Friday, April 26, 2019

100% Success

(He rears no more.)

Oh, horses.  Sometimes, it looks so bleak.  You have this rearing up little stud colt, and you wonder if you can solve the issue.  You can.  After the first day of moving his feet, the rearing up stopped--completely and totally.  You can still see him, at times, building up inside with the excitement of a baby horse who wants to run and buck, but short, daily reminders have kept all that in check.

Last night, I went to bring him in from pasture, and he came running to me. Just all out running to see me.  So, it has also improved our relationship.  He stood still while I haltered him, and walked with his manners past the other horses and back to his stall.

My vet called, and I told him my plan to bring him in and have him sedated, palpated, and possibly ultra-sounded--and if the testes are easy to get to--gelded.  If not, we'll talk about options--like Laparoscopic surgery, which he does perform, or waiting until October.  My vet whole-heartedly agreed with my plan and said that he is a good candidate for the surgery, should I decide to go that route.


As the weather has improved, my husband and I have tackled a few projects.  One, was making an indoor/outdoor enclosure for our house cats.  We tried to let them out last year, but they decided to takeover the barn from the barn cats--our sweet barn cats who were born here and lived here for 7 years.  That wasn't going to happen, so they got locked up inside--as there are too many predators around our house, and inside/outside house cats do not survive.  

You can see the fully enclosed wire with a little door for us to enter through.

This cat enclosure was easy to  make because we used our existing deck, which was pretty much dead space.  We leave one window open from the sun-room for them to go back and forth.  They LOVE it. It will keep them safe.  There are ferns, hydrangea, and birch log/branches to lay on--as well as an outside cat tree.  Their kitty litter boxes are also outside now.  Win/win.

We're planting flowers in all our little gardens and around the barn, something we haven't been as good at the last few years because of our busy schedule.  Now that things have slowed down, we are working to bring them back to their original "glory."  So much of my time is spent at the barn, I am happy to have a little beauty there.  The barn cats like it, too.

I love seeing flowers again!

Saturday, the farrier is coming to put shoes on Cowboy, Leah, and Cowgirl.  I do hope to ride Cowboy a lot this year.  I have him on Cosequin ASU, and even though he's 25, he is more sound at all gaits than Leah.  Leah is good for walking and a little trotting, but she has pain in her hips that we are always working around.  I like to keep her moving, but she will not be a good long-term alternative to Cowboy.  That is why I have Tumbleweed.  In the meantime, Leah is pretty good for easy trail rides--as is Cowboy--and that's all I really need.  I also plan to ride Foxy and Cowgirl more--and Penny is the horse my friends ride when they don't want to trailer their own.  Keeping them all as busy as I can.

Which brings me to BG. I think a lot about Beautiful Girl and what I'm going to do with her this spring/summer/fall.  I don't plan anything more than groundwork right now.  She is certainly happy with her life just being a horse in a stable herd.  She has her role, the enforcer, and she has deep bonds with them all.  But she still needs to be handled and given jobs because it bonds her to me, too.  And since she lives in a human world--our family--she needs to remain a vital part.


  1. You are so right- if you tackle the issue next a consistent, clear and thoughtful way things always improve. What a great idea for he the cats.

  2. Love the cat house! And the flowers really make a trip to the barn more enjoyable. Tumbleweed is just gorgeous and that's a great picture of him kicking up his heels. Glad there's no more rearing. I'm sure the more groundwork you do with Beautiful Girl will pay off in the future the more she bonds with you and gets used to working consistently. You're busy but it's a good kind of busy.

    1. Very true. You always hear about people who retire and end up busier than before and wonder how that can be true, but I guess it’s because you take on more. I do love beauty at the barn. I hope to go out and organize it today.

  3. Cool cat enclosure! We are close to being warm enough at night to have potted flowers, but not yet. You can find some types in stores, but unless you want to cover or carry them in/out at night it's best to wait. We are opting for raised beds for some veggies, and have to plan our landscaping. Hopefully by next season. I miss the joy flowers bring. Your's look so lovely!!


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