Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

That's all they really want
Some fun
When the working day is done
Oh girls, they wanna have fun
Oh girls just wanta have fun.

Last year, Rebecca told us that horses like to laugh and play. It makes sense. A couple years ago, I read an article where scientists found that horses can express 17 emotions with their faces, and humans can express 27. I believe it was "shared" emotional facial expressions, and even more than dogs share with humans. I can't find that exact article, but here is another one that says some of that.

In my herd, the geldings are the most playful, and the mares are bit on the serious side. I blame Cowgirl for that; she's kind of a grump.

But anywho, I'm trying to lighten up my girls.

Teach them that it's okay to look ridiculous.

Or even sexy...with a cone on your butt. It's all about perspective.

And, it's also okay if you let it fall.


It's funny. In fact, it's all fun and games.

Yesterday, Leah got that idea about the cone and barrel.

Ah, it's a game! 

Yes, it is, Leah.
And, once she got that, she began to take me right up, and practically through, the barrel.

Then, we tried on saddles and rode out in them to see how they held up. The one I usually ride in and LOVE is too heavy.

This one is too hard.

And the last one was just right...or close enough.

Leah and I rode together twice yesterday. We did arena work in the am and rode the fields, to try out these saddles, in the pm. We're starting to really enjoy each other. I talk to her and tell her jokes. She laughs with me. (I'm sure of it.) I'm hoping she lightens up and realizes it's okay to make mistakes.

No biggie. Let's just give it a try.

Let's just have some fun.

My new indian native american name:

She Laughs With Horses

For you entertainment, I present the Cone Games Championship Ride!


  1. Dear She Laughs With Horses,

    I find that getting my girls to laugh and have fun is sometimes difficult too. Neat cone trick. I'm reading a really fun book titled THE ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART-TIME INDIAN by Sherman Alexie. The story takes place in and around Spokane. It is very fitting with your new name.

    She Limps With Horses

    1. She limps with horses. 😂 I have heard of his book many times. I need to read it. 👍

  2. Love your new Native American name, and that you laugh & have fun with your horses!! I am glad you found a saddle that fits, so important!!

    1. I didn’t like the saddle last year when I got it, but now I do. I’m not sure what changed.

  3. I find the boys like to play and rough house more than the girls. Dusty was above it all and the boys antics. Rosie is very serious. I would like to see them all have fun. We should all play more with each other.😊

    Whining Arrow (my husband came up with that one...a little too fast I’m thinking!)

    1. 😂😂😂 I won’t ask my hubbie to choose my name!

      I’ve never seen one of my mares initiate play in the pasture. It’s always the geldings. It sounds like you’ve had the same experience. Yes, we should all play more, laugh more often!

  4. Having fun seems to be a theme this week! Riding should be fun. There is too much serious stuff in this world....


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