Sunday, February 21, 2021

Fifty Shades of Gray

My husband fixed the treadmill, but yesterday it was still broken, which meant I was forced outside into the cold, dark, grayness of ice and snow. 

You know it's a gray day when every picture looks like this ↓↓↓

My phone camera was like: 

"Ma dear, there's no difference between this color and that, it is all a variation of one color--GRAY. You ask too much of me. I quit."

I was like: "Fair enough, that's why there are photo filters. They turn 20 shades of gray into 50!"

Aha, a little better. 

On my walk. Looking for beauty. Finding it, but not being able to capture it with my cell phone. Not getting enough steps, even though I cleaned stalls, organized the barn, rotated horses in and out, hiked the neighbor's property and our own...but I kept going. Kept walking back and forth to the barn.

It started to change. Subtly. 

the clouds looked just a little thinner. 

Then, there was this.

The great big ball in the sky made an appearance--almost like an eclipse in the way the clouds dulled its rays. It made me want to stare into it. 

And I did. 

And it blinded me.

Here are few shots of my big, golden-hearted sidekick, Loki. His bright spirit always brings sunshine into my life.

Tumbleweed stays out most nights with the herd, but yesterday he snuck into the barn and wouldn't leave. He took over Cowboy's double stall. 

I finally got him out mid-afternoon, but it didn't last long. He wanted back in. 

It made me nervous, so I kept checking on him via camera.

That's Tumbleweed sleeping. (Kind of like reading an ultrasound.)

As he slept, Cowboy stood next door.

About an hour later, I looked again, and Tumbleweed was standing. Cowboy was sleeping.

I love having cameras in the barn. It's the closest I can come to living in there with them.

Next week, we have temps climbing into the upper 40's, and I hope to get some serious time in with the herd.

I started a 5 year journal in 2018. It has 5 spaces for entries for each day--you fill in the year. As you add an entry, your entry from the years previous are above it. I was looking at my entries for last year and apparently, I was out riding the trail everyday!  Crazy!! It must have been before the shutdown, because when it came, our governor had them tape off every trailhead and forbade us from using state parks. It was a heartbreaker, and it still hurts to think about it.

Well, anyway, this year should prove to be much different. Once these shades of gray start to lift, I expect spring, summer, and autumn 2021 will be a great period of renewal. I hope so.

At the very least, my treadmill is working again!  Yippee! 


  1. Your Loki photos brought a great big smile from me. Such a happy face! And I'm sure he thinks grey is a perfect colour!
    Tumbleweed might be like his daddy- Beamer loves small spaces and hidey holes. Very cool that he and Cowboy took turns guarding each other.
    Sunny days are coming!

    1. Yes, I always let Tumbleweed choose to be in or out, and he often chooses to be in a stall. He likes stall life at night. It’s mandatory for Cowboy to come in. It’s often a mad dash for the stalls between the two of them. That day, however, Tumbleweed dashed in during my morning let-out of Cowboy, and he refused to leave until I kicked him out a few hours later. Then back in again. I’m kind of wondering if it isn’t also to do with Cowgirl. Her stall is across. He seems very concerned about her. Perhaps, he wants to add her to his “mare herd.”

      Loki is a gentle giant, always happy. He’s a lover, not a fighter! Haha.

  2. Even the gray pictures look good. Love Loki, he seems like a very happy guy. Spring isn’t too far away so take heart and look forward to the sun and warmer temps.

    1. Today is predicted to be 47. Woot. Woot. It’s still gray, but there are openings in the clouds. My parents are coming up to have lunch before attending a session for a trial treatment my dad might participate in. And I have a follow up tooth appointment. It’s still a little sore and giving me headaches. I’m glad he’s checking it out. I kind of think my jaw is rejecting the bone implant.

  3. Great pics of your fluff ball having fun! Loki is dressed for the weather. Is she a shedder? Tumbleweed was clearly trying to tell you something. Nice how they shared the space. Wishing you Blue Skies & Sunny Days!!

    1. Yep, wolfhounds are shedders. I vacuum a lot. It’s just part of life. I have to groom him a lot, too, and still barely keep up. Currently, his nails are way too long because he cries whenever I clip them. I’m extremely careful, but I’m having to go super slow and trim a little every few days. Riagan, our wolfhound who passed, self-trimmed her nails, and hardly ever needed grooming.

      I hope you get blue skies your way, too!

    2. A house with dog hair and nose smudges on the windows is a home filled with love. I thought my grand dogs shed a lot, until we got Tank. Yellow Labs shed fine hair non stop. They are more than worth it. I said she, and realize Loki is a male -oops- sorry!!

  4. I love your dogs. they are beautiful. I am getting tired of the shades of gray and am feeling the need for spring. Mostly I miss the smell of the earth.

    1. Yes, the earth is closed up right now. Tight. On one of our hikes the other day, we came into a little pocket of pine smell. It was like someone had sprayed “pine” in a room. Both my husband and I smelled it at the same time. Potent. Wonderful. It was the first earth smell we’d experienced here in quite sometime. I was checking out YouTube treadmill walking tours yesterday and one in Sedona had very vibrant bird sound. I had to listen to it for a while, and it made me happy. So I must miss that.


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