Sunday, January 28, 2018

Leah Says, "Hell No!"

(Old photo of Leah when I was first starting her as a 3 year old.  Unfortunately, I didn't keep it going and had to start again.  She was in much better shape back then.)

So, yeah, you remember when I said my goal with Leah was to make her softer and happier when I ride her?  Well, that isn't going very well.

My plan was to ride her at a walk, stop and massage her, ride some more--end on a positive note.  I wanted those sessions to be about fifteen minutes long and then do the rest on the ground--stretching, TTouch, etc.

Today, I went out and worked her in a circle from the ground, something I haven't been doing this month because of the snow. After that, I went to ride her, and she was kind of grumpy and sour (For one, it was raining, and she hates to work in the rain--she's a princess like that, unfortunately), but she was doing everything asked.  I stopped for a moment to give her a little neck rub (still on top), then asked her to move out again.


I tried turning her right. Nothing.  Left.  Nothing.

It appeared her transmission was out.

I looked under her hood--meaning, I analyzed the situation to make sure her legs weren't broken or she wasn't having a heart attack or stroke.

Nope.  She was healthy.  She was just being stubborn.

Fifteen minutes, lady.  Fifteen minutes.  The ride's over.  Finis.  Get the hell off!

But oh.  There was one gear still working.


So, we reversed, and reversed and reversed.  We did figure 8's, straight lines, circles.  Leah looked confused.  She didn't know how to shut down reverse.  I asked her to move out again--

And all the gears worked.

I got off and unbridled her, bridled and rode Cowboy, then cleaned their stalls.  And, when I was done with all that, I bridled her again and got back on.

All the gears were broken except one.  (That is what I figured may happen.)

So, I used the reverse, but not  nearly as far, and she went back to work.

She is such a clever girl.  And somehow, I have to stay a step ahead.  For now, the short sessions are over.  Or, at least, the regular short sessions.  It's time to mix things up!

Here are some more old photos I found on the blog of Leah and Beautiful Girl.  Bee has totally changed colors.  Everyone thinks she's a white horse now.  How does that even happen?


  1. Beautiful Girl was born a dun? wow. And I hear you about Leah. Carmen told me today that my quarter was up. I love your thoughtful manner with her.

    1. I just read about Carmen. That’s a funny coincidence! Yeah, Bee’s transformation is pretty dramatic.

  2. Good work with Leah. When nothing else works but one gear it’s worth a try! My horse Erik was born brown and by the time he was 15 he was almost totally white. That’s the way the greys age. She’s a “beautiful girl” either way.

    1. Thank you. I find it so weird that they can change color so dramatically. I didn’t know her original color was on the gray spectrum either. You learn new things every day!

  3. Good job outsmarting miss smarty pants! She sounds like a challenge for sure. Good thing you're up to the task!

    I remember seeing Beautiful Girl at the adoption. I think she was the only dun there, wasn't she? Even if it didn't last, she's still beautiful! Grey horses are kinda fun. You get to enjoy a lot of variations of their color before they turn white. The only thing I don't like is their tendency to develop melanomas as they age. Tell Bea not to do that.

    1. I will! No melanomas for her or me! She may have been the only dun at the adoption. I don’t remember seeing any others. Do you remember how many were adopted that weekend?

  4. It's hard work going backwards! Guessing Leah didn't think that gear was such a good idea after awhile :) Koda & Leah have some similar characteristics. Mixing it up with him is best, he predicts everything otherwise and gets grumpy if you ask for more then routine. Bea is beautiful in any color! Our Nemo's color has never stopped changing, frequently almost all white too. I think his papers list him as a chestnut roan. I tease Brad that Nemo turned white for a reason, to prove there is no bad color (Brad doesn't care much for white horses) especially since Nemo is his heart horse. Lesson learned. Don't buy a horse for it's color, there are no guarantees. Besides, you don't ride the color you ride the horse.

    1. That’s very true, and I’m not a big fan of white either. Bee is heading that direction quickly. 😂 currently, she is a buttermilk roan.

      I was lucky to have found Cowboy, and I consider him a once in a lifetime horse. He has the color and the heart. I was blessed. But he went through four owners before me and no one clicked with him. He was an orphan foal and he was very sour and sneaky, but he was never dangerous. Somehow we bonded, and I got this incredible gift of a soul mate horse that is also stunningly beautiful (if you like Paints!)

      So yes, mixing it up with Leah is essential! That’s the problem with winter, we are so confined!! I think I’ll take her next door to ride today. I’ve got to get some variety. And I’ll set a time for 45 minutes in saddle.


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