Sunday, February 14, 2021

Let's Go Bargain Shopping Cowgirl Style!

I mentioned Poshmark in my last post.  It's an app that specializes in used clothes and accessories. 

I say used, but some of their items are NWT (New With Tags). The beauty of their system is that you don't pay for a thing until you approve the purchase after it is received. My daughter introduced it to me two years ago, and I began to use it to find items I have loved, wanted to restock, but were no longer available.

Some people see Poshmark as a selling opportunity-- a great way to clear out their closets and make money. Others see it as a great way to buy stuff.  

I'll use my recent purchase as an example of how it works. I found this on Poshmark last week.

At the time, it was listed at about $50, but there is a button for "offers," and I always make one. My offer was $35.

Now, the seller has the option to counter your offer, which you might reject.  Or, the seller can accept the offer, at which point, the deal is sealed and set into motion.

This seller accepted my offer, with no counter, and shipped it the next day. Remember, funds don't actually leave your account until you ACCEPT the shipment. If it's not as advertised, you aren't obligated to buy it.

It arrived with this note.

It was like new, so I accepted the item, and funds transferred.

To give you an idea of what this exact same hat sells for right now--$135. So, I saved about $100.

To prepare for this post, I went through Poshmark to see what I could assemble for an outfit I might wear, COWGIRL, boho, chic: jeans, boots, shirt and jacket. (The app allows you to add your sizes so that only items in your size populate the searches).

Here are a few fun items I found, but, of course, there were 100's and 100's of items to view.

Hats:  I love my hats. This Gigi Pip sunhat is gorgeous, and Gigi Pip is one of my favorite companies. It's all female owned and operated. You might remember the Wren Australian wool hat I purchased from them last summer.

You see can see their price is $70, but I'd offer less. Perhaps, $50.

Jeans: I love Miss Me jeans, but most of their styles have too much bling and aren't appropriate for saddle use. But I searched through their listings and found these:

They are new, and I really like them, so I submitted an offer of $40. She accepted immediately. (This post is getting expensive!)

Boots! On to shoes. I loved these Frye booties, and I think they'd go well with jeans.  These are also new, but I'm not in need of new boots--so I didn't make an offer. (whew!)  If I really wanted them, I'd probably offer $110 and see how low she'd go.

I love the thought of a fun vest. This one is new and cute. (again, I resisted)

And this sheepskin / rabbit fur coat is pretty cute, too. (resisted...still resisting...)

I also liked this red leather jacket.

And this vintage (Grizzly Adams) piece was pretty cool!  I liked it with the heart button, and immediately received an offer from the seller with a 10% discount and lower shipping.

This vintage shirt is kind of cute, and is thin enough to go well under jackets. I wouldn't pay $35.  Maybe...$10.00 ?

Besides the jeans, I didn't make offers on any of the items.  I only shared them as a demonstration. I have several pairs of Miss Me jeans, so I know which size fits me. When I shop Poshmark, I try to stay with brands I know.  For example, before I purchased the Scala hat on Poshmark, I hadn't tried one on. A Large seemed appropriate because it's usually my size.  However, at a hat shop in Scottsdale, I found a Scala Large and tried it on, and it was a little tight. The one I received fit the same. So, I'll mist it it with a little water, wear it, and stretch it to my size.  That's the great thing about straw hats, but it also highlights an issue with buying something you haven't tried on. 

I have made offers before that were ignored. Most recently, I made an offer on some of those Eddie Bauer hiking tights. The seller should have accepted my offer, but she didn't. I found them cheaper elsewhere.  C'est la vie. I'm sure she will regret it! ha!

So, that's an introduction to Poshmark.  Just one more fun place to shop and / or SELL your cool stuff.

When I was at that hat shop in Scottsdale, I asked the woman helping us if they had Nevada style hats. (I shared the one I wanted in my hat blogpost last summer) She went back and found the one they had just gotten in--an Atwood (Just like the one at Buckaroo Leather).  

When I placed it on my head she said, oh, you've got to go look at that in the mirror! And she took me back to one.  

Love.  Love.  Love. It was every bit the hat I had dreamed it would be.  Deep crown.  Wide brim. Oh, be still my heart.

Unfortunately, the one they had was too big for me, but she measured my head and told me my size, and later that day I went to the Buckaroo Leather site and ordered the one I shared on this blog last year, with the horse hair stampede strap. I had been eying this hat for years, not months, but I was hesitant to buy a hat without knowing my exact size and trying it on. It will be my new favorite, there's no doubt about it.  I will finally be able to keep the sun off my face AND neck.


  1. Great walk through and Poshmark tips, fun spending your money :)) You have a good eye, and why you always look so stylish!! I can see why thrifty shoppers would like the search & discovery of Poshmark. I dislike any kind of shopping, and only shop when I have to. It is a huge relief to find something that fits well. I usually buy a couple extra and store until replacement is needed. Costs more up front, but it is worth it.

    1. I do the same thing. Sometimes I don’t realize I really like something until too late. I have a camo shirt like that. I purchased it a few years ago from the Buckle. I splashed bleach on it last summer, and that’s when I realized how sad I was to lose it. Oddly enough, I was able to find it again on their website, but that was unusual given the amount of time that had passed. (I bought their last 2). 😄

  2. I’m not a big shopper so didn’t know about Poshmark. Nice that you found a site you really like, you’ve gotten great buys there. You know how to get what you want for a good price. And hey,if you see it and want it I say go for it!😊👍🏻

    1. It can be dangerous staying on there too long, as I found preparing for this post!

  3. Is Poshmark just a US thing? I don't buy from US sites because of all the problems shipping these days.
    I'm a hat person too. That Gigi Pip hat is one I'd wear. The Scala hat is very similar to my church hat.
    I have trouble finding jeans I like! I prefer a higher waist and a 36 leg.... most brands seem to think wimmens have legs only up to 32! Even Wrangler jeans it's tough to find a 36 leg - and I have to try before I buy when it comes to jeans.

    1. Yeah, what’s the deal with short legs? I’m with you about trying on jeans first. It was risky buying the Moss Me jeans, except that I have tried on other pairs. It still doesn’t replace trying on the specific ones. There can be variation.

      This is what their site says: “Poshmark is currently only available in the United States and Canada. This means that you will need a U.S. or Canada billing and shipping address, as well as a U.S. or Canada internet provider (IP) address.“

      I don’t know if you can filter for only Canada sellers.

      Gigi Pip does make a nice hat. I’ve found that I’m an XL in their hats. My Wren is a L, and it’s slowly stretching out.


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