Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bye, Sweet Horses! Make Good Choices!

No matter how much you do to prepare your horses, introducing them through panels and rides, for example, in the end, it comes down to letting them sort it out and hope they make good choices.

We released Foxy on Sunday, and everyone survived. A few slips and falls (Beautiful Girl) a little bleeding (Cowgirl) and a new leader (Foxy).

It appears Foxy may take the place of Red in Cowgirl's life, a strong, smart leader that gets along with the whole herd.


  1. Interesting body language in the photos. The three are close together while (foxy?) is apart.

    1. Yep, that was at the beginning. Good eyes! They're saying, we are a group, join us. Now, they're taking turns grazing with her. Cowgirl is protecting the other mares by controlling their interaction and overseeing it. She still takes the boss role in choosing Foxy's interactions, but she allows hee to eat first.

  2. Great photos! Herd dynamics are so interesting. I can't wait to watch from home and have more natural photo opportunities. Introducing horses always makes me nervous. Hard to leave them, you never know what transpires.

  3. Well, even knowing that herd order can only be determined by the herd themselves, it's still a little stressful. Looks like things are settling there nicely.

  4. It is always a bit of a knuckle biter when you turn a new horse out with the herd. Glad it went well.

  5. No pinned ears in the photo, won't be long before they are all happily integrated.

  6. Beautiful! They'll be fine :-)

  7. They always seem to work it out for themselves. I hate doing it but it's the only way.


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