Wednesday, March 27, 2019

A Horsewoman's Prayer

I've been working with my mare, Leah, this week, but I haven't ridden her yet.  I'm really trying to be patient, and to listen, and build on her trust and try.

As I was grooming her today, I started to say a prayer for this riding season--and realized, as I was thinking the prayer, that it is not so much "safety" that I'm praying for, because our horses aren't out to get us.  Instead, it's wisdom.  Wisdom to know how to be a smart horsewoman who listens to what they're saying to me.

All the information we need is there--but do we understand what it means?  Do we know when to be patient?  When to have courage?  When to change our plans?

So, here is my prayer for myself, my herd, and all of you and your herds.

A Horsewoman's Prayer

Each season,
I say a prayer,
not for safety,
because want of safety
is always there,
but for Wisdom;
Wisdom to listen,
and hear
my horses speak,
the magic language
of their needs;
Patience, to wait
upon the softness
of their hearts opening to me,
which is the exact part
that starts the journey of try,
without which, there’s nothing.
I pray for Courage,
when they, in communion,
ask me to fly with them,
either on the ground
at their side
or, on their backs,
where I can grip tightly
to Trust,
and Heaven,
and what it means
to be fully alive.


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