Thursday, June 4, 2020

Tumbleweed Left for Kindergarten--Or is it Reform School?

There was a sitcom in the 90's called Dinosaurs, and the baby of the family would always say, "Not the mama," when anyone went to pick him up or console him.  That sums up Tumbleweed very well, too.  From the time I started to visit him in Canada until now, he has always had a real, "Not the mama" vibe about him.  He was like you're good for butt-scratching....but NOT the mama.

When I got him home, Foxy was more than happy to continue on with him in that fashion--stepping right into the mama role.  I was able to chip my way into it, too, through feeding and caretaking.  Whenever I go out, he will come running to me, and he loves to have me pet on him.  But the farrier...."NOT the mama!"

So, of all horses, Tumbleweed is probably the best candidate for being sent away and learning to get along with another person, without the help of the herd.  Of course, it was hard for me--the human mama--to part with him, but the 2 1/2 hour road trip went great--he had Cowgirl in the trailer with him--and when I left him in his box stall, two down from Cowgirl, he seemed quite content to eat his hay and relax.

Apparently, after I left, things got dicey, and he had a rough two nights.  The trainer definitely got the "NOT THE MAMA!" treatment on their first day together.  I assured her he would be in her pocket once he warms up to her--probably, too much in her pocket.  One of my biggest problems with T'weed is making him respect my space.  He thinks we need to be glued at the hip most of the time, and the trainer will ask him to respect her space.

She wrote yesterday to say they had a better day and he calmed down in his stall.  As I said, he has Cowgirl there, so it's not even a completely cold drop-off.  My trainer says Cowgirl is acting like a perfectly dignified student.  LOL.  Smarty pants!

It will be a long, interesting month.  I pray he settles, does well, and learns all the things a working, nice-mannered horse knows, and comes back to me an angel!

In the meantime, Beautiful Girl was literally terrorizing T'weed and Leah, and she injured Leah, so I removed her from the herd. I'm not sure what dynamic was at play, but she took to Tumbleweed, and there seemed to be some weird power struggle and mating dance going on.  If he didn't mount her, she'd start kicking out at him, then run him off, bring him back, repeat.  To Leah, she'd keep her away from the herd and run her into objects.  After I had her out of the herd for a few days, I put her back in, only to see her run into their midst and start kicking and squealing and making them all run in different directions.  So, she's back in jail,the herd is much happier and relaxed, and we're working on At Liberty, which she loves.

I've had a few rides with the granddaughters and daughter--which helps, too.

On another note, regarding underwear--that old post on panties--Gray Horse suggested Duluth undies, and I"m here to tell you, she was right.  I bought lots of different brands, but found myself going for the Duluth everyday.  I went on a spending spree and bought a lifetime supply.

I also had a recommendation for Bomba socks, which I took, and found that Bombas are candy for the feet. They guarantee their socks for life, even if you lose one to the sock monster. They donate a pair to charity for every pair you buy, but I'm not sure if they donate Bombas or just some other kind of sock.  But they are comfortable, and I didn't buy them for that reason.


  1. It's always tough for the babies when they find out they have to join the adult world. He will be fine! And I hope he learns lots and is a good student.
    I will have to check out the Duluth undies!

    1. She consoled me and told me it’s not uncommon for the babies to get separation anxiety. She reminded me that to be a good trail horse, he has to learn to be okay with that. She’s right. I told her it really does feel like dropping of your baby at kindergarten. 😭 I saw a meme, and I think I shared it on the blog, where a mom is pulling away from her horses in the pasture and she waves and says, “Make good choices!” That sums it up.

  2. I think Tumbleweed will be just fine and come back to you more grown up than when he left. You will definitely miss each other. But like my mother always told me "It's for your own good"! I really didn't think so but she turned out to be right. Hang in there it won't be that long.

    Glad you like your undies. I find them comfy too.

    1. No doubt, he will be a different horse at the end of the month. He has never had to be alone, and now he’s in a box stall when he’s not working. That will force him to self-console. The trainer works 6 days a week and they’re all taken out as soon as she arrives and put back in their stalls at the end of the day. So, all day they’re doing something, even if it’s just standing tied watching her train the others. A lot of time to learn patience and develop self-control. He was a sponge when he left, so I’m sure he’s soaking it all up.

  3. It is tough (love) leaving our babies in others care. I remember the feeling well, with mixed emotions. It changes them, and they grow apart from us. Which is why we send our horses in the first place, to help them mature and give them the best possible future. Even if it is hard. It all comes full circle and settles. It will be fun to see how Tumbleweed develops. He is going to be a shining star!!! Oh, and your undie update made me smile :))

    1. Here I am on the other side of it. He learned a lot, but didn’t change much! He’s as sweet as ever.


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