Friday, June 21, 2019

New Bras and Other Non-Horsey Stuff

Yes, I finally got a "bra-fitting"--more on that after a little horsey / puppy update:

Puppies can be exhausting!  Mine has certainly taken away from my horse time.  And to top it off, the weather changed and got cold on us.  The horses are all fat--too fat--and have to be taken on and off pasture, but the cold temperatures have made it even worse for grazing.  I think I'll just make my life easy and keep them all in until the pastures are mowed and the weather is consistently hot.

Remember when you'd dream of just putting horses out on lush pastures and letting them be?!?  What a fantasy that is!  I'll put that one right up there with my barn fantasy.  The truth of the matter is, most horses can't be on pasture all day (although, I am going to have my grass analyzed because I read an interesting article by Pat Ramey on this topic) and horses prefer loafing sheds to stalls in barns any day of the week (well, at least most horses--all my geldings seem to prefer stalls--but I think it's because they want protection from the mares.)


Anyway, back to BRAS, but let me first divert to panties.  (I usually call them underwear, but bras are also underwear, thus, "panties.")

A good fitting pair of "panties" is pretty much the closest thing to freedom / heaven / comfort / happiness you can experience.  And I found that perfect pair "a while" back--and bought about 25 of them.  (That's what I do if I LOVE's an insurance policy.)

Well, some of them were starting to be a bit worn out--and I figured it was time to replenish my supply--so I went back to where I purchased them--Victoria's Secret.  I had taken pictures of them before I left home, so that I could show them what I wanted--and there I was--with the store manager--flipping through my photos--enlarging the photos---

SM: Yes, I remember those!  They're vintage now.

Me: No, they can't be "vintage."  I just bought them a year or so ago.

SM: Hmmm...did  you buy them at a sale?

Me: I bought them here in your store.

SM: (trying to be nice) Well, we haven't had that style for at least 3 1/2 years.

Me: (quiet....thinking, maybe she's right.  Maybe it has been over 3 years!  Honestly, I can't keep track of time anymore.)  Do you have any like these?

SM: I have these over here--they're kind of like them.

Me: (thinking--why do you discontinue PERFECTION?!?)  I'll buy 5 of them.

SM: Have you been fitted for bras?

Me: (Is she asking to fit me for a bra?) No.

SM: Do you want to?

Me: (Well, at 52  years old, I think I know what size bra I wear.)  Yes.

Hands up over my head.  She measures and informs me I've been buying my band size 2 sizes too large and  my cup size one size too small.  Wow, this explains why my strap kept riding up my back!  But the bra fitting was not over.  Next, I was whisked away to the changing room and given a bra in the size she measured.  I put it on, and then a store clerk (a young lady) came in and inspected it.  The new bra was so comfy!  I had to admit, I obviously didn't know SQUAT about buying bras.  And bras, my dear friends, are about as important, if not MORE so, than panties!

So, I left there with 4 new bras and 5 new style (not as good as the old, I might add) panties.  My back feels so much better with the correct size bra on!!  It's like a miracle!!  And, their bras have cloth covers over the buckling portion so that the latches don't rub against your back.

Moral of that story: if you haven't been measured for a bra--I highly recommend it!


Continuing on the subject of health and beauty.  I am at the age where I've started to seek out miracle products for my wrinkles, while at the same time being very skeptical that such miracle products exist.

One beautiful woman in her 80's told me (about 6 years ago) her secret face regimen was Eucerin lotion (for the face), BB cream, and a spritz of Rose water.  I've noticed that rose water is all the rage lately.

So, I stocked up on rose water, BB cream (now they have CC cream), Eucerin--and for good measure Olay Regenerist--oh, and Rodial Stemcell Super-Food Cleanser (because I read rave reviews about it).  I'm pretty much throwing everything but the kitchen sink at my face.

But I remain a skeptic.  So, I'm testing this all out by standing in the same place outside (lots of sun), everyday, and taking a picture of my face.  I'm going to do this for a few months and then see if I can notice any difference.  I'll let you know what I discover.

In the meantime, as I was thinking all this over, and over, and over, I realized that there is one thing that improves your face INSTANTLY, makes you look WAY younger, and it's FREE!


Even if a smile doesn't make you look younger (it does), when you smile at people, they won't care what your face looks like.  All they'll remember is how it made them feel.  And,  you'll get better service everywhere you go.  Throw in a true compliment, and you'll have a friend for life.

Here is my list of things you can do to improve with age:

1. Smile
2. Drink lots of water
3. Stay out of the sun or use lots of sunscreen
4. Sleep well (nothing ages you like fatigue)
5. Don't smoke
6. Don't drink (well, don't drink a lot)
7. Exercise (my exercise is cleaning stalls, riding, raising a puppy, short walks, yoga, and gardening)
8. Meditate / pray every day and practice relaxation. Stress is a killer.
9. Eat healthy (I, for one, do not do this, but I trust that it does help.)
10. Grow bangs (bangs are better than botox!)

