Thursday, January 28, 2021

A New "Hobby"

A couple months ago, as the days grew shorter and colder, my husband got a little stir crazy and wanted to start a "new hobby."  First, he thought it might be cooking, so he began watching videos--but it didn't click. Then, he thought studying a foreign language, which clicked a little, but wasn't nearly demanding enough for all the extra time and energy he has.  He tried Ukulele, but again, it didn't grab him.

Finally, I reminded him that doing big projects in our house is his real passion and "hobby." And he's so good at it.  

Aha! He said, and after a little thought...

it led to this.

The existing shower came with the house, and he never liked the acrylic shower bottom. And, he loves to tile. So, his winter hobby is building a tile shower, and installing a cast iron (style) tub. The weight of cast iron is over 300lbs dry, so we will probably go with an acrylic tub that looks like cast iron.

This is where he's at with the project one week in.

Which is where I come in. It's my job to choose the tile and paint, and somehow blend it all in with what we left in place AND the art work.

This is the tile I want. (It's also the style of tub I'd like.) There's a lot of variety in the color, which makes it easier to match. It's a little on the light side, but we could frame in the art work to provide a barrier and help blend it in. (The tile art will be installed in the shower, high enough to see over the shower walls from outside.)

However, the tub area is already tiled, and we didn't want to knock it all out. The tile (above) would be going into the enclosed shower. Something like what is below, but with taller 3/4 walls.

The outside, front wall, of the shower will be dry wall, and a continuation of this tile pattern that is throughout the bathroom and, really, our entire house. 

The whole bathroom will get a paint makeover--something along this palette.

Color in Space Villa Palette™--rich & earthy

We're at the part of the project now where we are second guessing ourselves for starting this project at all! It always happens when we get into the middle of it and realize how tricky this or that part of it is.  It's a bit overwhelming. But anyway, it's not my hobby! And it's keeping the man busy. I hope he finishes by spring, because I have another project hobby for him...


  1. Love that horse tile! I would actually like to try my hand at making tile.
    The color that stood out for me is the bottom row, second from the left.
    We have an original cast iron tub in our bathroom and I can attest to how heavy they are!

    1. No doubt they are! The space where it goes had a double person jetted tub when we bought the house, but all it did was collect dust. It took too long to fill it up, and I don't enjoy cold baths. It probably weighed about the same, dry, but it was spread out over a bigger area. I assume they build that space to handle the weight, but I'd hate to be taking bath and fall through the floor to the living room.

      Yes, make some custom tile!

  2. He is very talented! Brett goes stir crazy and needs a project as well but would never tackle a bathroom remodel. He hates tile work. Hats off to your husband! I love that tub...

    1. You guys are always doing something amazing at your place. It’s fun to watch. Your projects are always above and beyond.

  3. Wow, that is big project! Kudos to your hubby. I think remodeling is harder than building from scratch, considering the tearing down and existing parameters. It will be well worth the hard work and displacement, especially when bathtub soaking!! I love the mental escape that hot showers/baths offer. I looked the tile/sculpture artist up after your last post. Love her style, and bookmarked her website. Thanks for sharing it!!

    1. I agree that remodeling is harder, especially when you’re wanting to keep most of the elements and blend it all in. And I’m not at all sure this will work, but we figure we will try, and worse case scenario, we tear out more when we’re done, and just keep going. I’m glad you went to her site. I plan to buy more of her jointed horses. They are amazing!

  4. Love the horse tile! Gorgeous. Also like the claw foot tubs. It's going to look great when it's done.

    1. Thanks! I don’t know which tub we will go with yet, but any of the styles should look beautiful in that space. Although, we are limited to 60” and smaller.


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