Thursday, April 12, 2018

On My Own: Part 4 The Results

By now you've all probably guessed, I got the best case scenario with Bee.  After unloading her from the trailer and walking her around to familiarize herself with the area, we went to the round-pen.

She was tuned and listening.

Next, we went to the obstacle course.  The labyrinth was first, and we walked through, then backed through it.  She was trying very hard to listen to my gentle asks.  She trusted me, even when she couldn't see where she was going.

This was followed by the ladder.  Perfect on the first try.  No balking, no stepping out, no panicking.  I've never had a horse go through it like that before on the first try. 

(This video was taped the following Monday, but it is exactly the same as she did it Friday.)

The bridge...pefect.

The fan...pefect.

Sidepassing over a log...almost perfect.

The tire...and this one freaks most horses out or, AT LEAST, gives them pause.

Again, PERFECT.  I asked her to step up, and she didn't hesitate or act in the slightest concerned.

It went on and on like that at every obstacle!  She was freakishly willing to do anything I pointed her to.

We hiked up steep hills and trails--

No problem, mom, I just like hanging out with you.

We practiced tying to trees.

Sure thing!

But this boy over here needs to be taught some manners.  I'm going to scoot on over and threaten him.

Or, flirt with him.  Whatever!

It sent so well, I couldn't wait to get her back down there on Monday where I was meeting friends and setting up a sort of day camp.

We did all of the obstacles again--with no problem--and then we ponied in the arena (picture at top of page.)  She was awesome!

So good, in fact, that we decided to hit the trails.

Beautiful ponied through water, and other obstacles, like a pro.  Cowboy, on the other hand, started to jig and jig, jig, jig all the way home, proving that even the seasoned horses have their moments.

My girl, Bee, was acting like an old, broke horse.  She was waiting her turn to be worked.

She was standing tied while we had lunch.

All told, she was away from home for seven hours that day, but she seemed to love every minute of it.


  1. This post gives me a happy :) All your work is paying off. It won't be long before you are doing all that in the saddle.

    1. Yes, I can’t wait! I am really trying to give her a foundation for success. So far, so good.

  2. Wow! That’s wonderful! I’m so proud of her and you too. She’s an amazing girl. All your work has really paid off.

    1. Yep, work really does pay off. I sure hope to have a solid foundation so that she’s always building on success and confidence. She naturally has a more relaxed attitude about learning new things. That helps.

  3. WOW, impressive!! So happy for you both! That is a great obstacle course & that first photo is awesome!

    1. Thanks! One of the friends I was meeting is a photographer, and she ran and got her camera at the last minute to capture that ponying experience. She surprised me with it later. I feel very lucky she did. She got Cowboy, my heart horse, and Bee, my baby.

    2. That is awesome, capturing memories is the best part of photography. I almost added something like this to my above response "ohhh the photos I could capture, if only I lived closer" glad your friend did this for you!

    3. If only! You are a wonderful photographer!

  4. I love it! You and Bee are going to have so many good times ahead. I love that kind of togetherness. It so much reminds me of Bella. She would walk through anything with me, even a big scary vet hospital with her foal when she was 6 months out of the wild. I, of course, think mustangs are the best, and self-assured mustang mares are even better. You did the right thing giving her time to mature, I think.

    1. Thanks, Andrea! Yes, she is much more mature now. I feel lucky to have that kind of trust from her. What an honor to experience it with Bee and Bella! Bee has clubby front feet, but they don’t seem to affect her movement at all. She doesn’t go lame with hard work, she’s sure-footed, and she can really move. She has excellent awareness of where all four feet are, and she uses them dexteriously, almost like hands. That’s why the ladder was so easy for her. Usually, horses get flustered on that one. 👍


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