Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Starting It Out With a Bang (No Buck) & Meet my Herd Muzzles

Meet my herd and their muzzles. (Can you guess any of them?  Here are their names--not in order: Cowboy, Beautiful Girl, Lily, Penny, Little Joe, Foxy, Cowgirl, & Leah.








January has started off with a bang. I have two important resolutions: One, to train 183 days out of the year, and two, stay out of the hospital in 2018.  I've been drinking water, taking my vitamins, cutting out desserts except one day per week (cheesecake for breakfast did not sit well with my  bod), working on a business change, and getting outside with the horses.

Of course, having my granddaughters over to visit helped inspire the time on the horses.

Here we are using that tripod I told you about.

Little Joe and his girl.

Penny and her girl.

Little Joe, as the sun was going down at the end of the day.  What a guy!

Let's do this, 2018!!  It's going to be great!!

Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Happy New Year to you too! I think I got most of my muzzle guesses right.

  2. Happy new year! Love the muzzle shots. Not sure if I got it right but here is my list: 1.Penny 2.Cowboy 3.Leah 4.Cowgirl 5.Little Joe 6.Beautiful Girl 7.Lily 8.Foxy

    1. Perfect!! I was shocked when I read your list. You are very observant, Shirley!! Bravo!! 👏

  3. Happy Healthy New Year to you and the gang! I’m sure you’ll make your goals with no problem. You’re off to a good start. Love the kids on the horses. I think I got most of the muzzles right, good pictures.

    1. Happy New Year!! Stay safe during the East Coast storm. I’m thinking of you!


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