I would love to hear your health and beauty tips.


  1. Good advice! I'll have to keep it in mind . . . although staying out of the sun is hard.

    1. Yes, it is. I’m in the sun a lot with boats and horses, but I’m going to try to wear more protection. SPF 1000. 😂

  2. I recently bought a Ruby Ribbon "bra" and while it starts out being comfortable the gripper band rides up and gets annoying. Not worth the money I spent on it. I had a bra fitting once but I have yet to find a bra that I consider comfortable.
    I agree with your list - I practice most of them, although getting enough sleep was an issue until I started taking Nrf2 (Protandim) Now it seems like I am sleeping a lot to catch up- and I'm sure foal watch was a big part of disrupting my sleep pattern.

    1. It is SO hard to find a good bra!! They really are a miracle of engineering. I did find a couple styles that I liked there. Just getting the right size though has already helped my back.

      Sleep is so essential. There’s a reason they’ve always called it beauty sleep. 😂 The sleeping mask has helped me a ton. I just bought a silk one. The sun comes up so early, and we sleep with our puppy, so I need all the help! Foal watch would make that impossible. Glad you’re safely over that hump.

  3. You are funny! and the only blogger I know comfy enough to write about bras & undies lol!! VS changes styles of everything, consistently. Most manufacturers do, and it's annoying as hell!! I'm with you "if it ain't broke don't fix it" I also buy multiples of the same thing when I finally find something that fits. VS online carries older styles, and sometimes they bring them back. I was fitted there many years ago, and used to sell them (direct sale, different company). I am not happy with VS bra's these days. I just do a lot of pulling straps up :/ I am blessed with my mothers rounded shoulders. I don't really have beauty tips to share, it's mostly genetics or fake. Altho your healthy tips absolutely make a positive difference! I used to sell skin care with a good company that was big on educating about ingredients (Finelle, out of Canada!) then they got bought by a large company (a bra/skincare company out of CA) that left a lot to be desired. I quit. Now I use Origins skincare products. However, I don't do the 18 zillion steps skincare companies recommend (including Finelle) just the basics. I used to take supplements (CO-Q 10, Fish Oil and Multi V) but got away from them. No reason other then I can't tell any difference, so why bother. Many swear by daily Apple Cider Vinegar, and Kumbacha ect but I can't tell the difference with those either. I am working on getting back to a regular yoga schedule. Yoga makes a huge difference in my body and mind, that I can feel. Yes, puppies are exhausting! Our pup is nearing 7 months and still very time consuming, but they give us so much back - unconditionally!!

    1. The fake thing bothers me. I can’t tell what is normal anymore. The other night, we were watching a show and my husband said the actress was my age. She looked younger than her young costar! So, we age naturally, but media figures do not—think Jane Fonda—and we don’t even have a reference for normal. Almost everyone I know has been under the knife, it seems. I don’t fault them, if it makes them happier, it just has radically changed aging in our society.

      I didn’t realize you’d been so involved in those companies! You are way ahead of me with all this stuff! I will say, removing makeup (cleansing), and moisturizing, and also exfoliating—is just good practice. It takes what is there and brings out the best. However, it does not turn back the clock. But I’ll keep taking those pictures. So far, I see only minor differences. The lines are minimized, the complexion is healthier. We will see. Yoga is so great!! The older I get, the more I appreciate it. It really helps with range of motion and mental health. Oh, and balance. All good things. But the smile. Still #1.

    2. Oh, and I hate these new “panties”. They’re seamless, but don’t have the gripper the other ones did. They ride up from moment ONE. Grrrrr! I bought five pair!

  4. I found my favourite panties at Costco! I buy them in bulk too (but well, it's Costco, so duh!). I went to a bra store here in town and was fitted. There is nothing like a properly fit bra! It's like a fitted saddle...... :)

    1. Good for you! Yes, very much like a saddle fitting!

  5. I've never had a bra fitting and just wing it. So far it's hit and miss. I'm in the sun a lot too and I should wear sun screen but I usually am in a rush and forget. Luckily, wrinkles don't hurt so I'll just live with them. I'd never go under the knife. I earned these wrinkles and I'm proud of my age. Anyway, I do have to try yoga one of these days. It's hard for me because I've had a knee replacement and it's hard to bend it and kneel on it so I don't know how it would work out for me.

    Puppies are exhausting but they're so much fun. It's a good way to get your smiles in!

    1. With yoga, you only do what’s comfortable. It may help to look online for rehab yoga. Stretching is always nice and helps retain range of motion. That is really the most important thing for us all. Good luck!

      As for the knife, I think it’s kind of sad when a beautiful woman does that, erasing all of her character and individuality. I won’t mention names, but there was an actress I watched recently who did it, and it was hard for me to watch her or even like her character. She just seemed weak, and I couldn’t relate. Yes, puppies are good for smiles!


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