Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A NEW Truck! And Some Trail Rides!

It's new truck day!  For a horsewoman, that is like saying the mother of all Christmas presents!!  I can haul my horses in luxury--and the peace of mind of knowing we won't be broken down on the freeway or out in the boondocks.  What price can you put on peace of mind like that?

But buying a truck isn't easy--there are so many--and they're not cheap.  So,  you do a checklist of your needs:

1. Enough towing power for 9,000 pounds of trailer and horses.
2. Comfort for the rider.
3. Safety features
4. Wow factor, to make me love it.
5. Utility as a second car (because we traded in our sedan.)
6. Oh, and a BACK UP CAMERA!!!  How many times have I jumped out and in and out in trying to get the ball to the hitch?!?!?  Too many!!

After looking at all the options, by serendipitous chance, ie. targeted Facebook ads, that caught me searching for new trucks and blasted me with every FOR SALE truck withing 1000 miles--I saw a 2014 beauty.  It was a brownish color Tundra with saddle brown, leather seats, and for some reason, it made my heart sing, like Wild Thing.

(This color is no longer available)

This is the color I now have--Mesquite.

Are you sensing a theme here?  Horses?  Ranch?  Well, that's because the Toyota 1794 Tundra is made in Texas, on the oldest ranch in the USA, founded in 1794.  They made this truck to be a luxury rig--and towing beast.  It has special breaks, shocks, axles, tires, towing controls--pretty loaded.

And the inside....oh my!!  Saddle brown leather throughout.  

My brother sells Toyotas, so I called him and asked him if he could find me a new one with everything I needed.  He did.  Within a day, he had delivered me this truck--with every available option--below price.

Voila! My new heart-truck.  It looks brown in this light, but it has speckles, and depending on the lighting, can look black, gray, purple, copper, or brown.  It has personality, baby!  Pizzazz!

But those god awfu decals.  Blah humbug!!  Those puppies are coming off!  They're easy to remove, I guess.

So, I did ride with that large group the other day, rather than just hauling and walking around, and Leah did AWESOME!  

Then, last night, I got a ride along the river with my dear, beloved Heart Horse, Cowboy!!

And, I released baby Tumbleweed and the boys into the pasture for the first time--where he promptly ran the fence line with Foxy until Little Joe could herd him back.  Then he escaped to Foxy.  Got herded back.  And on and on, all day.

He's a funny little shit, that's for sure.  He plays hard with the geldings--rearing up, biting them, but when they go to deliver his discipline, he instantly reverts to the baby mouth--"I'm just a baby, don't kill me!"  Quite funny how he uses that to get away with so much.  The boy is hilarious!!  And ALL the horses love him.


  1. Congrats on your new wheels! You can't put a price on safety/peace of mind. Good to hear you are back to trail riding. I can hear your heart sing all the way over here, in the Midwest ;)

  2. Ohh that truck is incredible. I love it.

  3. Great post! Full of good stuff! Nice truck.....

  4. Beautiful truck! Good luck and many happy miles with it. Looks like the trail rides went well. So beautiful where you rode.

    1. Yes, there were some beautiful spots. Restores the soul.

  5. I'm jealous of that truck. She's gorgeous!

  6. In what universe can a Toyota pull a horse trailer!?! Omygosh! You simply must keep blogging about this cuz I have my doubts.

    I only drive Japanese, the most reliable cars on earth. But never imagined they'd be reliable at hauling.

    Then again I live in a land where Volvos and Mercedes sedans pull 2-horse trailers. Yesterday I saw my neighbor pulling a horse trailer with a freaking Dacia Duster.

    Rav-4 and CRV are the two japanese cars I'd considered for hauling but I'm still not sure if they can haul two horses at a time.

    Let us know!

    1. This is the Tundra--rated for about 10,500. I have a 3,750 lb horse trailer--so it can do the job--and is doing the job pretty well. If I was hauling lots of long distance trips, I may not have chosen it, but for what I do--it's working great.


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