Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Beautiful Sedona, Arizona

(My husband and I on Devil's Bridge at Sedona, AZ)

Last year in Sedona, my husband and I loved our trip so much, we made a pact to return every year to jump start our hiking season. After the holidays you can feel a bit poured out and even discouraged when looking ahead to long, hard winters, but a short trip to the beautiful upper Sonoran desert can, hopefully, be the bridge between seasons that keeps us moving.

Who could have known, when we booked our house, secured in January 2020 for Februrary 2021, that Covid would hit in between?  I'm happy I had the foresight to book it way back then, because I know I would not have done it if I hadn't committed to it pre-covid.  And I'm so, so, so happy we followed through.

It was the first time we'd flown since Covid, and there were a lot of changes. The airports weren't as busy.  The planes were less than half full. Everyone wore masks. They seemed to be a bit cleanlier. All of the airport restaurants we saw were closed. And the flight attendants hand you a little baggy as you board--water, snack, napkin.  No frills. I have to say, it was one of the more pleasant flights I've ever had--both ways.

I've dubbed Sedona the perfect Pandemic vacation. You hike the open trails all day, eat at home, and are too exhausted to do anything else. I wear a fitbit, and everyday we were getting 17,000-20,000+ steps and often 120-150 flights of stairs. 

I said that I'd bring back what is beautiful--so I won't bore you with photos of us posing "warrior"-style over and over and over....  Well, maybe the end of this post. 

Starting with the hikes. We did Doe Mt, Birthing Cave, Faye Trail, Chuck wagon Trail to Devil's Bridge (photo at top), Cathedral, Mystic Trail, Little Horse Trail, Sugar Loaf Mt, Teapot, Thunder Mt Trail, Airport Loop, Airport Vortex, ...and various other little excursions or the same ones twice. 

The Birthing Cave.

From the top of Doe Mt. (We also saw a doe on Doe Mt.)

We saw beautiful desert plants, like this agave on Sugarloaf Mt.

And Pointleaf Manzanita near The Teapot.

Juniper was profuse on the trails. This particular specimen was along the Airport Loop.

As was this yucca overlooking Thunder Mt. (The Disney ride is named after Thunder Mt, and apparently, it is often struck by lightening--being the largest mountain around.)

and prickly pear.

Let me digress a moment to an app called "Picture This". I have an annual subscription that allows me to point and click my camera at any plant and it will identify it for me, give lengthy descriptions, and catalog it for future reference. It is simply AMAZING!

Back to the beautiful about a sunset?

And finally, the warrior pose--this one on top of Doe Mt--because, well, we were feeling like warriors.

Sedona had beauty everywhere you look, which made hiking a breeze because we were so mesmerized by the landscape.

But now we're back, and I am happy to be surrounded by the beauty of my horses, dogs, cats...and home.


  1. Glad you had a wonderful time in Sedona. It’s always been one of my absolute favorite places to go. So beautiful! Good to be home too.

    1. It is a special place. It makes hiking easy, that’s for sure. Not that any hike is “easy” since almost every one of them has a steep ascent at the end, but it’s always rewarding once you get there.

  2. Oh such beauty! I absolutely love those desert colours. I'm glad you had such a good and refreshing trip; and ummm did you cut your hair or is it just tied back? (last photo)

    1. Haha. Just pulled back.

      I purchased hand spun yarn there last year called “Canyon.” It is the colors of the desert. I knitted a shawl and wore it while I was there.

  3. Nice that your travel was inspirational. That is a lot of steps, you definitely got your Warrior on!!

    1. Yes, now I’m just trying to figure out how to keep it going with this Arctic blast.

  4. Man, I love Sedona. I haven't had the opportunity to do any of the hikes, but I enjoyed the brief time we had there a few years ago. Jay and I have big plans for hiking this year, and are planning on heading down to AZ, so this will definitely go on our list of places to hike.


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