Friday, August 30, 2019

Tumbleweed Progress, A UPF 50+ Shirt, A Screwed up Back, and Amazing Panties

As we enter September (I can't believe the year has passed so fast!) I started to wonder how many days I have trained or ridden my horses. (I didn't feel like it was very much)  Luckily, I started keeping a 5 year journal in January.  You write a little about each day in 2019, and then there are 4 other empty spaces for the same day underneath that.  In 2020, I'll be able to reflect on any given day, and and see what was happening the year before--and so on for 2021-2024.  Pretty cool. 

So, I counted up the days riding and/or training, and it's a whopping 70.  Not as good as last year, but not bad either.  I beat the heat by riding trails in the mornings, rotating between Cowboy and Leah.  And, I did a clinic and a couple of lessons with Tumbleweed.  I've also trailered him to the obstacle course a few times.

I'm really not sweating it with T'weed because I know I'm sending him to my trainer next summer and then the following summer from that. I feel like my only real objective is to bond and earn his respect.  The winter clinics will be happening next door, so I'll be taking him to those with, probably Leah.  He'll have plenty to do.

In truth, the real work is being done by Foxy, who is teaching him how to stay safe and be brave and smart.  She is the BEST role model and protector for him.  I owe her big.  She is a horse who does her job and loves people, too.

And Tweed is really starting to emulate her. Hooray!

He's starting to be an in-your-pocket kind of guy.  Not real emotional, but more people-seeking than  he used to be. 

Sweet Penny.  Such a lover girl.  

Back to Tumbleweed.  My farrier always assesses him when he's here trimming.  He likes his high pasterns, his steep hip, the shape of his hooves, and even that he's just a wee bit cow-hocked--which will change as he fills out.   His body is all over the place growing, but for a man who doesn't get impressed very often, he seems impressed with Tumbleweed.  Shirley can pat herself on the back for that one.

Not much else going on here.  I hurt my back sleeping on my husband's chest. He woke up suddenly and tweaked my neck.  It pulled something all the way down my back.  I was rather crippled for a few days and in such pain.  On the fourth day, I was pissed as hell, thinking what BS, ONE that my "injury" was from sleeping, rather than riding horses, and TWO, that resting was helping ZERO percent.  So, I asked my husband to saddle Cowboy, and a friend met me for an easy ride.  I felt almost back to normal afterward!!  But I wasn't out of the woods.  I'm still not, but it's much, much better than a week ago.  My brother is a PT, and he showed me some yoga stretches that have helped. 

Another item I want to blog about is sun protection on the trail.  We're out there for hours and that is not good for my/our skin. I wear a large brimmed hat, lots of sunscreen, and I've added a UPF 50+ Eddie Bauer "Departure" Long-sleeved shirt. 

I'm really impressed with the way it breathes--even on hot days. It's a slim fitting, tailored shirt with sturdy metal buttons.  I liked it so much, I bought three--and they're almost sold out.  But then I found more of them, in new colors, and I ordered four more.  UNFORTUNATELY, like my previous panty peeve--they changed this shirt up!!  It is no longer slim fit and they have plastic buttons!  So I may send the last four shirts back.

Why do companies do this??  To save money?

Well, anyway, I have my three that I like, and they are a great riding and hiking shirt.

Speaking of panties, I finally found a panty I like at Nordstrom.  They're not cheap, but they are pretty awesome. Chantelle, a French, stretchy, no-seam wonder.  3/$48.  They're a one size fits all, which I was skeptical about, but to my surprise, they are comfy.  I'm sure they'll do something to ruin these, too.  LOL.  So, you better hurry if you want any. 

Well, that's about all that's going on here.  Sorry to be so darn boring!  Happy trails!!


  1. That will teach you to snuggle! 😁
    I like how you are not in a hurry with Tumbleweed. It will pay off. And I love that shirt. Too bad they changed it. I wonder if LL Bean would have something?

    1. Who knew snuggling was such a dangerous sport?!? I live life on the edge! Yes, it is very bad that they changed the shirt style. I am sure they did it to save money. The reviews are starting to pour in about it and customers are not happy. So, they may need to renew their thinking--raise the price if they need to. LL BEAN might have something, but it's the tailoring and breath-ability that I like so much on this one. I'll keep looking though. If you can find one, they're great.

