Monday, August 17, 2020

A Baby, An Injury, A Stellar Report, And a New Hat

Good news first! Cowgirl is confirmed in foal. That's really rather miraculous, since she's a 16 year old maiden mare. When we said we were breeding her, we got no end of comments about others who tried the same thing and failed. So, we had very low expectations for a successful breeding and were happily surprised.

Unfortunately, just a couple of days before this ultrasound, Beautiful Girl kicked Cowgirl in a fighting match and damaged her back leg. She is now on stall rest, for who knows how long.  Tendons can take forever to heal. 

Beautiful Girl certainly has presented a dilemma for me.  She has the tendency to go to the ropes--to the death--to enforce order.  It has caused many an injury in my herd.  On the other hand, she does teach them manners.  But she also keeps them on a high alert and disturbs the peace of the herd.  I go back and forth about what to think about it.  There are definitely positives and negatives.  

BG LOVES Foxy Mama, and she wants Foxy to be the undisputed herd leader.  When we brought Cowgirl back from training, Cowgirl was determined to be the herd leader again. Well, that didn't sit well with BG. So. Much. Drama.  

Now that Cowgirl's out of the herd, BG turned her attention to keeping every other horse away from Foxy--including Tummy, Aka Tumbleweed.  That has been a blessing for me, because he is lonely and needing a friend--me.


Other good news.  My farrier came to take off Tummy’s shoes, and Cowgirl's, since she won't be on the trails anytime soon.  

He was duly impressed with Tums.  He said, "If your horse stays like this, you're going to have quite a horse." He said I have beauty and brains in Tumbleweed--and calm.  Besides breeding, and early handling by Shirley, I credit that to my trainer bringing out the best in him.  And, Beautiful Girl--for knocking him off his perch a bit. And maybe, too, maturity AND the heat we've been under.

Regarding his nickname--Tummy, Tommy, or Tum Tum, we find ourselves shortening his name to some version of this.  I always called him "The baby".  When I go out there, he will see me and come walking fast or running to me.  I always greeted him with a, "Hi baby."  But my trainer didn't like me referring to him--or more the case--thinking of him, and treating him, as a "baby" anymore.  She really encouraged me to think of him, and treat him, as a full grown horse--and raise my expectations accordingly.  My beloved grandfather was always called Tommy, and the name may settle towards that. 

So, I have removed "baby" from my vocabulary, and it is helping me shift my image of him.  Either that, or he's just looking, and acting, less like a baby.  We may never know which came first. 

In any case, the two of us continue to develop a strong bond for one another. That's the beauty of raising a horse from baby to adult.  You grow a relationship through good times and bad, and as the horse matures--you see all the paths converging into one--your heart horse.


Hats.  I have a thing for hats.  You will rarely see me without one, and if you do, I won't be very happy.  Boots and hats are my passion.  My current hat, that you've seen in almost every photo of me for the last two years, has been through a lot.  Most recently, our wolfhound Piper got it and tore off the band on the outside and inside of the hat.  I fixed it, but it left me thinking I need to find my next great one.

I had been looking at Gigi Pip hats for a while, but didn't buy one, until today.  Their natural colored "wren" sold out on their website, and I was able to find it elsewhere, so I figured I better pull the trigger before it's gone. 

I hate buying hats without trying them on first, but that's kind of the way with hats.  We don't have any hat shops in our city, and the small selections some stores do have rarely carry the type and style I like.  This hat will not be a riding one--because the color is just too light to stand up to the dirty hands that would be touching it.  My dirty hands.

So, I'm looking at this one from Buckaroo Leather.  4" brim, 4" crown--leather band. Made in the USA.

The Palm Leaf Vaquero hat with horse hair strap looks more like a working one.  Unfortunately, it only has one review on their site.  Do any of you have thoughts, or experience, with this hat?  Do you have recommendations for any others, in this style?