Sunday, April 29, 2018

Leah Crosses a Deep Creek

Well, Leah continues to be a rock star trail horse, making me further scratch my head and ask, wha-wha-why did we have that setback?!?  Last Thursday we explored a new trail with some friends.

This is the creek she had to cross both coming and going.  No problem!

The only issue I can really say we have right now are occasional refusals when she sees a scary path, to somewhere she’d rather not go, and going down hills slower. Right now she just barrels down hills, and I don’t feel comfortable with that. Something to work on.

Here are some more photos of the horses from today.

Beautiful looking all mustangy.

The horses are back on pasture for part of the day.

Little Joe is back with the girls.


  1. I think Leah likes to get out with you and other horses on the trails. It’s more interesting and fun than being in the arena. I don’t know if I’m right but I’m taking that as my best guess for her mild setback.

    Beautiful skies in the backdrop of the pictures. The horses look great!

    1. That could be. Horses like variety. I’ve found, too, that they’re always better away from the barn where they can’t see their buddies eating. At least mine are.

  2. We have NO green up here! *envy*

  3. Great photos & trail ride with Leah and company, complete with creek crossing!

  4. They all have their moments! I'd say you are on track for a great year on the trails!

  5. Hello, I read your blog regularly. Your humoristic style is witty, keep up
    the good work!

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Shirley. Yes, everything has been going great! Lots of trail rides, making it too busy to sit and collect my thoughts for a post. But smoothe sailing. I think I decided not to breed Cowgirl. I started to get nervous about something going wrong. I don’t feel up to it. I hope you’re well, too. I need to read everyone’s update. ๐Ÿ˜€


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