Thursday, January 24, 2019

Busy, Busy, Busy: Tidying Up & Remodeling

Now I know what retired people mean when they say they're busier than ever when they stay home.  You finally have the time to do all those projects you put off, and you have time to watch shows like "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo."

I'll start with horse progress since there has been so little, it won't take long.

This is it in a nutshell:  I'm only working with Tumbleweed.

I'm taking advantage of all the standing water to work on ENJOYING water.  It's more than wanting him to just go through it--I want him to relax and play in it.  He is starting to do that nowadays.  There's relaxation, pawing, and drinking.  As spring progresses, I'll trailer him down to the river with his Foxy Mama.  It's unfortunate, I  have to trailer to water, but oh well.

Going on the little bridge is no big deal, but he also went on the TIRE bridge!  Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of that.

We continue to work on picking up the feet, tying every day during supplements, and leading.  The basics.

Little stinker and mama somehow opened their gate the other day and got into the supplement bins and hay.  Luckily, they are both complete feeds, but nonetheless, it was scary.  There was only one pile of manure in the breezeway, so I figure they weren't in there long before I found them.


What I've really been busy with is remodeling the Living Room and organizing my entire house with the KonMari method.  First the Living Room.  It actually pains me to look at the before pictures, but here it is:

We had a wall of books and junk and precious artifacts buried in junk.  We had an ugly tile fireplace.  We had lots of wall junk that was trying to make up for a Living Room with no personality.  We had old carpet.  We had chaos.

Somehow, I woke up one day and came up with an entire plan for redoing it.  I knew exactly what I wanted, googled examples of what I wanted, showed my husband my ideas, mocked them up into Photoshop photos, and then we took off and did it in a span of eleven days.

And, this is the final product.  We came in under budget at $3,800 for everything.

The floors are luxury vinyl, 30 mil planks by Floore' (Shaw), the stone for the fireplace is Litestone, from Lowes, the shelves and mantle are repurposed barn salvage wood, the barnwood backing in the inserts is from Home Depot.

The collectibles on our shelves were always on the shelves, but you could never see them because of the clutter.


Tidying Up with Marie Kondo--warning--if you don't want to get organized, don't watch it.  My husband and I watched two episodes, went to bed, woke up and had coffee, and jumped up to tackle STEP ONE:

Clothing: Go around your house, get every article of clothing you own, and lay it on your bed. (My husband took his to another room.)

Go through it piece by piece, does it bring me joy? Do I want it in my life going forward?  If no, say thank you, and place it in the box to be donated.

I can't tell you what a mess our closets were before we started, but I'm sure you can guess by what is on the bed.

Well, it worked wonders because here is the after:

I have hardly any clothes left, but I realized I always wear the same thing anyway, jeans and a black shirt--in the summer, sleeveless shirts.  When it comes down to it, we really don't need much, do we?

Since clothes, we've done Master Bath--another miracle transformation--and Kitchen.

The art of folding clothes--aprons--anything you need--standing up--is a genius idea!

Saves room, and you can see what you have.

Also, there's this idea that EVERYTHING should have it's "place."  And that's what we've done.  Now, when we finish using something, we know exactly where it goes.

We're not done organizing yet, my husband still has his garage and I have some closets, but our lives are so much more joyful surrounded by the things that give us that spark and not a bunch of clutter that was complicating our lives.

And I made money!!  When I was organizing my cards (standing up) I found a bunch of gift certificates people had given us, over $100 worth!  I also found missing parts to things and missing earrings!  Cleaning has been like a literal gold mine.

A friend jokingly asked if I was pregnant, and I guess I am "nesting."  Our office is now our home, so we have more reason to make it vibrant. I have my horses, my husband, and my home.  The three H's with the D's (dogs) and C's (cats) thrown in for good measure!  Yes, it's a lovely nest.


  1. Wow. You are busy! I LOVE the remodel.

    1. Thanks! The transition happened so fast, even we were shocked. We felt like we were in someone else’s house for a few days. 😂

  2. It all looks great! Ted and I moved so many times we have learned not to keep stuff we don't use- however I did find a bunch of little treasures that need to be donated as I was searching for something I couldn't find this morning! Perhaps some decluttering is in order here too!

    1. Moving is usually when we declutter, too, but we haven’t moved in twelve years. We went from parenting to empty nesters, but never decluttered during that transition. Much of our junk was actually our kid’s junk. Storing personal cards and photos standing up sure netted me some cashola though. 😂

  3. The remodel looks great! Lots of cleaning out too, I really NEED to do that around here! I need some inspiration though...

    1. Thanks! For inspiration, I highly recommend watching the show on Netflix. Episode 4 was my favorite. ❤️ They’re all really good, and each one teaches you a new trick.

  4. Love the remodel, what a difference! It feels homey & inviting. Wood & stone are my kinda style. I've never heard of KonMari method. Organizing is such an arduous process!! Harder for some then others. Kudos to you, especially for the fast progress. We have to get back at sorting our remaining junk. We've still got a trailer half full, and some in the garage. Clearly stuff we don't really need. Our big move just got to a point where I couldn't spend time sorting things like 5 peoples Christmas memories/decorations etc. Unless it was an obvious get rid of, we brought it with. Much will never make it in our new house. I just want to do the fun projects tho lol! Tumbleweed looks great, and I've no doubt he is loving all your attention. Are your other horses jealous, or glad they get a temporary pass?

    1. Moving is great for decluttering,but we haven’t moved in twelve years. Our kids grew up, but we were too busy with our practice to declutter then. And no doubt, a lot of it was theirs.

      It doesn’t seem like my other horses are jealous. They do seem to be enjoying their break and eating at the round bale without interruption. 😂 But I will be pulling Leah and Beautiful our again to work soon.

  5. Livingroom looks awesome. I keep planning to sort through clothes, but our closet needs remodeling and it takes significantly longer to convince my husband to set aside the time for one of my projects which, he claims, are endless. ;-)

    1. Remodeling is a pain, but you look back and wonder why you didn’t do it before. In the past, we never got to enjoy the fruits of our remodels, because we were constantly flipping, but knock on wood, we are not going anywhere for a LONG time!

  6. I've been jumping on the minimalist/tidying bandwagon too! It's so refreshing.


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