Monday, June 24, 2019

Yes, You Can Teach An Old Human, and Her Mustang, New Tricks

(Beautiful Girl, at the start of our journey, 2008)

I like to think 
it was some great, 
gravitational pull, 
two spirits, 
in proximity, 
drawn closer, 
meant to be 
I mean, 
why this one, 
not that one? 
You can feel 
the magnetic draw 
between two 
celestial bodies; 
what is that, 
if not destiny?

My husband is what we jokingly call a pathological optimist--he only sees one path--and that is the path of success. It's a great characteristic, because he believes he can do anything.  Projects always cost more, last longer, and have all kinds of surprises, but he gets them done.  If he were to see all the other paths, he'd procrastinate and never start a job.  Instead, he jumps full force into it.  I love that about him.

Unlike him, I see many paths, failure and success, but I always think there's a way to get to the path of success.  Like my last post on wrinkles.  I'm okay with aging and wrinkles, and I don't think I'm going to stop that process (wouldn't want to), but I'm willing to search for ways to make the natural process a healthier one, even a more beautiful one.

More to the point, Beautiful Girl.  I get that she bucks, and I think that her reactivity will always be in there, but I just can't give up on making our journey a more beautiful one.  I contacted the first trainer who helped me with Leah-- Regina.  She is one of the best I know.  Hands down.  She has taught lessons for at least thirty years.  She has run the pony club and youth 4H clubs.  She's highly respected and sought after. And she is a stickler at finding the holes--a MUST when training kids and horses together.

I messaged her to set up a lesson for me and Beautiful Girl.  She knows a little about her because I had wanted to start lessons with her and BG years ago, but I was unsure about loading her back then.  We talked a lot about her, but she hasn't had an update in four years.  A lot has happened.

My message: I'll tell  you all about her then (Friday). We've had some "interesting" things occur in our journey.

Regina: They are a lot of fun that way. They certainly show you what they understand and what they don't. I look forward to meeting her.

Thus, a new journey begins.

Can you teach what is now an older mustang new tricks?  I have to believe yes.

In January this year, one of my resolutions was to memorize the music I play.  Here I was 51, and trying to commit long complicated pieces to memory--could it be done?  Well, since then I have memorized Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen,  Alla Turca by Mozart, Fantasy in D Minor (Mozart), most of the Venetian Boat Song (Mendelssohn), and I'm part way through Mozart's Sonata K545. I've also memorized some of my own songs, which I previously could only play from my manuscripts.

So yes, I'd say you can teach an old mustang, and human, NEW tricks!


I want to give a shout out to horse daughters. I have a gazillion riding buddies, but when push comes to shove, it is always my daughter who is there to ride with me.  I so love my daughter.  She and I are riding this afternoon when she gets off work.

Cowgirl is her horse.  She bought her and has paid her way from day one.  Cowgirl had a mystery lameness about four days ago.  We brought her in, couldn't find heat or swelling, so we soaked her for an abscess, had the farrier come out and hoof test.  Nothing.  Then it went away.  So, we'll see what that's about today.  Hoping it doesn't reappear.

I am so thankful to have a horse daughter.  I have high hopes for my horse granddaughters, too.


  1. I am more like you, and Brad is more like your hubby. I think it's somewhat gender related? Kudos to you for memorizing any music, let alone long complicated pieces. Nothing short of impressive!! I believe it's never too late to learn new things, unless physically contradicting - and even then there are usually modifications. You are fortunate to have many riding buddies, and a daughter that shares your love of horses!! Hope Cowgirl is sound, so you all enjoy your mother-daughter ride!!

    1. Ha! I don't know about it being gender related--maybe more men have it than women, but I've known my share of men who procrastinate or just don't jump in and do projects at all. I think we're just both very lucky to have pathological optimists in our lives--though it does have its drawbacks, too. LOL. I won't get into those.

      Yes, I am fortunate, but with all my riding buddies, it's still hard to get our schedules together. Seems like I'm always saying no or they are. My daughter is the gift that keeps on giving. I hope Cowgirl stays sound, too. Mystery lamenesses suck, but I don't sweat them much anymore. I've seen far too many resolve with a little stall rest. I'm such a minimalist anymore. Fingers crossed hers is resolved! Thank you for the good wishes!!

  2. It's refreshing to have optimists around. I often fall into the trap of indecisiveness and overwhelm when there are too many options/possible outcomes.

    1. Optimists are great, until they optimize you into a dangerous situation. Lol. Cautious optimists are the best! It takes both to balance each other out and keep the world spinning.

  3. We have the opposite in our house. I'm the optimist and my husband is NOT. He's the glass is half empty guy and I'm the glass is half full type. We're a good match though and compliment each other I believe.

    I'm fortunate to have a very talented horse daughter who has been riding since she's five and a student of the horse her whole life. She's a wonderful trainer too and is helping me with transitioning Rosie from Western to English at the moment. We ride every weekend when she's home from work.

    I believe you and Beautiful will sort it all out eventually. I hope you and the trainer will have huge breakthroughs! Have a great ride with your daughter.

    1. Yes, an optimist definitely needs a balance. You are so fortunate with your daughter! Lucky. Blessed. I think this will be a great opportunity with Beautiful. I’ll learn so much more about her and gather some extra tools, too. I can’t wait to get started!!

  4. I tend to be more optimistic than not. Otherwise Carmen would have been sold a long time ago. I think you need both- the one who says 'let's go!' and the one who says 'wait a minute'. :)

    1. I agree. It makes a good balance. Yes, you were optimistic with Carmen, and you also put in the work and reached out for help. I think you sensed that she was capable of more and you didn’t give up.

  5. My husband starts many projects and some get finished. The others get done in "Ted time" namely when he feels it needs to be done! But he always does a good job. Me, I procrastinate. And prioritize. Funny mix.
    I am interested in reading about the new journey for BG! A different perspective may be just the thing to figure her out.

    1. Yes, she will get that different perspective someday. A little today, but only in reference. My trainer thinks that there are ways to see if they’re okay without pushing them to DEFCON mode. I explained to her how stoic she is. She wants to meet her. Soon. Today wasn’t the day though. Today turned out to be Tweed’s day. Yay!


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