Sunday, May 17, 2020

Tumbleweed Turns Two


Tumbleweed turned 2 yesterday, and we celebrated by doing a spa session--The Masterson Method.


It was my first with T'weed, and he had a lot of dramatic releases.  He wasn't sure about the neck and poll work--I think he felt confined--but he definitely benefited from it.  And when he finally realized I was softening to his brace, he relaxed into the stretches.

Also, there was a lot going on at the time.  My husband was working on a project and doing a lot of banging. T'weed could hear him, but not see him, so we paused and went over to look at the boogey man.  I called my husband over to pet and reassure him.

Anyway, back to turning TWO--

Time flew by.

Remember the days when I was driving to Canada to see this angel at Shirley's place--her blog is Ride A Good Horse.  We had been long-time blogging friends, and I had admired all the babies her stallion, Beamer, was producing--and then this wonderful opportunity came up a the exact perfect time!!  It was quite an adventure!!

I loved every one of those early trips to see my new baby and Shirley and her herd.

And he has grown into a gorgeous colt with a lot of personality.

Not surprising, considering how beautiful his mama and papa are.

He's two though, and that means there are days where he's golden, and days where he can be a stinker. He's definitely an in-betweener--not yet mature--but crazy curious and an absolute sponge for learning.

We have a long way to go on this road together.

Happy birthday, Tumbleweed!


  1. Oh that 2 yr old year is a lot of fun! They learn new things and try your patience, and warm your heart at the same time.
    He is just as beautiful as I figured he would be!

    1. Yeah, they’re still babies, but in big bodies. Kind of like teenagers. 😂 You produced a looker, that’s for sure!

  2. He's growing into a beautiful horse with great training. I just love him.

  3. Happy Birthday to a sweet handsome boy! What a looker and he's come so far in his training too.


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