Monday, December 11, 2017

Walking Away the Herd-Bound-Barn-Sour

The last week I've ridden Beautiful several times at home, but I've also worked on her "going away" tolerance.  It seems to be working because she stands when I approach with halter and lead (check), she is relaxed at the walk (check), she stands ground tied away from the house (check), she tunes into me around other horses and places (check).

On days where I have to go to work, like today, I'm limited on my time both with the horses and exercising--so I combine the two.  I mean, why get on a treadmill when you have a HORSE to walk the herd bound-barn sour off?  If there's time for the treadmill, there's time to walk Beautiful around the 20 acres and, possibly, over to the next door barn. (Exercise and training all in one!!)  A walk is easy. I'm not starting something I can't finish, and I can do it in almost any weather.

We had a lovely walk today and yesterday.

Yesterday, we walked to the barn next door and checked out the new SCARY round pen we set up on Saturday.

I let Bee explore.

After she got comfortable, I asked her to follow me into the round pen at liberty.  She did it!

Then, we worked on her whoa and facing up--eventually, joining up and walking with me at liberty in the round pen.

When we'd done that both ways, we stopped and just hung out together--visited a couple of other boarders--then walked home.

The day before that day, I rode her.  But you can see my heart horse, Cowboy, begging to be the one out there with me.

I finished the ride on Bee, then I grabbed Cowboy and rode him bareback.  My husband came out later to join me and I slid off to give him Cowboy so that I could go get Leah.  As he was leading Cowboy in, I took their picture, and I noticed Bee had been in the East pasture with us the whole time. See her behind Loki?

Now, the round bale, and all the other horses, were in the North pasture--but Bee followed us over there on her own and stayed by herself.  That is independence and some real joining up starting to form. 

Oh, and there's that darn goat I got.  He's always in the picture, isn't he? He's kind of growing on me after twelve years.


  1. Oh my, the last photo cracked me up, it's priceless! I gotta show my hubby "look honey, this is going to be us someday - goat & all" I would love a goat, but know nothing about them. I also want a pair of donkeys, however we are going to learn first and then add to our ark very very slowly! Your husband may not ride a lot, but he is clearly an important part of your animals world. Either your goat is little or your dogs are big, guessing the latter. It was fun watching Beautiful explore the alien round pen. She sure has come a long way!

    1. My hubby has been riding with me a lot more lately. Yes, he is a vital part of the whole thing. He’s out there putting out round bales, fixing broken waterers, you name it. Seems like he’s always busy. Yeah, you need a goat! Everyone needs a goat! But don’t spoil it if you want it to live forever!

  2. Nice work. And I think that your goat is adorable.

  3. Great work with Bee! She’s getting used to lots of new things. Love the goat and dog in the picture keeping an eye on things.

    1. My plan with Bee is to spend all winter preparing her to leave the herd and feel okay with it. See, winters are good for something after all!

  4. That goat seems to relish bombing your photos lately.

  5. Fun watching Bee in the arena. I noticed that the first time she went around the outside of the pen she really accelerated in the narrow side on the right- and didn't seem to want to go back around it on that side. Maybe some work on tight spaces? Or in Parelli talk, the squeeze game. (disclaiming any loyalty to Parelli here!)
    The more you work with Bee, the more she is bonding- good work!


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