Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Making of My Tack Room

My husband is working fast and furious to complete my tack room by my 50th birthday.  It was exciting to plan it and now to watch it come together.

The original idea for the tack room came from one of my trainers who used a large shed to store her saddles, bridles, blankets, medicine & grooming supplies.  I have a barn with an unenclosed tack room, but I don't feel comfortable storing my saddles in there--dust, mice, spiders--no thank you.  I wanted an enclosed room nearer to my riding area.  (The old area will still be used to store supplemental feed, vitamins, barn cat's house, & halters & leads.)

First, we bought and had the shed delivered.  It's a 16'x10' Old Hickory with extra high sides which accommodate two upper storage areas.

Before I picked out the Old Hickory shed, I'd already combed Pinterest for storage ideas: saddle, bridle, and helmet racks, shelves, etc.  The inside, however, we planned on a trip to Lowes.  I knew I wanted to have paneling on the inside, electricity, lighting, some sort of chandelier, and an area rug.

The wall panels:

The plate covers.

The Chandelier.

I chose this one because I like the simplicity, and the bronze matches the other items. It also had the most lights--I want as much light as possible when I need it--and the least amount of cleaning if it gets dusty.   All the lights will be controlled from one switch and be on a dimmer.

The wall sconces. (4)  Also bronze.

Here's my husband marking off the placement of saddle & pad racks.  There will be 8.  ($24.99/$19.99 for  more than 4, from

Here's what they look like mounted (store photo).
The plywood, on the ceiling of the shed, will be painted the color "Buckskin Pony."  We looked at 40-50 samples, but not the names, and chose that one.  When I did look at the name to tell my husband what we chose, we both laughed.  Of course, Buckskin Pony would be THE ONE.  We bought the paint at Lowes, too, and got the one with  primer already mixed in.  My husband has just gone out to rent a sprayer, and I taped up the two windows.

Here are the bridle racks.

I would have rather had these...

But they were too expensive.  😭  So, I went with the brass.

Each saddle rack (above) will be a station that contains: saddle & pad rack, bridle rack, & helmet rack. This photo (from Pinterest) is the way I plan to organize them in their stations, but they will be stacked in 2's with no halter/lead rope hook.

The carpet you see  hanging off one of the storage areas is an indoor-outdoor rug we found at Costco, on sale for $99.99.  I liked it because it's less likely to show dirt than a darker one.  If I had my choice, I'd choose something like a burnt orange or red--and I still may in the future--but this is a good start.

I have to have electricity for running clippers (and vacuuming) and also a small fridge to keep my vaccinations, penicillin and worming supplies.  He's installing 2 outlets.

We also installed 2" thick wood braces where the saddle racks will anchor into the wall.   The wood paneling will be installed over all of this, then the racks.

I'm on the lookout for a vintage bookshelf or old hutch that can store my medical supplies.  For grooming, I'll probably purchase a shower rack of some sort that I can hang on a bar in the tack room and transport easily to the wash rack.

There will be other storage needs, but I'm not sure what they'll be yet.  I want to organize my main tack items first and then see what is needed next.

Oh, and I also asked my husband to build a small deck off the tack room so I can have a couple of old rocking chairs.  It'll be my tack house!

I rode Leah in the new saddle yesterday.  I love it.  It's going to make the perfect trail saddle!!  She seemed to like it, too.  She moved out great in it.  I'm surprised at the freedom it gives my legs, I'm so used to thick, solid fenders on my western saddle.

Oh, and I must report, as a follow-up to the last post, she was an ANGEL in the trailer. That couple days of being in there, resting and eating, paid off in spades.

The next time I post I'll be 50, and I may even have the final pictures of the tack house.

If you have organization ideas, please share them!


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  2. (Sorry, deleted the first comment because of spelling mistake) Okay I'm slightly jealous! Love the idea of a tack room/hang out area, and nice fixtures you picked out.
    Happy upcoming birthday!

    1. There's nothing more cozy than the smell of leather, wood and horses! Thank you for the birthday wishes. :)

  3. Love your new tack room! Looks like you've got everything pretty much covered. It's going to be a great place for all your stuff. Love the idea of the deck too.

    Glad you liked your new saddle. I think you'll find the freedom to move your legs and feel what's going on will surprise you. Have fun on the trails and happy "almost" birthday!

    1. Thank you! I've decided to return the brass bridle racks. I'm going to continue to look for some I can really love. I've lived this long without them, I can live a little bit longer. :)

  4. Your new tack room is going to be amazing! We have saddles and bridles in separate areas -- I like your idea of a single station. We also have an old desk we found at an antique store in the tack room. It comes in handy for storing vet records, notebads, and reference books. For medical supplies we use an old armoir in the feed room, and a small wall mounted medicine chest with a clear glass front for the thermometer, wraps, bandaids. We also have that stackable shelving from Lowes for storing extra saddle pads, grooming boxes, horse blankets and sport boots. Your tack room will be so stylish -- in addition to being functional. I have tack room envy already -- mine is functional, but not stylish. I need a chandelier...

    1. I've seen your tack room, and it's beautiful! A mounted medicine chest is a great idea. I think your whole set up is pretty sweet!

      Yes, the ongoing joke at the barn next door is now about my chandelier. The word got around fast. Now the riders next door are teasing the barn owner that they want one. Pretty funny!!

  5. I wish my husband would install some electricity in my tack room. I've just got those battery powered stick on dome lights that only give a hint of light, and I think that batteries are dead on all of them. But there are windows, so I rely on them for light during the day. The sheds I looked at had an option of a porch. I wanted one, but the salesman said, "Don't waste your money. A porch tacks several thousand onto your purchase." No one in my house is handy in building things, so I've just set up a chair in the shade between the hay barn and the tack room. I like all your choices. It's going to be your woman cave. Happy birthday!

    1. It was easy to drill through the studs and install the wire and boxes. He's going to dig a wire ditch from the barn to the tack room by hand--for exercise--and then we'll be set. I saw sheds with porches, too. Looking back, maybe I should have got one of those. I automatically discounted it for some reason. Probably shouldn't have now that we're thinking about building one. The ones I saw were covered, too, darn it! But if it tacks several thousand on....maybe not. I started out wanting a small shed--just a little thing. But then I went shopping and it got bigger and nicer--windows, of course--storage lofts, of course. I'm glad I went bigger, but there is a point at which you may be better off building something from scratch or going for more of a pole barn set up. So, this is a good compromise. I'm already into it about $5k. The porch shouldn't be a lot to add one--maybe 500.00? Not sure. I may ask my son to weld me a metal frame and then just add the slats. Not sure yet. I just realized I have a son who welds and I should also ask him to make me some stall fronts!

      Yes, I'm going to call it my Cowgirl Cave and get wood sign made for over the doors. Keep some red beer in the fridge and I may stay out there forever.

  6. Love your new tack room ~ It's going to be so awesome! Time to hit the antique or consignment shops. Have fun and Happy, Happy Birthday!

  7. Cowgirl Cave - you should trademark that, I love it!

  8. Way to go hubby!!! Love your well thought out tack room, all of it ~ chandelier included! It will have such great ambiance!! Funny on the paint name, similar has happened to us. Now you'll always remember the name of the color. If your son welds, he could make you those bridle racks. Just a thought. Homemade things from people you love are the best. Makes it all the more special. Like the tack room your hubby is building, it's so sweet!! Happy Birthday! Cheers to many many years enjoying your Cowgirl Cave!!


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