of, you need to get some new t-shoes for working out!! I promise your knees will thank you. You can still love & wear the ones you have for other things, but consider your joints when active. Not picking on your old comfy's, it comes from my decades of high impact pounding. Shoe support makes a huge difference, as does does the right socks. I only wish shoes lasted me that long! Great leggings. My body requires boot cut leggings. I primarily wear them for yoga/working out, all home based now. I hike in jeans, unless going on an official longer hike/walk. Which sadly rarely happens. If so, I wear long tops that I pretend hide too much me. With my foot issues, I live in Oboz hikers and rotate those as they wear down just like I used to do with my beloved Nikes. Lately I go through just shy of two pair a year, even tried new inserts instead of new hikers but it isn't the same. My feet/knees tell me when it's time to get a new pair. Your herd looks great & happy!! Nice choice on the sculpture.

    1. Thanks for the recommendations, I know I need to retire my besties. I have purchased new shoes--many times--but I don't wear them. They collect dust in my closet. I'm pathetic. I really am a Goodwill Influencer because when I like something, I stick with it...forever. I really need to buy stock in Poshmark! .... In fact, I just zipped over and bought 4 stocks in it. LOL. Poshmark is my best friend. Sometimes you don't know how much you love something until you wear it for many years and can't rebuy it. Poshmark! I had this favorite silk shirt from Banana republic--about 2011, and I wore it out! It was ripped, stained--and I continued to wear it on rides for sun protection. I finally had to retire it, but I searched on Poshmark and found 2 of the exact same shirt still with the tags on!! Same with the camo trail tights.

      Now, I did NOT think I'd be a trail tights kind of person, and I resisted it for years. I have some high quality, really cool hiking pants--Prana--that I have loved, but last summer I found myself going to these hiking leggings--time and time again--over my hiking pants. I packed both styles for Sedona, but with all the steep climbing, where you have to really lift your legs up--I started to value the tights. We bushwhacked several times after losing the trail, and the shrubs had long thorny arms that kept catching my tights--they didn't even snag--but I cringed every time I heard it. They're also more comfy around the midriff, without rolling or slipping--they just stay right in place. My pants didn't have a good pocket for my phone--and the tights do. I don't know if they make these in bootcut--it would be smart to do so.

      I do short hikes in jeans, too. I don't feel comfortable wearing jeans on the treadmill, but I have done it many times when I don't feel like going up to change and I just want to get some steps in.

      I had to look up Oboz hikers. They're sweet! I have hiker envy now. And that's crazy that you go through two pair a year!! You put the miles in, girl! Maybe I should expand my thinking and start replacing shoes, too. I might have to go shopping this spring. Shoes are one thing I have to try on first before deciding. Even then, it's always hard to know how they'll feel on hikes. The true test for me is what do I go to the most. It takes me a while to figure that out.

    2. Your jaw will drop when I tell you I've never even heard of Poshmark! But I am totally looking it up. Like you, I fall in love with how something fits and then they change it up drastically - every season. Ugh!! Nike is notorious for this, unless you get into one of their lines. They don't structurally change as often. Ex: Nike Max, if that line is still around. I am retired from the fitness industry after over 25 years, even tho you can't tell by looking at me now. I try not to be the "exercise police" (as my hubby calls me) but my deep rooted opinions slip out. I would have worn workout clothes on your Arizona hikes too, and always do on the treadmill. I have thunder thighs and need something that slips not grips, ha ha! TMI!! I can't read on a treadmill either, I listen to music and let my over active mind wander and sort things out. My left foot has a ruptured tendon and bad sesamoid bone, with a torn ligament so I can't wear Nikes anymore :( or high heals, or flip flops or any fun footwear!! But as my mother says "there are worse things". I wear the low cut Oboz all day long (the foot bed wears out) and rotate with the oldies for barn cleaning etc. Also the mid Winter hikers outdoor seasonally for hiking and barn chores. You absolutely have to try hiker brands on first!! Once you like a brand you are probably okay to stick with it, as they don't change them up as often. I can't do high impact anything or put in a lot of steps, but I can still walk and snowshoe etc. As I age, I try to focus on the things I can still do vs what I can no longer do :)

    3. Now that I own stock in it, LOL..4 stocks...I should do a post of all my Poshmark finds. It’s a fun site. Funds don’t leave your account until the items arrive and you approve the purchase.

      I forgot you were in the fitness industry. That does make you an expert, and you should keep policing our bad decisions! You will be happy to know, I I switched shoes yesterday. After you warned me about my old shoes, I found that my feet were hurting. I may have overlooked that in the past. But I listened to my feet and stopped walking in order to go get one of the new pairs of shoes collecting dust.

      Yes, we have to do what is right for our bodies. That’s why I started yoga a couple years ago. I still love it. There is so much you can do with yoga that helps your body and mind. And it’s a positive experience, much more so than a treadmill and cranking out steps. Even knowing this, I am doing my time on the treadmill because I have found that it helps my stamina on the trail. But I won’t overdo it, and as soon as I can get back outside, that’s where I will be.

    4. I was far from an expert back in my fitness industry days, but I do believe and share things that make solid sense to me. I started by teaching in the stone age, and there are some fundamentals in every occupation that hold true. Treadmills (and other machines) are valuable and allow movement when it is not ideal otherwise. I never knew you were into hiking, and absolutely love that your hubby is also hiking with you!! Brad likes hiking, but has no ACL's in his knees so his hiking is understandably limited. Thanks for the valued chat, and I look forward to reading about more of your adventures out on the trail!


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