Wednesday, August 23, 2017

It Begins With a Single Step

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

(Leah at Palisades 8/16/17)

I have always LOVED, and lived by, this quote. As my kids grew up, I told them, never quit! There may be people better than you, even more "talented," but the difference between those who do what they love and those who don't is which ones keep going and which ones quit.

 (Cowboy 8/17/17)

At my 50th wellness check last spring, my doctor asked me what I do for exercise.  I told her that I walk on the treadmill and I work with my horses.  She didn't think it was good enough.  She counseled me that I should get my heart rate up for 30 minutes a day or the rest is pretty useless.  But what did I do?  I quit the treadmill all together.  

 (Training Beautiful Girl, 8/18/17)

And then today, four months later, it hit me that she's full of crap!

Doing a little bit every day is WAY better than nothing.  A little walking is good for the mind and the body.  More may be better, but more may also lead to none.

I walked downstairs today and did the treadmill, like I used to, for fifteen minutes of fast walking.  Afterward, I spent about ten minutes doing basic weight lifting and sit ups. It's all I had time for before work.  I'm going to forget what she told me and return to my philosophy....a single step is better than no step!

 (Leah, Riverside State Park, 8/19/17)

The 100 Day Horse Challenge has been that for me, too.  A little bit here and there goes a long, long way toward your goals.

It also goes a long way toward expressing your deepest self.  

 (Little Joe, Riverside State Park, 8/20/17)

In my mind, I picture me at 90 and unable to move around like I can now.  And, I picture myself reliving all the days I did NOT waste.

I was busy doing what I loved--being with my horses. Horses that will be gone by then.  I like to think they'll be on some beautiful pasture, waiting for me to join them.

So, on this, the 97th day finished of my 100 Day Horse Challenge, I want to encourage all of you out there to take the step--whatever it is.  Do NOT let people discourage you by telling you how your journey should look--it's your journey!  But don't let the opportunity pass either.  It's time to do whatever it is your heart desires.  All it takes is one little step.

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  1. Wow! You are on your 97th day. That's great.

    I think you look like you are in pretty good physical shape. I've noticed that every time I lose weight, someone, usually a doctor, has to discourage me by mentioning that I need to lose weight. I know that's the doctor's job, but his timing could be better. You think he'd look at my chart and say, "Hey, you weigh 10 pounds less than the last time you were here. Way to go!" But he never does. When people remind you that you still have a long way to go, it does get discouraging, especially when they don't recognize the work you've already put in.

    1. Thanks. I'm sure I was in better shape four months ago! Lol 😂I don't know why they're so damn discouraging. They must think tough love is better than a little encouragement. But that doesn't work with me. Talking to my doctor last spring just made me want to sit around all day and chain smoke. 😂 Cigarettes are too expensive, so I settled for giving up the treadmill.

  2. Cleaning the pastures after work may not get my heart rate up as high as it would at the gym on an elliptical machine (like I did for a few years) but it is something I enjoy - so I do it - and it also gives me the benefit of being outside with the animals which is way healthier than be in a gym with a bunch of noisy sweaty people.

    1. Yes, how many centenarians do they interview who say, "I got my heart rate for 30 minutes every day." 😂😂😂 I say keep busy, move, dream, experience moments of pure wonder and joy and love, forgive everyone as fast as you possibly can, and treat everyone as well as you can. A little red wine doesn't hurt. And super tastey food always helps. Plus a little 🙏 .

  3. Absolutely right about all of this! One step is all it takes to get things in motion and feel good about yourself. And by the way taking care of the horses and riding is also exercise. My daughter's gym teacher once told her she didn't consider riding exercise. I'd like to see her try it. Just posting,cantering,jumping etc. is what I consider a decent amount of exercise. When I used to ride three horses a day I was in pretty good shape. So I'd count riding along with the treadmill good exercise and don't forget walking to the pasture and grooming and feeding and turning out etc.

    Congratulations on your 100 day challenge. It seems it went fast this year.

    1. I agree! I told her I walk back and forth to the barn a lot and clean stalls, but she's obviously not a horse person. She said my heart rate needed to be up for 30 minutes a day. I like to workout with a purpose. Like working with my sweet horses. And like I said, have any 100 year olds said the key to their longevity was increased heart rate for 30 minutes? Lol.

      Yes, it has gone fast this year. I'm sure because of riding in the snow and attending the wonderful winter clinics. I'll do a look back when I hit 100. Went on a group ride tonight and made it 98! Woohoo!

  4. Summer was a bust for me for riding. I hope I can step it up now that it is cooling off a bit! At least I am doing horse stuff even if it isn't on their backs. The 3 girls that were supposed to come for lessons didn't come other than a few lessons for NG; I guess they just had other things to do. I got a workout yesterday trimming Beamer's fronts- I have sore muscles from not letting go every time he tried to pull his foot away (bad boy!)

  5. I've been voting, and commenting, but I've no need of the Curly Girl book with my pin straight hair.
    You've said a lot today. a lot of common sense. To hell with the critics, they're not walking (or riding) in our boots.

  6. Beautiful photos, such gorgeous trails! 97 days, wow! I only wish I was in as good of shape as you are (and had curly hair)!! Sorry to hear your doctor was less then encouraging, many are book smart but lack in social skills. As a retired fitness professional of 25 years, I can convincingly say every form of movement counts. Some more then others, but they all count. I've corrected and informed many that horseback riding is a workout. Ticks me off when they say the horse does all the work. It's simple not true! It's then that I take them through the whole process. Find something you love to do, and the rest will follow.


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