  2. Man, I was so excited to read about the underwear you found, but there's no way I can bring myself to spend that much. After my recent rides though, I'm on the hunt for seamless and better fitting. So much chafing!

    I should probably buy some UPF shirts too. Something that covers my upper chest. My skin is starting to look old. Have you seen the stuff you can wash into your clothes to make it sun-proof? It looks like a Rit dye box. Called Sun Guard, or maybe SunGard? I think. I bought a bunch like 3 years ago and haven't used it yet... I quit using sunscreen this year and my skin hasn't had any bad sun reactions. Turns out maybe I'm reacting to the sunscreen, not the sun. If I absolutely need it, I will use a mineral sunscreen, but that's rare. I guess I ride in the trees a lot.

    I'm so glad Tumbleweed is turning out so well. What an adventure you have ahead! It's fun to know you have your whole lives ahead of you. After all these years since Tonka was gone I'm really getting excited about Buster. I can't believe it took so long to find another special one. I hope we both keep riding for many, many years. :)

    That sucks about your back! Keep up the therapeutic riding. :)

    1. Good luck find the undies. I spent so much money buying uncomfortable ones that I am now throwing away, I wasn't too concerned at the price for buying ones I love. I mean, I was concerned--but I was also desperate. Hopefully, they're made to last a while, or I'll be bummed.

      I didn't know that about SunGuard, but another issue is the way it breathes and feels on a super hot day, and this one actually feels good on your skin. I've ridden in western shirts, and it is much better than those. So, it has it all going for it. Actually, before I got this shirt, I rode in a silk, Banana Republic Camp shirt. I wore it to threads and threw it away, but last week I got on Poshmark and found another. It's super breathey in summer, too. I don't know what it's UPF is. The older you get, the more you care. LOL.

      I've been watching you and Buster on Facebook. What a sweetie. I think he could take you into your old age.

  3. Tumbleweed is a handsome guy and Foxy is just the best. It's great he has such a great teacher and role model.

    Sorry to hear about your back. That's no fun. I have no idea what I did to mine but it's been wracked for about three weeks now. Hope we both feel better soon. Glad you got out on the trails though.

    As for comfy shirts and undies...have you ever tried Duluth for women. Great stuff we wear the shirts all the time and the undies are comfy too! Look them up when you get a chance.

    1. I went into my first Duluth a couple months ago and bought the prettiest, most comfortable, Keene shoes. I’ve lived in them this summer. They don’t look like most Keens—they’re the Kaci Ana, and I just googled them and found them half price and ordered another 2 pairs for next year! They were at Backcountry. But back to Duluth, we purchased their man panties 🤣 for the hubby. He likes them, but unlike me, he doesn’t want to pay the high price. I didn’t get any for me. I saw their clothes, but didn’t look that closely and at that time, I wasn’t looking for a shirt with sun protection. I will have to look again!

    2. Husband did purchase two pair that day—I am referring to future purchasing. But I just spoke to him, and he has changed his mind and wants more. 🤣

    3. I forgot to mention your back! I was doing my yoga and that part of your comment popped into my mind!! I will share the stretches I’m doing in a post. Maybe they will help you, too. It’s so frustrating to have pain over seemingly senseless issues. You expect to get hurt doing big things, but not just normal living. 😔 Get well.

  4. Would love to see a video of T'weed! Those photos are just teasers! But I get it that he is in a gawky phase right now. Tell your farrier thanks for the compliments :0)
    Have you heard of Air Conditioned shirts? Lots of barrel racers are wearing them thanks to their sponsor ship. Here is a link to their website
    Seamless panties? Would love to find some!

    1. I hadn’t ever heard of those, but same concept. Really cool colors in their line. I’m a newbie to UPF shirts. The air conditioned ones you shared appear to be 100% protection.

      A video? 😂 I can do that. It’s about time to make one. I couldn’t believe how far Drifter has come. He’s much bigger and bulkier than Mr Tweed. What are you feeding?!?

    2. Grass hay! No supplements, in fact I've been out of mineral for about a month. He is going to mature at 16 hands, so that accounts for the size difference.


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