Saturday, September 7, 2019

A Good Ride, Homemade Salsa, & Rhubarb Cake & Cocktails!

I got a good ride in with Leah, despite the fact her eye looks white and buggy in the above photo. I had asked her to back down the hill to get in position for the picture, and I think she was afraid she'd fall off.

It's a familiar trail for her, so it's tough to know if the work ahead of time made a big difference.

Since she led out on a loose rein the entire way, I assume it did make a difference.  She was also MUCH more careful where she put her feet and how she navigated down steep, loose dirt hills.  I credit the ride from the day before for that.  Therefore, something valuable was gained.

We will be going on a ride tomorrow to an unfamiliar spot, and I think she's ready to be a good partner.


One of my friends grows tomatoes, but doesn't like them, so she donated them to me, and I made this lovely hot salsa last night.  Lots of jalapenos, onion, cilantro, and tomatoes with chipotle pepper and smoked salt.  It was yummy.

It's the end of the summer--and guess what that means?

When we had my daughter's wedding here a few years ago, in late August, we decorated with old mason jars and sunflowers.  I still have a few left, and as I was cleaning the kitchen I came across them...and thought---I NEED SUNFLOWERS!  

And Voila!

And, another friend gave me 2 pounds of her rhubarb, so I made a cake that my mom used to make for us.  She has baked this recipe for over 50 years, and she got the recipe from a woman who was very old and had used it for many years herself.  It's quite delicious.  We had it last night with a little whip cream over the top.

I still had rhubarb left, so I boiled some in a simple syrup for rhubarb mojitos.

And, here's the cocktail.  It's not as tart as I'd like it, so I added some of the boiled down rhubarb that had been strained out.  In the future, I may try to double the rhubarb in the recipe. 

If you'd like to try this cocktail, here is the recipe.



  1. Glad to hear you and Leah had a good ride. I'm sure the extra work paid off. I was so happy to see you wearing a helmet, I was worried about you the other day when you had a dicey ride with her.

    Love the sunflowers! They always make their surroundings look so happy.

    We're overloaded with tomatoes too. There's only so many you can eat. The salsa sounds good.

    Have a good ride tomorrow!

    1. Ha! I had a helmet on that day, too, but I really needed body armor and springs. Lol. Lucky you with tomatoes! I forgot to say I also added lime to the salsa. My brother in law cans a smoked salsa that is fantastic. He somehow uses his Traeger smoker. We have a Traeger, so I need to experiment! I’m not a canner though. I do own canning equipment from a time I made marmalade with my daughter. That lasted us a long time...and we didn’t we must have done it right. 😂

  2. I’m glad that Leah was better. Rhubarb does not agree with me, which is too bad because I like the taste tartness

    1. This cake is so good, my husband can’t stop eating it. Me too. I’ll never make it again unless I have a gazillion people here to save us from ourselves!!

  3. Sounds like Leah is the type that does better with consistent riding. Hope you have a wonderful ride in her today and you are both in tune with each other.
    I have a plethora of tomatoes this year, but also have tomato fruit worms so will have to throw a bunch of them out. They just aren't ripening and I think the frost will be coming soon. I plan on a batch of green tomato mincemeat and will probably take a lot of them to our church for their soup kitchen.
    The rhubarb cake sounds good, those old recipes are the best.

    1. Yeah, Leah is low in the herd and they treat her kind of mean. I think she’s sensitive and feels rejected when I’m not interacting with her regularly like I do the geldings.

      Sorry about your tomatoes. Hopefully, you still got enough to ripen. I haven’t heard of green tomato mincemeat. You’ll have to share that.


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