Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Results Are In on the "Voodoo" Face Creams

It's too hot to ride, so I put Cowboy in a stall, to keep his pretty bald face from getting sunburned, and I'm holed up inside--with the air conditioning working overtime.  This reminds me a bit of winter--when it was too cold out to do anything.

Since there's nothing really horse-related, this is a good time to do an update on the face creams I started trying out in the post "New Bras and Other Non-Horsey Stuff."  Face care has become a huge priority now that I'm 52, and I read about, think about, and TALK about it with my friends.

Well, one of my very honest, and hilarious friends, who is 61 and way past me in all this, told me right after I wrote that post,... point blank--

"Creams don't work."

She went on to tell me what DOES work, but we won't go there with this post.  Did I believe her?  Well, I was 50/50...maybe she didn't try the RIGHT cream.

I mentioned in the first post that I was taking photos of my face every week, in the same spots (to avoid lighting differences), and then comparing them to one another, in order to see if I could detect a difference.  I began taking the photos on June 12th.

Well, my friend was right. As of 6 weeks in, creams do not appear to make a big difference.

Don't get me wrong, moisturizing versus non-moisturizing makes a huge difference.  But, of course, good old Dermatologist recommended, cheap Eucerin for the face, can do that.  Exfoliating dead skin cells makes a huge difference, but Aveeno scrub for the face and muslin cloths can help with that.   Taking your makeup off at night and moisturizing before bed helps--but any cheap makeup remover and moisturizer will do, rather than the $50 version I bought.  Minimizing pores makes a difference, but multiple daily spritzes with rose water can do that.  Minimizing age spots makes a difference, but gradual face tanners and tinted BB creams can help with that.

So, sorry to report, but there is no miracle in a bottle.  Are you surprised?  The good news...you can save yourself a lot of money, by not having to buy the latest goo-goo gadget.

I will say this about the creams: I enjoy using them, despite their ineffectiveness.  I think it is making me more aware of other things--like the importance of drinking water, continuing yoga (especially my time in savasana), happiness/optimism/gratitude and the way those emotions can change your face--less worry and frowning lines, and time spent at the computer or looking down at my phone, because it turns out, looking down at your phone a lot can create vertical neck lines. Lastly, the value of maximum sunscreen to protect your skin.  Well, and the all-important SMILE, but we covered that in the first post.

Have any of you seen better results with a cream?  This is by no means a scientific test, so I'm open to contradictory evidence.

A couple things to end with today--non-horsey moments.

1.  My annual picture with the kids at our little family reunion at the lake, further proof that happiness really does make you glow. (Yes, that's me glowing in the middle.)

and 2. Huckleberry picking yesterday with my husband and brother and SIL.

We had a FABULOUS 5 mile hike, and we harvested 1/2 cup of berries.  Of course, we ate a few along the way, too.  That was all of our first time hunting berries, that we could remember anyway, and none of us knew what a huckleberry bush even looked like, until we finally saw our first berry.

As I was closing my eyes to sleep last night, that's all I could see were huckleberry bushes.  I'm addicted to the hunt now!  Watch out huckleberries!


  1. I am not surprised that expensive creams do not work. But you had to try! It is hot here but not at the level it is in the U.S. (at least not here where we have the ocean to cool the air off).

    1. Lucky you! We had a huge lightning storm last night and cooler air blew in. So, if there ever is a true “anti-wrinkle” cream, it would have to be something like a cream version of Botox, which I read they are actually working on. But I imagine it would be applied only by medical professionals, should they develop such a product.

  2. I have tried various different creams over the years and am currently using products developed by a Vancouver dermatologist. It's called Riversol if you care to look it up. Have only been using it for about a month so am reserving judgement for a while.
    Huckleberries- my favourite! Best jam ever, and I have a recipe for Huckleberry cream pie that is totally decadent.

    1. I'm curious to hear the results of Riversol. So, I went back to my old routine yesterday, and off to pick huckleberries for the day, and I found that my skin dried out much faster than when I used the Olay Regenerist. I'm thinking, whatever they put in the Regenerist, it stays in the skin longer, and that is a definite PLUS.

      We found more huckleberries yesterday--lots more! I made a sauce and had them over cheesecake. Next week, I hope to go again, if possible, and harvest some thimbleberries, too. But huckleberries are the caviar of the forest--decadent, for sure!!

  3. I've also tried the creams and they don't work. It's good to moisturize and wear sunscreen, which I usually forget before I go out. So it is what it is. As we age and the years fly by faster and faster it's just better to adopt a good attitude towards how we look. As of today, which is my birthday, I'm tipping the years at 68 and sure I've got a few wrinkles here and there but I figure my face is just a map of my life. Good times, smiles, laughter, squinting in the sun watching the horses, some frowns to go along with it all. Luckily wrinkles don't hurt. The main thing is to be the best you can and have a lot of fun along the way, so when the end comes you can say "WooHoo what a ride!"

    1. Yes, our wrinkles do tell a tell--not always a good one though. I can see too much worry in my brow. Also, the effects of too much time in front of a computer. My desk job of the last six years didn't help. But ah well, I hope the next phase of life brings love, joy, happiness, relaxation, passion wrinkles, because that's how I feel now. Blessed. Blessing wrinkles. :)

  4. IMO, certain ingredients do work to a certain degree. Not miracles, because it's either in your DNA or it's not. The most common reason most creams etc don't work is fillers. They may only have a smidge of whatever the latest and greatest over pitched ingredient is. So yes, the inexpensive versions often get the job done just as well. Sometimes less stuff in a product (or anything for that matter) is more. However, I would miss my Origins creams. I love how they feel on my face, and smell. I can tell when I forget to apply them. As far as wrinkles, they are earned. I am keeping mine.

    1. I'm learning to love my creams, too. I use Regenerist and the rose stem cell cream. On days I don't use it, my face dries out quicker. And, they smell good.


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