Thursday, May 24, 2018

Two Blogs Intersect With a Tumbleweed

Tumbleweed & Me & Rosalee.

"Cowgirls need a little love sometime."
Tumbleweed, won't  you hurry please
And bring your love on home."

I've followed Shirley's horses for years over at her blog Ride a Good Horse.  There was one baby, Rio, that I just fell in love with, but I wasn't looking for a horse at that time.  Then, things changed.  Cowboy is 23 and his days as a trail horse are numbered.  It was time to think about the future.

I decided to breed Cowgirl, which would put me at about a four year countdown--which would make Cowboy 27 and Leah at about 17.  That would be a good time to introduce what may be my final horse into the lineup.  But then, I chickened out of breeding Cowgirl.  I didn't feel up to the task.

It was time to meet Tumbleweed.

I had been really busy riding horses and away from my blog for two weeks, so Shirley stopped by to ask if I was okay.  Instantly I was like--OH MY GOSH, I wonder if Rosalee's baby was born?!?  I ran to her blog, and VOILA--there was little Tumbleweed, only three days old.  He was so cute, I figured she must be keeping him or he was already sold, but no--as luck would have it--he was available.

And the rest was fate.  Turns out, Shirley and I live pretty dang close to one another--separated only by the border of the USA and Canada. It was time for a ROAD TRIP to meet her--and Beamer (Shirley's heart horse, so I knew he was golden)--and Rosalee (who I had been admiring since Shirley first thought of getting her!)--and Tumbleweed (the cutest baby ever).

I'll tell the rest of the story through photos--some mine, some Shirley's.

I didn't want to scare him or be disrespectful to his mama, Rosalee, who I knew would be wanting to protect the baby she worked so hard to bring into the world.  So, I tried to be as gentle as I could with him.

An ear on me, and an ear on mama.

But Rosalee warmed right up and decided we were okay.

So, we soon progressed to some serious butt scratching.

To tell you the truth, my decision had mostly been made before I ever went up there.  I knew all I needed to know about Beamer and Rosalee--and that Shirley was a good honest person and excellent horsewoman.  I'd watched her with horses and I'd seen how her other babies excelled in their new homes.  Meeting Tumbleweed only confirmed in my heart what I already knew. 

I see a few more trips to Canada in my future!  Shirley has invited me to come up whenever I can and work with Tumbleweed on some basic training.  I will certainly take her up on that.

It was surreal in a way to meet Shirley, after all this time on the internet together.  But what you see on her blog is what she really is.  Her horses are just how she describes them, too.  For me, it was seamless.

Now, I have a little work to do to prepare to get our baby from Canada to the USA!  And Shirley has a little work to do to keep our baby safe from himself.  I certainly have the easier job!  But I think Tumbleweed is smart enough to do pretty well.  He learns fast!


  1. I came over from Shirley's blog. Congratulations!! Shirley is a wonderful horsewoman and you are so lucky to get Tumbleweed!! I am thrilled for you!

    1. Thank you! I've followed her blog for a long time, and I know you're absolutely correct. Little Mesa was as respectful and gentle as she could be, and I know this baby will be the same! I hope to learn a little bit from Shirley as I go over to see him. I did not know how to pick up his feet properly. I just grabbed at them! LOL. He didn't like that.

  2. OMG! Congratulations! He is so adorable. His mom Rosalee is gorgeous. Good luck with your little sweetheart. This is so exciting.

    1. Thank you! I'm thrilled to get to know him! Shirley's blog has never been so important to me! If she goes a day or two without heart skips a beat.

  3. Aww thanks! Somehow things just click when they are supposed to.
    It will be fun working with you this summer. So many little things to teach him. I'm pretty happy he is going somewhere close so I can see him once in a while. I think he is one of Beamer's best babies :0) This summer is going to go by pretty fast I think.

    1. I loved the trip to your place. It's so beautiful up there. My hubby and I were married in Sandpoint--our FAVORITE place on earth--and you are only one hour from there! I'm looking forward to lots of roadtrips!! I think you're right that it will go by fast. We have a few things to do around here to prepare for his arrival, so we better hurry.

  4. Replies
    1. Hip hip hooray! And this may be my last. It will be up to the kids to invest in more babies. I like to promise forever homes, and I'm not sure that would be possible a few years down the road from where I'm at now.

  5. Awesome! What a sweetie ~ looking forward to following Tumbleweed's journey!

    1. Thank you! He is a sweet baby! He was only one week old when I saw him, and definitely had eyes for mama--his protector--but she was so generous to let us love on him. A very good mama.


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